Need for Speed: Heat - Gamescom 2019 Official Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Pubblicato il 21 ago 2019
Drive into your first adrenaline-fueled look at gameplay for Need for Speed™ Heat, a vibrant street-racer where daytime is a bright sunny, urban environment and night a dangerous neon playground. Turn the key. Burn all limits.
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  • What that song tho?

  • This is almost alot similar to like GTA 5 but better graphics and detail and it's also similar to watchdogs 2

  • Martin Whatson!

  • Is this 2 player game or not

  • Hi there, to the world of speed. Great to have a great new NFS Game coming so soon. Future hopes of a hyper realistic world. Open or closed with a cinematic veiw optiion like the old Need For Speed Underground 2. Cheers though thanks guys

  • I have a feeling true underground gamers are going to stay in Night mode lol.

  • need for speed failed after most wanted

  • Tudo de tuning do Underground 2 é o quê está faltando, Neo, Som no porta-malas, Suspensão regulável, Fumaça colorida, Abertura de portas diferente e etc. E claro que tunar carros populares/comuns é mais legal que super máquinas. Tudo isso com as músicas do Underground 2 séria incrível e com toda certeza fará do game um sucesso.

  • Siapa sih nih telepon telepon bngst

  • Naturally aspirated but shows turbo.

  • ну что? захватим комментарии?

  • Multi jugador 1vs 1 of 2 player plis

  • EA 2020 : new game trailer only 2.99 to watch!

  • Se podrá jugar en pantalla dividida ? 🎮 🎮

  • i wonder if i can use my real money to gain rank in this game developed by EA

  • 30$ to change your avatar


  • 0:05 Siapa sih ni telepon telepon BANGSAAAATTTTT !!! -RAMENGVRL2018

  • Есть саундтрек ?

  • Rip Need for speed rivals 😭😭

  • Will this game also run 10-15 fps like payback does on ps4 pro ?

  • I want another NFS Hot Pursuit.

  • That game is gonna be boring same like NFS Payback cuz they didnt add anything new the only new thing is the exhaust system & the avatar style and BMW I8 but the game style and everything is like NFS rivals & NFS Payback but mix together made NFS Heat so im disappointed 😔

    • ODD Guy i dont hate NFS i love NFS games and ive played the most of NFS games but from NFS 2015 & Payback & Heat i feel 3 of them are the same just with a lil bit deferent thats all

    • Still better than what most recent racing games offer, most of them are just delivered better graphics and "new rain" weather with the same recycle car packs every year. NFS atleast try to build a new concept with older elements from the previous games, instaed of just straight copy and paste. Look at all GT and Forza games for example.

  • Best name for this game should be Need For Speed: Endgame!

  • Lets be fkin honest we want 2nd part of nfs mw 2005 w the same mechnaics now😠

  • I can not enter in gamescom

  • Is it online?

  • The Best nfs?

  • I love need for speed and always have. I’m super cautious though because it’s EA and payback was horrible, even my son (who was 11 at the time) said it was stupid how they did the upgrades there

  • Downgrade is coming

  • If Need For Speed can't get upto the mark then EA should quit this brand And start its working over a cricket game instead of same NFS every year... I want a full fledged cricket game by EA 🙄🙋‍♂️

  • It looks gorgeous. But the last ones driving felt "cartoonish". And I miss behind the steering wheel camera to play with a steering wheel controller.

  • Mantab backsoundnya 🔥🔥🔥

  • I actually can't wait. its been a long time since I've played racing arcade games. Back in the day midnight club and nfs underground were awesome. Now everything is simulations.

  • Yet more EA cancer.

  • 🤙🎃🎮

  • Без RTX?? Ну тогда нахой не нужен)))

  • If this game have "SUPRISE MECHANIC " , don't even bother to look it.

  • Don't forget that this game has already been released under the name need for speed most wanted, costs about 6 dollars now just sayin.

  • Need for Speed microtransactions

  • Remember guys The faster you swipe your card the faster you go

  • I wish you could be the police....

  • This bouta be littttttt

  • No inside view!

  • > Ferraris Doubt they'd be customizable though. :P

  • No ea, you will not get my money, don't even try

  • 2019: E46 M3 most used car in the trailer. I have only one ward.... Legend

  • No local co-op (offline splitscreen) ? = not buying the game.

  • I don't get this game, its all about the street and they got more supercars and hypercars in that car list, this game needs muscle cars, JDM cars, euro sports cars not more, and there's a TONE of variety, maybe drop a few select supercars for the rich boys and that's it. I'm willing to put up a list.

  • 0:43 invisible tree that you can drive through.....?!

  • so much heat but still could't dry the road.

  • Oh cops, how I missed thee.

  • Watched some random dude play this on youtube and I'm disapointed to be honest😔 I'm waiting for the PS5 and I'm getting the 3rd NFS on that console. Waiting for another 8 years

    • Dude I’ve been a PlayStation user all my life but honestly as of now you’re better off getting forza horizon 2 3 and 4 for an Xbox one. Those games are legit

  • Beautiful graphic..

  • All I want is cockpit view!

  • NFS: Weird People

  • great i can't wait

  • How come police cars are way faster ?

  • swag

  • Looks better than the last NFS game.