My Wish: Saquon Barkley grants 15-year old Giants fan's wish | SportsCenter

Pubblicato il 13 lug 2019
As he battles Ewing’s Sarcoma, 15-year old George Taylor has his wish to meet New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley granted.
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  • hug your healthy kids every chance you can! take nothing for granted. Peace. kleenex please!

  • 14? Why do Americans always look a lot older than they are

  • Fuck you espn you make me cry every year with this bull shit

  • Barkley is a amazing guy..... this has me in tears.

  • Stop it max kellerman

  • G_men!! Go big blue!!

  • Who would give this a thumbs down !? You negative fucks !

  • Beautiful story, great video then Max Kellerman has to pop up and ruin everything

  • Ok I can't deny it but Gorge is kind of cute not gonna lie🙃 so Gorge if your seeing this hit me up😉

  • Hope you beat cancer because like I'm really fighting for you and I'm only 8 years old so I'm glad that I don't have cancer but prayers for you prayers for you

  • I Have A Friend That His Older Brother Passed Away Because Of The Same Thing

  • life is hard

  • If he can’t play the game he could definitely be a inspiration as a coach

  • Honestly I was able to keep pulling myself together til he said "too much to loose"

  • Daddy you are brave, George you are a hero!

  • keep rockin' george! i was at albany med 22 years ago with a broken neck... defy their odds!

  • Yes sir


  • Class act Saquan & the NY Giants organization... keep fighting George 💪

  • This was the only My Wish segment that I missed this year. Thanks ESPN for uploading this. Hope George beats this thing with ease. Cancer needs it's ass kicked. Screw cancer.

  • Giants suck so bad

  • This vid was perfect until Max Kellerman at the end

  • Full beard at 14 I wish I had a beard and I’m 16

  • Barkley is world class

  • I ain't no Giants fan...but...oh my god you guys are amazing. I hope you win a SB for this strong young man

  • These damn things get me every time lol

  • Who’s here after he tore his ACL

  • SAD, that another guy's fucking football jersey means so much, to this guy. There are many greater people, and things, than this crap. Being a jock sniffing faggot is PATHETIC.

  • Pittsburgh Steelers RB James Connor also has cancer and he’s in the NFL George can be like him too Keep on fighting! 💪🏻

  • Pisses me off we can’t find a cure for cancer or we do and government is holding out smh

  • Way to go Giants. God speed George.

  • Giants suck good story tho

    • Not good as in the situation but good as in well filmed it’s sad as fuck

  • And make it into happiness

  • I almost cried saqoun will bring the bad out of anybody

  • As a football player and a very passionate one as well, one of my worst fears in losing my ability to run and jump but mainly lose the ability to play football. I care about it so much and if I lost it, I would be nothing. I shiver with fear every time I think about not being able to play ever because of an injury. I have so much respect for him and I hope he recovers and plays again one day.

  • 22 scumbags have watched this video

  • Keep fighting my friend we're all rooting for you

  • I live 2 minutes away from him

  • Your a beast bro keep your head up 🙏

  • Keep.your head up and keep moving forward

  • I have cancer as well but my cancer is rare, and chemo isn’t an option for me

    • Pro Gamer sorry to hear that man all prayers for u man🙏

  • 4:12 LOL, sorry that laugh was kinda sus

  • How did have a giant beard

    • because he was a fan of the giants so...

  • fucking fight brother. you got this 100%

  • He said shit

  • My idle is Barkley too, and to me this makes me very emotional that he had one wish and it came true

    • if Barry Sanders wasnt in the league this wouldn't of happened

    • kind of off topic but this is the line Barry Sanders Adrian Peterson's Idol is Barry Sanders Saquon Barkley's Idol Is Adrian Peterson George's Idol is Saquon Barkley even tho george played defense.

  • still... better footwork than eli

  • Poor Saquon stuck on the trash ass giants for years to come, get this man on a winning team

  • I like the cowboys

  • To the 17 thumbs down, my hope and prayer to you is that you never have to go through this with your child or anyone you know, because it's one of the hardest things you or your child will go through! And yes I do know how hard it is

  • This kid is an animal. He’s going to kick cancers ass easily!!

  • “Too much to lose” I love it! I’m rooting for him

  • Very nice of Saquon, Mark and the Giants to do this. Prayers for the young man to recover.

  • Good luck George. My thoughts and prayers are with you buddy. Strive to be great. Show those Doctors they were wrong. Like the famous Jim Valvano said... “Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up.” You got this George.

  • Bet Gettleman traded him away after that

  • Mark Herzlich, coach of the Dublin Shamrocks

  • I know what this kid has gone through. My little brother died from cancer when he was jus 5. All these kids that deal with this stuff are tough as nails. They have no other choice than to be

    • Cameron Clark my condolences on your loss. 🙏

  • Whoever disliked you have no soul

  • I hope this kid beats the odds. I hope he goes on to play football and eventually gets drafted by the Giants. This is coming from an Eagles fan.

  • Why would 17 people dislike fhis

    • because they are eagles fans who are a part of ISIS

  • The kid is 14 and he has a full beard

  • God bless you George Jesus loves you I'm praying for your total healing ! John 14: 6 and Jesus answered " I am the way the truth and the life no one comes to the Father but by me " Jesus answered .

  • Max Kellerman ruins everything

  • he took his homeboy respect ✊🏽

  • Saquon Barkley is my favorite player too

  • "too much to lose" these words almost made me cry.. strong guy! he will defeat his illness

  • Respect

  • This man is living his dream and fight kimo and you guys are talking about his beard

  • You telling me that's a fourteen year old he got a full grown Beard

  • The ending was unnecessary

  • God bless him

  • Get well soon!

  • Who would dislike this

    • new york giants, new york JETS, do the math

  • These kids stuff get to me man

  • Dang he was 14 with a beard

  • 16 thumbs down for a sick kid....really?

  • Inspirational story, ends with Max Kellerman’s annoying “cliff” voice.

  • This kid is awesome. I love how genuine his reactions are and his answers to questions.

  • My wish is to meet obj

  • Prayers❤️