Pubblicato il 14 mag 2019
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Intro song by: "Free" by Perri Jones
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Intro filmed by: The Blasian King


  • Name of Song in Your intro????💕😌

  • Love the person you are Brooklyn! So humble but real and funny at the same time!!💜💚❤ please give me a like or shout out Brooklyn🙏❤

  • U meant the L-E-D lights me to in my room

  • Who actually clicked this video bc Mel Mel was in here drop them likes if y'all came her for Brooklyn but, especially for Mel Mel 👇

  • Your room isn’t even that small it looks comfortable your bed is goals ❤️

  • I love her intro 😍😍

  • Bruh I love her intro and her personality

  • You should jus put a door right there

  • Id have a door either lmao

  • One like if Brooklyn is pretty

  • Girl I just love your spirit, you have such a humble and silly vibe. It’s effortlessly inspiring to me. Thanks beautiful girl ❤️

  • You two are so cute 🤣 it’s like love hate probably because you are so close I’m age but mel mel really vocal in this video 👀

  • U made this on my birthday May 13

  • With Mel Mel in your vídeos you will get more likes 👌❤️😂😂😂😂😍😍😍😍

  • she really didn't know what to do

  • ok but what song is this introooooooooooooo

  • mel mel: which way did it open? HOW? HOW?🥴😂😂😻🥵🤦‍♀️

  • Please come to Trinidad Brooklyn ❤️🇹🇹

  • You should try to put a curtain or something and hang it where the door is supposed to be. For some type of privacy

  • ugh i probably love your family more than i love mine 😫💗

  • I dead have that comforter on my bed 😭

  • Mel Mel needs to make a channel

  • 😍😍my baby fine

  • Please please please do a pregnant prank on deshae, it will be amazing

  • Her intro is the cutest 😍😍😭

  • Yk damn well u love your brother 😭😭😭😭😭don’t say u hate him

  • Intro is everything😍

  • I love her intro

  • U kinda look like ocean 🌊

  • she said timeouttt🤣

  • 8:11 brookyln: GET OUTTA MY STUFF AND GO DOWN STAIRS NOW mel mel: shut up..

  • she got mad shoes i got like 3 just because i grew outta them i was amd tight bro ;c

  • 💓💓💓

  • Your room still cute

  • Do yo room got a door

  • The intro was cute🤧

  • Who else loves the Intro

  • I can tell why he don’t speak yooo she literally told him several times she hated him and didn’t want him there the last day they gon see each other 😤 that’s so fucked up

  • Mel Mel sounds like deshae 😂😂

  • Is that you baby yes or no

  • Mel Mel so funny like I can’t ❤️😂😂😂

  • You should do a hikey prank on Your brothers


  • Nice bed

  • Brooklyn has the best intro legit

  • Who else loves her intro I'm subbing to anyone who subbs

  • What is your intro song plssss😍😍😍

  • You are beautiful and your smiles make your video simple and complete I'm glad that you have your own channel ❤

  • My wife

  • Why you dont have a door

  • She kind of look like Famous Ocean don't lie...

  • Aww u can tell Brooklyn loves him so much

  • You could but a cute curtain as a fake door but like that could be a vibe or you know how they have like the bead chain curtain type of door idk if u know what im talking about tho

  • You need like get some art on the wall and put a big fake plant in there some cute pink rugs and lights

  • Hey B !!! Your room is cuteee happy for you 😃💕💕💕

  • 5:02 mel mel so funny closing the imaginary door 😂

  • I wouldnt believe its Brooklyn if she doesnt say Stall me out on this video cuz I look crazy

  • “Little bit of shoes “ U got more shoes than I do 😂😭 I got like 18 pairs of shoes 😩

  • Bro I can’t wait to meet them

  • I love her voice