nba 2k19 if there was no latency

Pubblicato il 24 giu 2019
A whole lot is going on. But when you're on nba 2k19 and you can't even trust your teammates, you're in for a rough time.
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  • Agent i'm playing from Saudi Arabia and the latency is so trash because i'm connected to Europe sever can you imagine i can't even dribble or defense and do shit in my in 91overall and still win games bro you should to mention it we need server in middle east.

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  • If anyone sees this can you tell me how to get rid of delay on park

  • Latency been hella terrible latley been missing open 3s full bars smh

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  • I'm a stat junkie and did an Experiment. Counting 200 shots on each. In my court I green 92% of the time with no latency. And in the park On wide open shots I green 56% of the time. Same jumpshot. I know there is some human error but latency shouldn't make it this bad of a difference. I been using this jumpshot since December so I'm extremely consistent. One thing worth noting was I was only greening 36% after 50 shots then i started to adjust and when I was at 150 shots latency fluctuated like crazy and got 10 greens in the last 50. I'm on the east coast in massachusetts and at latency is usually a consistent amount so there is a bit you can do.

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