NBA 2K19 - Brooklyn Nets vs. Golden State Warriors - Full Gameplay (Updated Rosters)

Pubblicato il 2 ago 2019
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  • The graphics on 2k20 dont look good

  • Lakers vs warriors next, please put in the home of gsw

  • This sucks

  • Is 2k20 no 2k19

  • Nice video

  • Looks nba live to me

  • That's NBA live 19

  • Kyires hair is different

  • It’s 2k20 lier

  • Why is Curry at sg.dlo should be sg and Curry pg

  • Nets are trash

  • lakers vs nets

  • Which team is better with everyone healthy warriors or nets

  • Isnt this nba live or how did you get the differrent scoreboard and court

  • NBA LIVE19

  • All I can say is THAT COURT 😍

  • This is FAKE golden state will win!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Do Clippers vs Raptors if you haven't yet.

  • How do you change the présentation

  • That may better than the real nba 2k20

  • There was no foul at 37:25

  • I love your channel but the warriors would win this in real life Steph dray dlo klay and willie are definitely better than Kd Kyrie and deandre

    • Steve Nasty27 Nigga shutcho dumb ass up before I knock yo ass out :)

    • Jimmyeatzpizza 13 and? We the overall better team

    • Steve Nasty27 yeah the nets have a better bench but the warriors starting line up is better

    • Jimmyeatzpizza 13 bruh I promise you Brooklyn are better it’s obviously who can you name coming off the bench for the warriors exactly Kd the best scorer of all time Kyrie is clutch curry is not DLo still young Dj still average double double Jarrett Allen rum protecter , Spencer easily top bench player , caris levert proven an all star especially how he played in the playoff joe Harris led the nba in 3pt field goa

    • Steve Nasty27 haha hell naw the warriors have 4 all stars and willie cauley Stein the nets have washed up deandre injured Durant who will be 32 when he returns and inconsistent Kyrie what drugs you on bruh

  • Y’all ima be honest I think the nets are overrated they are not championship contenders I think this year they will take the 7th or 6th seed and when kd comes back the 5th but let’s be real KD:32 when he returns and no one know how good he’ll be. Kyrie:Not a very good leader and sometimes inconsistent. Deandre:washed up and can only rebound and block and dunk.

  • Yall should watch the Nets vs Warriors 2K14 modded to 2K20 version on my channel. The cyberfaces are better on 2K14

  • Damn this was a good game cg..Kd played good d on klay and dropped 57 on his old squad...

  • Still gs is the best team because dangelo rusuell and cauly stein is in there and curry to

    • @Astr0xic obviously Ik I'm not the real Brooklyn nets I'm a fan of them 99% of my channel consists of either net content or me playing my career with my favorite team the netsand carly Yes carly Stein fucking sucks there is a reason why the kings couldn't wait to get his ass out there

    • @Brooklyn Nets 1st question is, Who in the world is Carly Stein? 2nd is, you are not the real brooklyn nets.

    • Carly Stein sucks

  • I like the new hair updates as well CG... how did you do that?

    • @Critical Gamer yessir.. I'm watching the game you posted yesterday I'm in the second quarter🙏🏾🙏🏾

    • Mods my man, it's def is dope and looks nicee

  • Thank you so much CG for the simulation...

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Why are the players so buff?

  • Warriors vs bucks

  • Cada gesto de este video juego puede tener siertas jugadas con ciertos jugadores.

  • Brooklyn!!!!!!

  • What about Sacramento vs San Antonio

  • Have anyone notice 2k doesn't do many offensive fouls

    • yeah the only offensive fouls are charge and over the backs

  • If they got Klay Thompson healthy, Toronto Raptors lose.

  • Joe Harris beat Steph Curry in the 3-point shooting contest, will the simulation act like it ???

    • @Trey Nesbitt Set a good double screen = wide open. 😀😀😀

    • DeAndre Page three point contest is wide open no defense just saying👨🏽‍🦱

  • Damn KD destroy his former team mates drop 57 pts on them 😦😧

  • Cool

  • 1st to like

  • Lol Warriors lost two fingers

  • СG u the best!!!!!!!!

  • I recently started a nba IT-tvs channel and I just ranked the top 10 players I believe it is a really good list. I would appreciate it if some of you guys could check it out and maybe subscribe I just want some views thanks.

  • Last haha noobs

  • LaVar Ball vs Scalabrine They have every HOF Badge and 99 everything