NBA's Top 100 Plays | 2018-19 NBA Season

Pubblicato il 31 ago 2019
Check out the top 100 plays from the 2018-19 NBA season!
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  • Kawhi dunk on Giannis should be at the top 10

  • 14:50 number one :D

  • That Derrick Jones at 6 tho 👀

  • Why didn’t u add the time when giannis jumped over Tim hardaway jr. and dunked it in

  • I'm from toronto seeing no 1 made me smile

  • African round ball safari

  • If none of y’all like this then you don’t like nba basketball Don’t have to like just thought was funny

  • This season the best play will be Ben Simmons 3

  • 14:51 at 0.25 speed steps on foot

  • I poop Commentator: If you don’t like that you dont like nba basketball




  • how the hell is kevin durants 3 over derrick jones jr dunk?

  • Why dafuq i cant watch. It says it's not registered for your country

  • Imagine doing the world's best crossover And missing the shot

  • #chinasucks

  • Hong Kong 🇭🇰

  • If you don't like that!!!!! you don"t like nba basketball!

  • Done with the NBA I love this sport but you need to take politics out of it the NBA players are entertainers not elected representatives

  • What if there was a nba player that never jumped but was still dominant on offense & defense.

  • Jeremy lambs should have been over dwade

  • Fuck the nba and communist james go live in china

  • Wonder if I can mention Hong Kong here?

  • Now all Jayson Tatum needs to do is to dunk on kd


  • 0:58 there's an old lady fan

  • THE NBA is a disgrace to our country. Their sell out to corporate Nike, their flip flopping on issues and their lunatic coaches are an embarrassment. Damn fools all.

    • @Judah williams If they just played their ball game ............

    • Wtf r u talking about

  • The nba is a league that supports harvesting human organs fck china fck the NBA

  • 0:31 Who is he?

  • Liberate Hong Kong! Boycott NBA

  • Look NBA likes to make money , " idea". (Los Vegas Legends) a team comprised of NBA legends that have a rotating roster so it is always fluid and fresh. They only play home games( against current teams) and are not eligible to win NBA championship. They play current teams and have limited edition jerseys for sale at the games signed by the players themselfs. Say Shaq signed up for 3 games that year, or Kevin Garnett or maybe Allen Iverson. Limited edition Jerseys only available at the game venue. Pay NBA legends handsomely for their participation... Could you imagine people coming to see their favorite all star "one more time!" Or even their favorite team . Imagine if they did a final game of the season with an all star cast . Money/nostalgia/ merchandise/memories... Can't we have good things? I can see merchandise opotunities for those that prize and respect NBA legends and history. Just a thought.


  • 1:35 travel bro

  • BOYCOTT THE NBA! FREE TIBET! FREE HONG KONG! China runs concentration camps that murder its own citizens by the thousands. They are no different than NAZI GERMANY!

  • BOYCOTT THE NBA! FREE TIBET! FREE HONG KONG! China runs concentration camps that murder its own citizens by the thousands. They are no different than NAZI GERMANY!

  • NBA tudo cuzão que defende ditadura.

  • Shame on you. Way to lack a spine. Very unamerican.

  • My freedom of speech is: Osama bin Laden will live forever, 9.11 million years!

  • Boycott the NBA. Boracay all products born of the NBA. Boycott them until it cost more than 1 billion dollars. In fact, boycott them until it cost more than ten billion. Make them pay for selling out to a totalitarian regime.