MY FIRST VICTORY in Fortnite Chapter 2

Pubblicato il 17 ott 2019
MY FIRST VICTORY in Fortnite Chapter 2
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  • Hello

  • Tfue: they need to fix the fps Also Tfue: continues to run at 240fps

  • Do you chat with xqc?

  • How many bandages are in the gun

  • This is a dream or he is playing fortnite again because he was perma-banned.🤔

  • hi tofu

  • This guy is so anoying

  • I love u • U are the best and best of fortnite • Ur not like poop ninja

  • Lol once i won a victory royale in fortnite chapter 2

  • The famas used to be gold and purple now it’s blue, green and gray What’s next? The scar will turn into a blue, green and gray assault rifle? If they ever do that man, I am switching to apex

  • Like this plz

  • I got 21 kills my first chapter 2 game


  • Tfue I hate the bursts to I love regular AR’S

  • if everything is dog then dont play the game

  • why cant tfue just by a better computer or even PS4 or xbox?


  • Title: "My first victory" Me: You mean your first game?

  • how did I drop 14 kills my first game?

  • Burst is back. It would be funny as hell if he stopped buying skins🤣

  • bursts are like AK-47s in season 10

  • this is a compilation of tfue getting barely any kills, complaining and running in the storm

  • come on tfue youre not beter than my brother he, a god

  • you are my favorite yt in fortnite

  • I love chick fil A

  • Tfue no your aim is just trash

  • Tfue on 230 FPS: cries Me on an Xbox: mike wazosky with 2 eyes

  • Plays first game immediately hates on burst

  • Tfue is better at fortnite then ninja

  • Im glad tfue is finally back

  • The birst sucks👎

  • Anyone else see tfue miss that lamba in the tree

  • Nigga the new burst got me 7 kills it’s you that’s bad with it stop complaining

  • to easy

  • Yo tufe are amazing

  • Noob

  • *has 220 fps* “Its hard to play with this fps dude” Its as if hes looking for shit to complain about

  • The new way they did the burst is dope tfue just wants to complain

  • I have 60 or 40 fps and complain

  • Sub2sub

  • i think the game is sick

  • Tfue: take famus out of the game Gets a AR then swaps it for a famus 😂

  • I had to go back to this vid just too see tfue not playing squads

  • 1 minute in and Tfue has already found something to complain about

  • What fucking no skin is that

  • so tfue won by just running? hmm... ok from now on im just going to run in the storm

  • 10:30 “Bruh like people are being hit by me and I have no clue where”😂

  • Yo Turner check your fxcking dms

  • كفو تيفو

  • TFUE has a big nose

  • Ur a Bot imma clap you in 1v1

  • Can anyone checkout my channel

  • I posted a fortnite cheat on my channel Look and download for free


  • Hi

  • your trash

  • I saw you on pinkys chat

  • 💗😍😍😍💪

  • I SEE tfue very slow this season

  • First facking