My Weight Loss Cured My Depression | BRAND NEW ME

Pubblicato il 17 gen 2020
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A MOTHER of two refuses to hide her excess skin after losing 59lbs. Lidia, 27, from Texas, has gone from 201lbs to just under 142lbs after radically changing her lifestyle. Lidia’s diet consisted of fast food and soda but after noticing her weight gain was affecting her relationship with her husband, Lidia decided enough was enough and she started weight training. She also switched to healthy high protein meals with lots of fruit and veggies and lost 59lbs. Since she lost her weight, she has recovered from depression and her confidence has improved significantly - but on a downside, Lidia was left with a large amount of excess skin on her stomach. The 27-year-old decided to embrace her loose skin and says that it won’t stop her from reaching her goals: “Don't let that be an excuse to not change your lifestyle. Your loose skin will be part of your journey and will tell a story.”
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Videographer / director: Mikon Haaksman
Producer: Rafaela Kuznec, Nathalie Bonney, Ruby Coote
Editor: Ethan Edwards
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  • Big effort for so little exciment...She sounds depressed...

  • Girl! Your arms are amazing I wish my arms looked liked that

  • Thanks for share. I will try to stop wishing and star working on my new me.😉

  • this woman is so pretty. Congrats for your weight loss, you look gorgeous

  • She look more beautiful....i fall in love on

  • Your an inspiration, I’m so happy that your happy. You were always beautiful 💜

  • Wow! This is so inspiring 😭😭😭

  • It really does make a difference. Exercising really has the power to make you feel better about yourself

  • Come to my house and look at my loose skin. How awkward for her friend. She looks amazing but that was just an awkward moment

  • You are very much inspiration for us.good job

  • Omg yesssssssss awesome

  • Good lord this gives me hope I need to hit the gym seriously she inspires me

  • Amazing 😍👌👌👌

  • OMG I always wondering why so many people look so good after workout.

  • GIRL!!! Lord. The fact that she went from that to how fit she is now is unbelievable You are incredible

  • Awesome job! Now this inspired me to stop wishing & start doing 🙌🙌 Thank you for posting this video

  • Lose skin never comes from losing weight through healthy food & work out they only come from forcing weight to be lose as different surgery’s nowadays

  • Lose skin from having beautiful babies. Zero shame. Beautiful.

  • Wow, amazing transformation! This inspires me to eat healthier👍🏻

  • I need to stop wishing! NOW!

  • She looks fab xxxx

  • Amazing

  • Omg! You look amazing!

  • Good job

  • I would chop off my trunk to be 201 lbs.

  • You inspire me! Because just like you at first said I wish I wish I wish! That's what I always say but I'm now trying to do something about it just like you did something about it! Thanks for the inspiration in word and in deed! It gets hard sometimes not eating in the morning and not eating at night! Plus counting calories and staying at a caloric deficit! But I'm trying and videos like this help me stay motivated! Thanks for sharing

  • Ewwww,,that looks gross

  • You're beautiful girl, thank you for this video.

  • I really cried while watching this.. Weight loss isn't easy. I have just lost 10 pounds in 5 months. I'm tired and I still have to loose 20 more pounds.

  • the greatest was the super simple method to lose pounds is

  • This is exactly how i feel

  • I need this motivation ❤️

  • She has the least bad loose skin I’ve seen. Honestly not a big deal imo

  • I am SO proud of you! My inspiration 😃😃🙏

  • Thx

  • I wish she mentioned her height

  • My wife will always ask me "why you go the gym a lot" My answer is always simple. It cures my depression.

  • Please play Lara Croft in the next movie 😍

  • I think loosing weight slowly reduces excess skin. 2 pounds a week 92 pounds a year. I haven't had any loose skin and am down 40 pounds. Slow overtime is the best. Love yourself through time

  • Thank you 😪

  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏wow pocas personas muestran con orgullo su cuerpo ,después de tanto esfuerzo es una inspiración para cualquier persona que esté en el mismo camino

  • You’re preety ! Good job 👏🏻. Stronger !

  • It's not clear from studies whether eating slowly will help people eat less food. give that a try.The more you can make your diet strategy second nature, the better your chances of maintaining your weight loss for life.get active 30 to 40 minutes a day It doesn’t take much to start sweating away that unwanted pounds . here is a way to drop 1LBS . every 72 hrs. 5 second water hack hope it help you dont give up.

  • She is really beautiful❤

  • You say losing weight dosen't help depression ??????.That's crap that's one of the FIRST things ur told in councilling is exercise it changes the the brain chemistry ,that results in weight lose.In the event there isnt a weight problem , the body becomes more toned & fit therefore causing the brain to become more fit. You shouldnt run the mouth until u are certain what's coming out is helpful.How can better food choices & fitness not be beneficial in in ANY scenario

  • She looks fine,she looks amazing.

  • After having six kids I feel this.

  • So proud of you

  • Your beautiful

  • She looks like Isabelle Daza of the Philippines

  • I feel good about my loose skin now😊..thank you, you look amazing❤

  • Omg you are good super

  • She is so beautiful 😍💖

  • Impressive may Allah give u hadyt for real prefection 👍🤲🥰

  • Can't believe how much beautiful she is before and after she is so soft and I'm happy to see these ppl changing and fighting till they accomplish their dreams the wish became will and then became #I_am رائعة ♥️🌹♥️🌹🌼♥️🌹🌼🌼♥️💕🌼💜💕💝

  • I need to ask one thing that when someone is overweight they have strechmarks and saggy skin but when they loose weight the skin is tight with no strech marks ... How is it possible ? Do we have to do something to remove those marks and saggyness or does it disappears automatically??? Pls reply

    • There is surgery when you lose weight quickly but your skin has a natural elasticity too. This is why you need good nutrition and hydratation inside/out

    • There’s a surgery to remove excess skin.

  • You look great! Wow!

  • Be broud of this extra skin ❤ your are a beautiful mom😍

  • For lose skin: regular fasting to induce autophagy and for topical treatments i suggest derma rolling and tretinoin but not at the same time. There are tons of informative youtube videos on all of these methods.

  • I went from 201Ibs to 130Ibs. Yes the skin is loose hehhe...annoying at times but still feeling great.

    • I’m trying to lose weight too, Do you mind sharing how you lost weight?