My Gangsta Relatives

Pubblicato il 18 ago 2019
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South Korea was one hell of an experience..

TY to the crying kid voice:
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  • 7:24 Logan Paul Edit 7:21

  • I watched IT-tvs 24 hours strait

  • Bts just pains me physically, I truly have to clue how people enjoy them

  • North or south Korea

  • Your grandma reminds me of Katski Bakugo from BNHA so much...

  • Tabbes truly calls her sia because you can SIA the attitude in her eyes

  • Tabbes = venom


  • E P I C

  • How many people realized she replaced her crown with a hat | V e_e

  • why sia look like dora

  • あなたは

  • 13 hour ehhhh that the norm


  • Get on my level I’ve been watching 16 hours bet no one can keep up with me

  • If anybody and I mean ANYBODY. tried to squish my cheeks..... I would slap their hands RIGHT THEN AND THERE. And probably their face too.

  • That picture at 6:49 is where bts had a photoshoot for their album!! How can we forget this legendary bus stand

  • hahahaha. my s6 liegit just died like its toast i want a phone santa/grandma

  • 9:28 95 percent of my and boys and girls rooms

  • After seeing tabbes like this for a while a felt uncomfortable seeing tabbes with limbs

  • 13 get on my level!!!!!

  • Me when I start an essay that’s due at 12:00 o’clock at 11:59 o’clock: 5:24

  • your grandma is like megatrons mother on steroids

  • And me, watching this video on an s4.

  • To have BTS everywhere would be a dream to me

  • Nah you straight bugging I've stayed awake for 6 days straight.

  • Some random mooch: I've watched IT-tvs for 5 hours straight!!! Tabbes: Hold my beer.

  • I died at the dancing and tabbes flosses her teeth

  • LOL only 13 hours?

  • Whats BTS?

  • Wait which one is more crazy grandmother or beast 3sum

  • 6:48 that is the bts album cover dummy

  • why did i think when the lady said brats she said breast? LOL XD

  • Ok boomer

  • Lol i watch youtube for 17 hours ha

  • Hey Tabbes I know this is a stupid question but does you and your family talk in korean or english? Just asking.

  • it is normal to be watching youtube for 13 to all night I mean I do it all the time

  • The apple dosent fall far from the tree :)

  • Me: Goes to South Korea and I'm in heaven Tabbes: Goes to South Korea... HELPPP I'm in death!!

  • Ethier having BTS on your random *crap* is paradise or hell hmmmmmmmmmm I think its....hell for me

  • Tabbes dowlond this game summoner wae

  • its a US thing i live in the US and ive gone watching youtube for 24 hours!

  • 6:47 that is where BTS did the Young Forever photo shoot


  • "Why was I born?" *TOTALLY ME*

  • M

  • 6:27 that's what EVERYONE EVERYDAY says to me

  • that feel when you use woogle on a site owned by google

  • I feel offended... I have a galaxy s7

  • 2:03 o hell nah

  • 13 hour of youtube, thats nothing try 20 hours

  • Army 2020?

  • It is probably an American thing to stay up late and wach IT-tvs cuz I’m watching this at 1 o’clock @ night

  • it actually hurt my ears when the monster went MOOOOOOM

  • 5:39 Gangsta Grandma: "Listen here SASSY. IF YOU DIE HERE NOW, I'M GONNA KILL YOU! GOT THAT?!" Me: "..."

  • "Do it, you FLAKE" is going into my "retorts that'll probably be never used properly*

  • The BTS poster you see when she got off the plane makes me think of 2D from Gorillaz. Was the guy in the suit at 9:56 the villain is Spider Into The Spider Verse?

  • why tf did you give yourself a Luffy hat when ur in korea

  • 9:11 so this is why mrbeast is planting 20 million treees

  • *Thanks for calling us maple syrup.*