My Dogs Eat Pupsicles

Pubblicato il 22 ago 2019
By the way if you're ever looking for Jolene, she belongs to our friend J. Cyrus you can find him at
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  • everything in the universe with a mouth loves watermelon except my dog who doesn’t know what to do with it or how to eat it so she carries it in her mouth for a few minutes and spits it out onto the carpet

  • its weird seeing a normal dog around your dogs

  • Why is vido not bout Schearmet?

  • 12:16

  • ❤️❤️

  • 13:56 Top 10 Anime Betrayls

  • Jolene: Big brain The iggys: Penot Brain Marble: Rich Brain Anyone else think kermit is a Leo or Cancer

  • Kermit: nasty

  • Does anyone know what breed Jolene is?

  • Jolene is the cutest dog ever

  • Jolene is that one friend your kids have that remind you how dysfuctional your whole homelife is

  • Why are these dogs literally humans with individual personalities, Jolene being the sweet house guest

  • She loves those dogs so much

  • Wow marble at the end was the most animated ive ever seen him

  • Cermitz zaving hiz food for later

  • “Anything with a mouth in the whole entire universe likes watermelon” guess I don’t have a mouth...

  • I wonder how this would go if you froze like puppy milk or something?

  • No one else is noticing that jenna is wearing pants or is it just me

  • why did i nearly start crying when kermit stole marbles pupsicle and he started barking at him :-(

  • My heart's breaking for marble and his lost popsicle🥺🥺

  • Glad to see the orange scrunchie from the 90’s Claire’s video was put to use 😂

  • Jenna didn't put a warning on this video about kermit's nastiness... I threw up on my laptop.

  • Sorry but i don't like water mellon inless it it with somthing

  • This content is so wholesome but I can’t really watch most of it bc kermits drool makes me gag

  • Jolene: an intellectual

  • Kerm: nasty rat boi Peach: cute cat gurl Marbles: smoll old ded boi

  • Kermit truly grasped the meaning of hot girl summer.

  • They’re good dog owners. They’re dogs have a good life


  • Jenna is one of the few women on IT-tvs I actually find funny I love all the daft stuff she does

  • i was drinking the broth of my ramen when julien said “this is a shitshow” and it came out of my nose

  • I don't like watermelon 2:56

  • That coconut milk looks like semen

  • Hey is it normal that bunny Looks so extreme thin ?

    • I think she was still gaining weight since, she does look fuller in the video of Jenna bathing her! But greyhounds are also just really thin looking, it's not weird for them to show their ribs

  • "Marbles this is the challenge of your lifetime." Marbles *walks away*

  • Did anyone else notice that bunny actuly ate th pupsicule

  • I hope we get to see Jolene again. She is just adorable!!!!

  • Jolene is legit the prettiest chihuahua I have ever seen

  • We need more Jolene in these videos, that contrast... She makes the iggys look even more like crack heads. Lmao!

  • I want a Jolene

  • they're such good dog parents but somehow managed to make the weirdest fucking dogs of all time

  • Lol Kermit takes off with a greenie

  • thosee two trees would be perfect for a hamock

  • you are so wonderful to your puppies ♥️♥️♥️

  • Is Kermit ok?

  • JENNA, omg you need to teach the iggys how to wave, cutest trick ever! Head over to our channel to see our little one do it 🌟

  • You got 2 less dogs than me for today

  • I do not eat watermelon. I threw up if I smell it.

  • Dogs nicknames Bunny: Foof Marbles: Bobby Peach: Weach Kermit: Kermy

  • Who disliked this video? What’s to dislike?

  • 12:16 Now thats a whole other level of nasty

  • the way an cermet ate his pupsicles is the way i eat nutella

  • Cuteeeeeeee

  • What a delicate and delightful horse you have

  • Is it bad that I have five dogs and two cats and I’m not pet sitting 😂🐕🐶🐕🐶🐕🐈🐈

    • Kate Weibel same

    • I have 7 pets too. I have 4 dogs, 1 cat, and 2 chinchillas. I LOVE animals.

  • Kermit is the child who would try to take the food that a person would leave and peach would be the kid to take the food off of a persons plate that’s still eating it

  • Is nobody else gonna talk about how the thumbnail looks like 2 drunk rats eating a chunk of meat on a green toothbrush 😂

  • hounds: *pure chaos* marble: 👁👅👁 Jolene: (✿◠‿◠)

  • I love how when the steal a greenie you guys act like they just robbed a bank

  • I live for hearing dogs owners say there dogs nickname! Like foof=bunny. Bean= my dog Freya. Like, it’s just random names that somehow get associated with your dogs