My FIRST Hawaiian Luau!

Pubblicato il 11 dic 2016
On my Hawaiian trip, I went to my first ever Hawaii Luau. There are quite a few luaus in Waikiki on Honolulu.
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  • I had to pay extra to eat first 🤣🤣🤣 for good Hawaiian food I'd go to korean bars 🤐

  • Paradise cove is really pretty. But they did a lot here.A smaller version of PCC pretty cool.

  • Is my headband edible lmao mike

  • Come see us in Waikiki to book the best Laua on the island!

  • I want to visit Hawaii. Your bangs look good. The turtles are pretty. What are you drinking? I wanna go to a luau. I don't know if I would eat the pig. I would eat the chicken, and, the fish. The pork was dry? 😂 The dancing was awesome. The food was bad? 😟 I guess the Indigenous of Hawaii are bad. Our food is good. Maybe you ought to visit one of the 571 mainland tribes. We'll feed you good food. 🏹

  • I’m with you on your luaureview once is good enough

  • Dude I don't do Snapchat or Twitter so give me another outlet to get to you!

  • I agree with some replies here.....Polynesian Cultural center has an amazing luau experience. Paradise Cove in Ko'olina is also good.

  • You went to the wrong place for a Luau. Polynesian Cultural Center!

  • Is It Waikiki Beach 🏖????? 😊

  • Thanks man

  • I tried doing that dance. Your twig and berries flop all over. No idea how they do it with some type of “ball hammock”

  • Nope, Luau's food isn't so good...the one I went to years ago was just touristy.

  • I know I’m late to the party but I felt the exact same as you did when I went in 2011. Food was definitely not great but it’s the experience that counts. It was definitely the only touristy thing I did there. 👍🏼😁

  • I have been to Hawaii!

  • Polynesian culture center would've been way better for a luau. And their kalua pig is way better. Sea life park is a tourist trap and that is not the food that represents us as Hawaiians at a traditional luau. Sad sea life park. Such a shame. And to the so'le that said something about the way we make our imu the pig comes out very moist and juicey thank you. Cause that pig that was shot when you guys lifted it up for the tourist to take pictures, well that looked as dry as heck. It belonged in the ground not buried 1 ft deep. But it's all good. But seriously go to PCC. All great types of ethnic Polynesian foods, suculant and juicey, and coconutty.

  • Chief’s Luau

  •'re such a tourist 😘

  • Mikey, you did an awesome job sharing your experience with us! Quiet the entertainer! Thanks for sharing!

  • Love the review..great way to describe and enthusiam too

  • Nice hip action Mikey!!

  • LOL! The pig you saw them pull out will be on tomorrow night's buffet line. Sorry. Sea Life Park is one of the worst "luaus" around. There are some that show them ripping apart the moist pig and you dig in from that fresh, salty, smoky, fatty trough. That would be the real deal. Or better yet, try to get an invite to a family luau. You pitch in but you can eat all the pig you want. Try Ko Olina or Polynesian Cultural Center. Nice video though. Glad you told the truth about the dry pig.

  • I've danced hula, so take it from me, you got some moves, lol!!

  • I love it all. Wish I could go back. The women are amazing too!

  • Hungry

  • Malo chief😂😂

  • Smh such a poor representation of Hawaiian people. This is ridiculous.

  • Thank you for keeping it real about the luau food. I’m marking this one off my list of potentials.

  • They are made of Coconut leaves,.....are they edible? Mike I just choked on my tea laughing.

  • You went to an ok luau. The Luau I went to on Maui the food was amazing!

  • Luaus are definitely very touristy and the food is not that great. The Hawaiian people are really nice and laid back. Enjoyed my time visiting there.

  • You went to the shitty luau you should’ve gone to Polynesian Cultural Center or Paradise Cove

  • Sea life park is a dumpy little version of sea world but the location is amazing and the luau is quite good, nice to be outside instead of in a tent or building.

  • Please celebrate a peoples true nature

  • 3:42 hairline crisp. 😄

  • Ragi ball from karnataka

  • should have gone to Polynesian culture center Luau instead of Sea life parks one (heck didn't even know sea life park had luaus...)... The Polynesian one actually has a Pig with an apple stuck in its mouth that they carve into XD

  • Mikey, next time you come to Hawaii check me out on f.b , I'll take you around I'm 4th generation..

  • Awww cute kitty

  • Mikey, I highly respect and admire your very loving and lovable essence, especially when you show much excitement and compassion, like being happy to see what appeared to be a stray cat, and then sharing some food. If I recall correctly, this is the third time I've seen you so kind to animals in your videos, which reveals your BIG heart. ^_^ I was really looking forward to you having an awesome, first-time experience of enjoying some very succulent kalua pig, but at least you had an opportunity to experience what you DON'T resonate with, which brings you that much closer to all that you truly resonate with. I have no doubt that this form of contrast/duality/polarity will help you to deeply appreciate its opposite---AMAZING kalua pig in Divine perfect timing and order. While stationed in Hawaii, my husband and I experienced eating kalua pig at a few different places---to include Paradise Cove back in 2005---but none of them were really memorable, though the event itself was nice. Ironically, THE BEST melt in your mouth kalua pig we've ever had so far was served at the Galley (military dining facility) at my workplace within Kunia (KRSOC at the time); and whenever they had it, I would get two extra togo boxes after having lunch there. Whenever you travel, you make us feel as though we're there with you. Thank you so much for sharing authentic YOU and your multi-faceted gifts/skills/talents---especially your natural, impressive ability to perfectly integrate spot on, detailed descriptions of food with a great sense of humor. We also appreciate you generously sharing so many gems on our planet Earth, especially the beautiful places, fascinating cultures, friendly people, and delicious foods, drinks, and desserts! Continue enjoying Life as your Multidimensional self (earthly and otherworldly selves)/Self (Source: Soul/Spirit within). ;-)