NBA summer league as we know it might be over - Brian Windhorst | The Jump

Pubblicato il 15 lug 2019
Rachel Nichols, Brian Windhorst and Amin Elhassan react to Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski saying Zion Williamson should not have played in 2019 NBA summer league, with Windhorst saying teams resting players -- such as Williamson after the first game, plus Ja Morant, Darius Garland and Jarrett Culver, among others -- might become more common in the future, and the days of stars like Zion, LeBron James, Kevin Durant and others playing in the event might be over.
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  • If he can't physically play a game on summer league how do you expect him to play 82 games all out.

  • Zion is a B U S T

  • If coach K was so concerned about Zion, he should kept him out of NCAA tournament, So he could get ready for these games.

  • Zion might end up being the next derrick rose. You get injured in college from a defective shoe (ok fine). Then in your first game in SUMMER LEAGUE you get injured. What's gonna happen during an 82 game regular season?

  • I think they need to shorten the season if this is the case.

  • Zion shouldn't of played at Duke

  • who cares, the NBA is a joke

  • The players wanted more money. So they got it! Why would the teams risk their money on games that don’t mean anything! Look at the World Cup...... the Olympic team will be the next to suffer. Teams won’t let em play

  • An NCAA coach has a problem with the summer league. Where does the irony stop?

  • LMAO so you scared to ball bro!! So I guess AAU is hurting guys also per college coaches.

  • We need to start a petition for Windy to lose weight man. Don’t wanna see this guy have some serious heart problems. He needs to get healthy

  • Zion should just stay in bed and eat and shit through a tube until the playoffs. Don't even get up. It's too risky. He could get injured.

  • Trae Young needs to eat more vegetables. It'll help him get healthier and make his hair look less pubey. I can tell from his hair that his diet is probably meat, cheese, and carbs.

  • Dump summers league not worth the future getting hurt for nothing drop it nobody watch the crap anyway

  • Life is good soft nba players!

  • There is Preseason Basketball; I would want Players to Run with the Best from the Get Go in the NBA. In this way, they can Quickly take heed of their Strengths and Weaknesses, immediately and begin to Fine Tune Themselves. NBA Summer League today, has too many No Name Players, so it's really Hard to Judge whether or Not a Player Accomplish anything Much by Running and Winning against a Bunch of No Name Players who would Start their NBA Season on the Bench, or in most Case Scenario, Playing in the G League.

  • And the men whatever lmfao

  • “And the men” 😭


  • It's social media's fault honestly and the fact that it's televised. High draft picks have one or two bad games and then they're instantly labeled busts and that affects their mental state

  • “JT Barrett”💀

  • Zion is gonna be Shawn Kemp without a jump shot

  • I noticed that smh, my boy ja morant never touched the court summer league was wack this year

  • I miss rookies who were like ROCKY. play to earn your money. Now, they punch in and this baller punks get 1 million. Wtf happen to the nba.

  • New generation of ballers are soft.

  • Pretty big jump in comparison at the end there Rachel

  • why?because his out of shape ass wasnt ready to play?

  • Zion needs to lose weight

  • Brian. You have plenty of money and you're like 5'7 320. Take care of yourself dog

  • Im sick and tired of these overhyped first overall picks being injury prone or barely playing at all, this dude is the next Andrew Wiggins, I promise u!

  • Wtf is this???? Nba is going to shit

  • allonzo trier is now an expert? out of league in 3 years

  • Brian Windhorst: “Lebron had his dick inside my ass for 2 summer leagues”

  • When’s the last time Brian Windhorst played a sport. If he isn’t talking about Cap or trades keep him off the fucking air.

  • Wtf does Windhorst know about basketball.

  • P%SSIES!!

  • basketball players that cant play basketball?

  • did rachel compare durant coming back as a grown man to play in the finals to zion hurting a knee in the summer league. FOH!! thats why people call the league soft.

  • if lebron played summer league, then who the hell is zion or any top pick to rest? he got hurt, it happens. we gotta stop putting bubble wrap on a now pro player. windy always has this debbie downer look on the league. all the time.

  • stop aau now!

  • 3:05 is why i love rachel nichols

  • Uh oh Rachel calling HR after that comment near the end.🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Summer league is an excuse for fans to get upset when their summer league roster loses some meaningless games.

  • Zion is a bust. Nba scoring leader has a hard time win a championship. So u thick a dunker is going to do it please. Maybe a star who plays 2,3 good years. But not a chosen 1 or mj.

  • Man.. society is growing softer in the worst ways. So rookies have too much to loose by playing in summer league...wth

  • The NBA screwed up the schedule this year, so summer league started before the new league year began. So, any player traded on draft day was unavailable until after the league began.

  • Summer league had other talented players that were just as fun to watch. Celtics especially.

  • I think this is ridiculous so everyone thats playing isnt a allstar type player 😭 what have we come too with basketball

  • Lolwut? Wuts next no preseason minutes? Then load management during the season? Stop lmfao

  • Smh rookies are resting🤣😂😂

  • Those of us here in NC, know for a fact Zion wanted to play close to home and perfferd UNC over Duke but took Duke after visiting UNC and seeing how much they run. Zion wanted no parts of running the floor. Zion is a beast but he hasn't been in real ballers shape for a hot min. Good luck to the kid I hope he makes SC/NC proud but he needs to get shape, old habits/laziness are hard to break add 💰 to that and the motivation on Zion's has to truly come from waiting to be great.

  • Coach K might know this kid a little better than these three. Then again, who cares

  • Dude you cant make it through summer league you cant make it through an NBA season

  • Summer league has gotten my boys Matt Mooney and Keenan Evans attention from their teams. Summer league gotta stay for roster development.

  • "And the men" Hahahahahahah way to save yourself Amin

  • Rachel: “How dare you sir?...”. Me: 😂❤️

  • Fact is, after Shoegate all those around Zion were afraid to hold him accountable. As a result, he didn't monitor his diet or conditioning and Duke is partly to blame bc they coddled him.

  • theres suppose to be pressure for these players to play they get paid millions

  • brian needs to shut the fuck up when did covering lebron make you a specialist in the nba

  • brian is never wrong notice that