NBA2k20 is a Gambling Casino! - Angry Rant!

Pubblicato il 29 ago 2019
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NBA2K20 has Gone TOO FAR! There is now basketball in your Gambling Simulator that is rated E for Everyone and PEGI 3+ for CHILDREN! This is beyond unacceptable!
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  • This makes GTA V Casino update look like the best thing ever compared to NBA2k20

  • _I think 2K spelled 'Casino 2K20' incorrectly._

  • How to make a 2 minute video into 26 minutes. And still be good af !!

  • Pause at 6:07

  • Joe, you are missing the point. i always wanted to play a casino simulator. therefore is was really interested in NBA 2K20. but unfortunatelly the basketball element is too big, and thats why iam not buying it.

  • Apparently white people aren't allowed to be in the spotlight in NBA trailers

  • I’m like a die hard gamer and this is disgusting to watch, fuck those developers

  • probably my last comment but thank god I'm not a sports fan. I mean I like football but I'll NEVER buy a sports game, I wouldn't play one even if I got it for free. This gambling shit is just another reason why, but it needs to stop in all games

  • You know I don't pray for apocalypse, but don't you wonder what would happen if money types all over the world were suddenly worthless? I'd almost want to see that for the sole purpose of watching these corrupt corporate jackasses' faces once they found out their currency ain't worth shit

  • There aren't even changing the look of their gambling machines now, they are just fucking gambling machines. Someone like Joe needs to take both EA and the ESRB to court immediately if they think this is okay. That or change the fucking E to M or AO or whatever but either way it shouldn't continue. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen an AO rating

  • So, GTA Online and Red Dead Online’s gambling games automatically get banned in almost 50 states, yet those 50 states let garbage like this fly by? And the crazy thing is, Rockstar wasn’t even going to add a functioning casino into GTA Online. But since it was a popular request, they did it. And the gambling games inside the casino are easy to win. I'm not saying you should try to win, but they’re easy. Rockstar wasn’t even trying to make it a pay-to-win DLC. Unlike all their other updates where they added flying cars and motorcycles, they added normal vehicles. Not a single weaponized vehicle, which is what people wanted. And GTA Online’s casino has nothing to do with money. You can earn up to I think 800 casino chips by doing Casino Work, where you help run the casino. So Rockstar isn’t encouraging gambling.

  • Take out the f**king micro transactions 2K is destroying the nba game 😰🤦‍♂️😤

  • Only reason people buy sports games is to 1v1 there friends so

  • There is some basketball in that gambling game

  • Cmon they even label it. MT=Microtransactions

  • 11:10 Melonie Mac tho

  • lol controllers aren't even on

  •, they didn't even wait for the actual launch to put in the gambling!

  • Battlefront 2.... started it all

  • Cashnasty and LSK is shaking😂

  • the sad thing is, A lot of parents don't care what the rating is on a game.

  • Just imagine a RPG with loot boxes. A character gets stronger when you pay for it.

  • Thats why I stick woth WWE 2K

  • Oh god I dont play sport games but I bet this will be in every sport games soon

  • Pretty f***ing the sports games are ruined lol glad I still have my GameCube...

  • What happened to gaming, man...

  • Minecraft has a higher Pegi rating of Pegi 7...

  • Such a fucking idiot. All the features added where free dumb ass

    • @Joe Fiss the only feature that was pay is pack everything else is a grind

    • Continue getting scammed.

  • Forza has spin the wheel and slot machine type shit..... GTA has a casino..... I have never purchased VC.

  • Suddenly a second game market crash doesn't sound so bad now does it?

  • tbh i dont care about that because i have selfcontrol and know how to not click in a buy button on a videogame

  • The ESRB is corrupt. EA has ties with ESRB and they are corrupt.

  • This crap has been happening for almost ten years. I remember a time when I used to play fifa without having to worry about PAY TO WIN. SHAME!!! this should be illegal, ive been saying this for years. FUCK MICRO TRANSACTIONS! SHAME ON OUR GOVERNMENT FOR NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT!

  • Is anyone surprise that in the near future babies can now gamble now in their kids tv show

  • Omg I hate people who have never played a game to judge it. Just because they show it in the trailer doesn’t mean u have to buy it. The slot machine we all saw, guess what fucking retards, YOU CANNOT BUY SPINS ON HE SLOT MACHINE. U specifically can only get spins buy playing the fucking game. I’ve been playing 2k since 2k10 and the only thing u can spend money on is the packs which is not a thing that everyone must do to have a fun time with the game. I never spend money and I still get free prizes the game gives players for playing the fucking game. This shit pisses me off how all of u guys are judging to game for purchasing spins and buying ball drops and lockers codes. But if u guys actually played the game u will see that u get the slot machine and all the other shit by playing the game... fuck this bastard of a IT-tvsr for even making this video and for being a complete dumbass.. my point is, is that IT IS NOT GAMBLING IS YOU HAVE TO PLAY THE GAME (and not use actual currency) TO RECEIVE REWARDS

  • AngryJoe is the best

  • Let's not give the NBA any ideas!


  • At least in this regard fortnite is pretty nice

  • Games with micro transactions should be rated A with gambling

  • *shows this to my parents* My parents.. *Who tf is dat*

  • CashNasty sure sold his ass out for this years NBA2K20

  • it is in other game genres like fighting games and action games

  • Wow the great of gaming companies be it on consoles or Micro transactions heaven ( as the publishers and developers like to call it is shocking and downright even sicking and if that's true the CEO of 2k games heads the ESRB😮 really corrupt too angry Joe and all the youtubers leading the charge against this filth keep on speaking the truth this crap has to STOP.

    • I meant greed btw not great this is shit not great here lol.

  • Whyyyy!? Keep up the great work! We love you! ❤️😃

  • Joe, this is because most sports gamers aren't actual gamers, they're high school athletes who never made it any farther in life. Lul

  • or play the real basketball!!!

  • In my Opinion, 2k10 is the best 2k Basketball i've ever played. Also Nba live 05 and 06 on PS2 are on my list too.

  • Everything here is the truth man this needs to stop.

  • Maybe this trailer is actually a bait and switch... It's so blatant that the outrage might actually be what the advertisers were after. Everyone is getting angry and talking about the game. That is marketing as well. See also HBomberguy's video on woke brands. Capitalism is ruthless.

  • When pokemon, a child game, gets rated 12 because of a slot machine game in a small town that can only, and ONLY, be played using credits obtained from battles, but this gets rated 3 becuase of the ESRB chairman happens to be the CEO of 2K. Yeah, no. I'm getting too old for this shit

  • “Fuck this guy.” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I couldnt agree with you more always hated that arrogant prick!!!!

  • Ronnie 2k acts sooooo fucking innocent but his bitch ass knows exactly what he’s doing!!!!

  • Here's an idea. In-app purchases? -M rating. Always. How about that fucking free to play industry.

  • PEGI = Promotion of Electronic Gambling for Infants

  • first 22 seconds explain everything

  • I still play 2k14 and i dont care, the nba 2k's nowadays are fucking trash and i can't even enjoy playing mycareer offline for fun w/out paying for VC (i'm on pc btw, when you win SP instead of VC witch is WAAAAAYYY better for offline my career. And yes, it is the old gen but idc, the game it's still more enjoyable to play)

  • Even with the rating, no single parent will not buy a "basketball game". There's the catch

  • why are you always swearing so much its disgusting! little kids will see this amount of profanity and will start using it too without realizing, just bleep it or something!

  • Iam concerned about these predatory practices, especially when children are exposed to such games.