My Top 5 Free Text Editors For Web Development

Pubblicato il 2 nov 2018
In this video I will share my top 5 text editors. I have used all of these editors for a period of time and will share my thoughts and experiences with them.
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  • thank you

  • Notepad .. haha !

  • Vs Code is the best

  • I still use notepad++ for some stuff, mainly because its very lightweight and lightning fast

  • “Almost make it a borderline IDE”; when you’ve integrated build/debug/version control/etc into your development environment, I really don’t see how it’s not an IDE.

  • CONTEXT is the text editor that I use. It’s Free. Ctrl G, in notepad will allow you to jump to a specific line.

  • where is Geany?

  • I recommend goormIDE. goormIDE is available for free or at a low price. The performance is very good.

  • No notepad++?

  • Ha ha ha... I had a stroke with the number 1: Notepad...!!! Awesome!!!

  • RJ TextEd deserves an honorable mention....Notepad....nicely done or a Freudian slip?

  • Atom is very slow! Real deal breaker for me, as I code on a laptop. Haven't tried any of the rest though, will give vscode and sublime a shot. Thank you Brad!

  • 😂 PLOP!

  • VIM!

  • Ooof you really got me with the note pad lolololol

  • when it came to notepad, i get shocked ,,🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I was shocked when I heard about notepad. Lmao

  • Sublime text is good. Watch below video to download and install sublime text on windows 😊

  • Hi.. Which editor is free and how can I download it

  • Sublime Text is not free, it requires a license, not just a commercial license, but a personal one. So you cannot continue to use the evaluation version like you say. You could but it would not be legal. Other than that it is an insanely fast text editor, but without a print function (!?)

  • VIM

  • Vim not there, this channel should be terminated.

  • Vim not in the thumbnail. I'm out. ✌🏻 It's a joke... for those that can't take one...

    • Disgusting, use Emacs instead

  • I Was like, well must be NotePad that’s why my company was using to map the paths to perform Apps Manual Installations hahahahah 🤣 I am dying

  • I prefer Sublime Text. It's speed and responsiveness is so superior to VS Code that when I used VS Code I just wished I could go back to Sublime.

  • You said when I do a course? Do you have free courses? 🙈🌚

  • Assuming use of W$NDOZ ???? Lots of actual developers use Linux... there are quite a few Open Source options, which work in W$DZ too. Mayne you could do something on these?

  • Notepad++ editor is the best from my side.

  • intro made by renderforest

  • No vim or emacs, disliked.

  • Well note pad is a simple an easy program, perfect for begginers tho lol

  • Vi (Not VIM) on FreeeBSD and Notepad++ on Windows.... Done ... :-)

  • No jetbrains?

    • He is talking about text editors - not about IDEs.

  • Not gonna lie you almost had me in #1 !

  • Visual Studio Code just crashed on my Mac Catalina. Never had those problems with Mac VIM. I didn't do anything in it, just downloaded it , and I closed a file. It says another instance is running but not responding or something like that. I can't even re open it , I have to kill the process or restart my mac.

  • There is actually a open source UWP app, that can type and open stuff better than Notepad It has fluent design and tabs.

  • Liked joke! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Phpstorm ist the best editor I ever used.

  • I've seen a lot of people praising WebStorm preferring it over VSCode once they'd tried it. Ignoring the cost, does anyone here have the same experience, or do you consider the differences negligible?

  • Most recommended video. Brad does humor! I too was like.... wait... what? LOL...

  • Notepad reallu...?

  • 1. Emacs with evil mode 2. vim 3. emacs 4. vscode

  • in my list i have two number #1, vsc and vim

  • IS there one that preview in the editor itself?

  • Vim > Everything else

    • There are vim modes in lots of other environments- not sure how that compares from the perspective of a proper vim user.

    • Yeah, the only thing vim isn't good at is if you need to get something done immediately and you don't know how to use it. But once you put the time in to learn it, it's hands down the best.

  • according to my experience : 1 neovim 2 vim 3 vscode with vim plugn 4 jerbrains with vim plugin 5 onivim

    • hey you missed number 1. emacs evil-mode

    • Haha dude my list was exactly the same except for the jetbrains part (I replaced it with sublimes vantage mode)

  • your notepad joke put my developer friend in a coma and presently he is hospitalized fighting with death please pray for him

  • my best notepad

  • number 1 is atom

  • I personally prefer vscode as ide and gedit as editor.

  • Notepad is One of those incredible editors, that man kind ever discovered.

  • 8:40 its still lag on it, I have a powerful laptop with 8GB RAM SSD GTX 1050TI and I7 7700 and its still so much lag I recommend to not use Atom!

  • I use sublime text for like 2 years

  • I ❤️ vim

  • What is the best online editors for PHP?

  • what about notepad++

  • notepad++

  • It seems a lot of folks poke fun at notepad. I use ++ and really like it. Its light, simple and can be powerful if you set up your plug-ins correctly. My two cents.

  • I had been using Geany on Linux, but now trying to live entirely in Atom. Didn't like Brackets - but then I do mostly C++, Python, Julia, and web stuff. Don't want different editors for different types of work. On Windows, Notepad++ is my #1, at least for non-IDE uses. The IDE for windows is VS, of course. I haven't used an IDE on Linux in a long time. Long live the command line and makefiles!

  • 11:15 You can actually convert VSCode into a powerful python IDE with an extension

    • Every program in this list is actually IDE. There is no editors at all (except #1).