NBA 2K19 is too easy for me at 99 overall...

Pubblicato il 10 ago 2019
Since getting 99 overall with my 6'3" Pure Shot Creator in NBA2K19, it's been, how should I say... too easy?
Credit for Instrumentals used (roughly in order):
Per Kiilstofte - The End of Mankind
Retnik Beats - Raw
Chuki Beats - Turn Up
Chuki Beats - Toxic
Chuki Beats - Smile
Chuki Beats - Nachos
Chuki Beats - Popcorn
PeriTune - Valiant
Chuki Beats - Narcos
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  • 10:44 splashed it as soon as the beat dropped

  • long as you play defense and can pass hmu on my stupid ass Xbox name ryanmk255458 we play every night

  • Hi

  • gg good game man :p cant stop laughing lmoa

  • Are you supposed to start with 100,000 VC?

  • He is 99 but still no double takeover unless he doesn't get that for his player

    • @Apex Gaming took me forever to grind that

    • @Apex Gaming 98

    • シStylz what’s ur overall?

    • @Apex Gaming oh thx I don't get double take I'm sharpshooting playmaker not playmaking sharp so I get most but not all like ankle breakers and stuff just no double

    • シStylz because he a pure shot creator you need to be like a playmaking sharpshooter to get playmaking Take and sharp take

  • i Made a kawhi leonard build he is amazing .

  • “i should have a solid grind partner next year” we’ll that didn’t age well

  • Who else came here cuz 2k20 is trash

  • What is this game mode called

  • why don't you speak

  • Lol his face at 3:36😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • the game is fixed fake and controlled to make you lose. for real it's a RIP off. dont buy it.

  • Nba2k19 sucks dick

  • Nba2k19 sucks dick

  • the game is fixed fake and controlled to make you lose. for real it's a RIP off. dont buy it.Nba2k19 sucks dick

  • The best shot creator ever

  • If it's to easy run with bum ass amateurs and try to get wins with them

  • I love the day job because instead of being paranoid bout people robbing or the feds I can wake up next to my girl and my cat and be happy

  • How can you have limitless range gold? Pure Shot creator haa only 3 badges with gold but not this

  • Bro can u plzzz play with my I'm a 90 but close to a 91 I wanna hit it befor 2k10 my psn is XBL_SWACY

  • realize how confident Ty is with Z? He's a pure rim and Ty is throwing him dimer and Tyceno is confident that he'll make it so he moves away

  • most people don’t use shot creators because u can’t just dribble spam u have to be smart and taking good shots

  • Dribble god I swear man. He plays like an actually Stephen Curry pure shot creator man. It’s always satisfying to watch your combos and it isn’t just spamming speed boost. You’re clean af man.

  • Y doesn’t z post anymore tell him to

  • Z should play shot and tyceno go glass for a vid? Ideas 💡

  • It’s not always a clean swish I’ve gotten greens that hit the back of the rim and shot in or off the insides

  • Must be so boring to play with you dawg

  • Must be so boring to play with you dawg

  • tough

  • 2:22 get up Craig with that baseline dunk

  • Pure shot is one of the best build they play all around and dem badges are op if you know how to use em.. I was a pure shot at 19 and will be on the 20. Thanks to tyceno. I love this build

  • Teach me ur ways bruh

  • Aye man big fan since 17 quick question do you shoot with the square button or the right stick cause your greens are very consistent bless up man

  • All I am gonna say is if you buy legends edition it’s a rip off cause you could just buy The regular game and a 40 dollar gift card and get the game and more vc for 100 dollars but if you buy legends you spend 100 dollars but get less vc

  • I'm also a 99, just hot it yesterday

  • I like how now that he’s a 99, he’s just chilling. Casually destroying teams while conversing with his fan base.

  • Good video always enjoyable if you guys wouldn't mind checkin my channel out that would be great i don't wanna seem like a begger

  • use code vSporko in the fortnite item shop and also sub to Sporko

  • 3:35 That’s how Tyceno look at his girl.

  • in 2k20 start a Best of 5 2 v 2 series playoff style. We will see who really is the best of the best. 16 duos, only 1 will get bragging rights

  • pro am?


    • Whiteboy Entertainment Hey could you check out my recent video and tell me what you think? I’d really appreciate it!🔥

  • I need a partner like this for 2k20 I’m making a shot, shot, sharp, i play on Xbox

  • does anyone else hate it when he says bang

  • Stop acting cocky bc u get bailed out being a 99. If u were on a lower overall build for a video you would rage quit bc u won’t get bailed.

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  • Any good jumpshot for pure shot creator 6’3 ?

    • Eclipse Frog base la r1: La60% r2 Rudy gay40%

  • Retire

  • I died by Z in fortnite lol😂😂

  • Tyleno is in my opinion is kinda uderated I feel like people don’t talk or didn’t talk about him a lot but he’s literally in my opinion one of the best 2k players

  • Y u look like Dennis kanter fam ..

  • Tycoon is my friend on PlayStation

  • yo i jus posted a 99 overall glitch for nba 2k19 y’all should peep it!!!!

    • Stfu pussy

  • One thing you don’t understand Tyceno We will always lie about greens

  • This nigga is fucking nasty bro wtf the way he ended the first game was sicc

  • Wait if it’s so easy try making the hardest build and trying to win on that

  • Alper Biçenle hiç karşılaşmamış galiba kolay falan diyor ya 😉

  • Very cool 2k video

  • Anyone no zirnics jumpshot if so plz lmk as soon as possible thanks 🙏

  • Ppl lying about greens was not about how it went in its when they call it in the air and your teammates don't go for the board because you called a fake green