Mulan (2020) Live Action Concept Teaser Trailer #1 - Jet Li, Liu Yifei Disney Movie

Pubblicato il 16 ott 2018
Watch the official Watermelon Movies Concept trailer for Mulan, A Live Action retelling of the classic Disney property starring Jet Li, Donnie Yen and Liu Yifei as MULAN.
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NOTE: This is a Concept Trailer - Just so everyone knows, I don't add this to the title to make this a more authentic experience. If you go into something thinking it's fake you're not going to give it a chance.
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  • esa tontera no es mulán

  • I can’t wait!

  • i come from the future, Mulan trailer out now. and it's way different than this

  • Eso no es mulan es la muralla china😡

  • Is movie : A Grande Muralha

  • Não é Milan já assisti esse filme

  • great, but the real trailer is 100% better, and this will be a great film. Thank you for this concept trailer

  • Its NOT Mulan!

  • I can't wait! Mulan will be amazing

  • Fuck off!

  • 1:12 IS THAT MUSHU????!!!!!!


  • WTF hahaha. 😂😂😂

  • Esse não e o treiler oficiao da mulan não acreditem nele ele so pegou partes do filme a grande muraria para fazer esse treiler e ganha dunhero enganando vocês pesquisem no youtube ou na Netflix 😡👿

  • Yea it is

  • The Disney intro was from John Carter so this is not the real mulan trailer. I hate fan made trailers

  • lol it's combination of the great wall, forbidden kingdom, hero

  • I wonder if they will actually put the song XD

  • So I’m guessing there making this movie like the original mulan story, spoiler alert, basically it’s the same just no mushu and mulan kills herself atbteh end

  • ไอ้หน้าหี หลอกกุ

  • Boycott Mulan 2020! The female lead has come out supporting Chinese oppression in Hong Kong! Do not go see this film and stand with the People of Hong Kong for Freedom and Democracy!

  • Is that mushu in 1:12??

  • I love chinese history movies❤❤❤ but just the subtitle used to be too small to read

  • Oh My God...when that music started playing I got goosebumps all over!!

  • The movie is called the great wall i watched it it was made in 2016 or 2017

  • Ese no es mulan jajajaja es la gran muralla!!

  • OMG I saw a dragon in that video

  • And heres some exicting new 1st NO cricket 2nd NO songs 3rd NO mushu and worst of all NO shang disney has been lazy lately they cut ALOT of things out of the movie BOOOO im 11 and now i dont like disney thy have not made new princesses there cutting things out and frozen 2 and im done with disney

  • Dude what's with the great Wall movie doing here?!?!?

  • esse trailer é falso é da muralha da china pegou tudo desse filme

  • Esta pendejada esta editada es de otra película

  • My sister told me that the new Mulan will not have music!!

  • 2020😂💔

  • ¿Que tiene que ver "MULAN", con "LA GRAN MURALLA"? :U

  • fake!!!

  • And Liu Yifei would actually be the one playing the role. Excited to see the movie already!!!

  • Este trailler es mas cortito q otro q he visto...pero me gusto mucho mas... Espero la peli sea tan buena como las colillas q pasan y no como siempre que solo dejan un feo sabor a poco....

  • Fan made

  • No es el trailer de la película de Mulan pero la han adecuado de mejor forma que el trailer original, al parecer va tener muchos cambios... y no se si vayan a superar las expectativas

  • Fuck you. The title is not much for the m9vie.

  • I love mulan

  • Más mentirosa está cosa, eso lo sacaste de una película China!!!

  • Nice try you can't fool us

  • It's a shame that Disney eliminate the characters of Mushu, Cricket and Shang cus they are a very important part of the original movie 🤦🏽‍♀️ also they didn't even put the original actress of the voice of Mulan (Ming-Na Wen) like her mother or something just in honor for giving her voice to such a wonderful character, from my point of view is a huge lack of respect to her.

  • So much better than the real one

  • fake trailer

  • Re nada que ver esta es otra película jaja

  • The lost kingdom, The wall... Please stop posting shit like this.

  • Der Trailer hat mit dem Film Mulan nichts zu tun. Der ist zusammen geschnitten aus verschiedenen Filme. Vor allem aus The Great Wall.

  • MULAN.....oke

  • Me vi esta película y no es Mulan

  • so many parts are reused from the move "The Great Wall"

  • fucking trash leaving it back in 1997 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • Esa trailer es falso tiene ecenas de otras pelicula y esas peliculas las e bisto

  • ¿CUÁLES SON LAS DIFERENCIAS DEL LIVE ACTION DE MULAN? 🔴 En el live action, no saldra Mushu ni Cricket. 🔴 Li Shang, el capitán e interes amoroso de Mulan en la versión animada, no tendrá una participación en la película. Por el contrario, Mulan se enamorará de un compañero soldado de su unidad. 🔴 Mulan no se enfrentara a los hunos ni a su lider Shan Yu. En esta versión, Mulan se enfrentaría a Boris Khan, un guerrero que busca venganza tras la muerte de su padre y una poderosa bruja. 🔴 La película no será un musical. Todo apunta a que si saldrán algunas canciones clásicas de la versión animada pero sin letra, solo instrumental. 🔴 Se rumora que Yao, Ling and Chien-Po no seran los mismos personajes graciosos que conocemos, ya que la producción no quiere ridiculizar la milicia china. 🔴 Como Mushu no aparecerá en la película, Mulan tendrá un nuevo personaje que será un comandante y servirá como su mentor. 🔴 Aunque la esencia de la historia seguirá siendo la misma, el argumento se basará mas en la leyenda china que en la versión de Disney del 1998. 🔴 La figura de Mushu será reemplazada por un ave fénix pero ni crean que va a hablar ni dar chistes. ¿Qué opinas de estos cambios?

  • No va a estar mufu y grillo que cruel y no va a ver música? 😥😥😭😭así no se vale

  • im a sucker here. bullshit uploader. youtube should remove this kind of shit

  • You can’t fool me