NBA's Top 100 Crossovers | 2018-19 NBA Season | #NBAHandlesWeek

Pubblicato il 3 ago 2019
Check out the top 100 crossovers from the NBA season!
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  • 20:45 this made my day

  • 29-26, kinda 24, 21,18,16, kinda 15,13,11,definitely 9, 8,5,4,2 and 1 were not crossovers

  • 20:45 they heard that stormtrooper gunshots so they all jumped for their lives

  • Half of these are travels wtf

  • 7:40 This man said Chris Brown for Jaylen ahahahahahaha

  • Can we talk about how the commentator said “screen by Deandre Ayton” even though it’s the mavs playing at 11:40?

  • The sweet sauce man baby

  • This video about Kemba was cool

  • You'll just need to be "fragile" *handle with care*

  • Plot Twist The opponents is a paid actor

  • Most of these aren't even crossovers

  • Quite possibly the crappiest defense I've ever seen. Love to see them do that to 80's Lakers, Pistons, Celtics, Bulls, or Knicks. There would be blood all over the wood.

  • Support for California independence

  • Is this the top crossovers that went from love America to kiss China's ass? Harden.. Stay in China.


  • I know James Harden had the #11 and #1 crossover - but it's crazy to me those were the only two times he appeared on this list. He was a crossover machine. Nobody in the league iso'd even a fraction of the amount he did and nobody had as much success. He's the most dominant iso player in NBA history and you're going to tell me that he only had 2 of the top 100 crossovers and rookies like Trae Young and Luka Doncic had more?

  • Kawhi had Lowry stumbling too lol 23:46

  • Bruh 13:16 hardens Defense got me dead 😂😂😂

  • I swear I've never seen a good crossover where the shot misses after. IT ALWAYS GOES IN!!

  • Giannis played the best D on AD as you can get. AD just might be the most talented big of all time. It’s so much talent in the league tho it’s always overlooked.

  • best crossovers no cap

  • I love how the crowd reactions are different for an ankle breaker compared to a dunk.

  • Good shit

  • 7:54 looks like NBA 2k

  • Wow, that's so cool. I want to play basketball like the players in this video. I want to master those crossovers and use them in action. Basketball would be fun if I did that.

  • 5:50 KAT traveling tho hahaha

  • 15:29. Durant is disgusting 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  • LOOK AT NUMBER 9 24:00 HE PUSHED INTO HIM SO HARD! HOW IS THAT A CROSS OVER? the amount of disrespect wow

  • King of Step back James Harden

  • Number 21 must have been first

  • 8:34 he said "slams it with the right hand" but giannis used his left lmao

  • Top 100 crossovers against phoenix LMAO

  • At 21:54 buddy got his ankle stepped on that’s wasn’t no crossover

  • 15:09nasty

  • oooooooooooooo ankle break

  • Who put this list together 1,2,4,6-10 were all offensive fouls. I don't credit cheaters that get away with it because it looks cool.

  • 7:20 mans got exposed 3 times


  • 96 was a travel lmao

  • some of these are not even crossover.

  • Why tf is Myles turner always getting crossed😂🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Jamal Murray Deserved that.... That Ankle Breaker should make him humble....

  • If you want to be a sexy, i dont know i liked pepsi

  • 61 wasn’t even a proper cross (ignore bias frm profile picture)

  • Anthony davis is cool layup great crossover

  • Miles Bridges traveled like a mf lol and so did Giannis on that one against Jayson Tatum

  • o

  • Lance game number 6, got the 6th spot and crossed the guy with 6 seconds on the timer.

  • Bar none, Kemba Walker has the nastiest cross over in the NBA. He wears those knee pads because he gets that drag leg soooo far down. Its unbelievable how he's able to recover from doing that so quickly to go into a shot/dribble. And ontop of that Kempa adds in a sham God type bait with the ball at the end of the crossover that's super nasty

  • Dear Giannis, I look forward to seeing your cross over in Raptors colours

  • 21 is literally a pump fake 😂

  • My guys Lou and Trezz in the middle of the pack 💪💪👌👌😤😤

  • 1:00 they moved at the same time 😂

  • 61 was not even a cross that was great defense.

  • Why does all Charlotte games look like they were filmed with a VHS camera.

    • @derek. Well MJ need to invest in another court since he have money to spend (didn't give Kemba the max).

    • It's not the camera it's the court... makes the quality look weird for some reason

  • 7:46 chris brown?

  • No crossover at number 80

  • Man Kemba is a beast!!! Can’t wait to see him on the Celtics this season!

  • Which Current NBA Player Are You 1. Lebron James 2. Steph Curry 3. James Harden 4. Kevin Durant 5. Russell Westbrook 6. Giannis Antetokounmpo 7. Kawhi Leonard 8. Paul George 9. Kyrie Irving 0. Damien Lillard

  • Donovan Mitchell better be an all star this year