Mugger Trick Shot - GTA V: Freeplay | Let's Play

Pubblicato il 19 ago 2019
In this gameplay, Geoff wants to spend his hard earned GTA 5: Online money on the most logical thing: muggers in funny locations.
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Hello fellow Gamer. This you should watch me. I play game. Good. Thank you, thank you. If you watch me, I'm hot. Videos, they'll be better... The Let's Play view is the right thing to do IT-tvs, so do.
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  • At 4:00 my roofers were hammering a nail, right as they said what's that banging, I had to check my mic.

  • Thanks for the free serotonin 💖💖

  • mugger on jetski?

  • 22:56 the traffic light is knocked down, but you can still see it change from red to green in the air where it used to be.

  • Mug someone off the end of the pier or on the roof of the pier for them to fall into the water

  • If someone is on the yacht, will the mugger swim out?

  • Mugger in a car, drop the car in the ocean, let a shark eat the mugger... the end

  • It baffles me that they never thought to block the mugger from falling off the crane with their FLYING CARS.


  • Ryan, you asshole. How could you push frank out of the helicopter?

  • For future reference you walk faster in the casino in first person

  • Mugged in the strip club

  • try getting mugged on Mount Chiliad where the cable car comes through and there is a small plank that you can jump off of that has a parachute near it, call mugger and stand on the edge and see if you fall down mountain.

  • Start at one end of a highway call a mugger, see how far you can lead one on.

  • Didnt mythbusters do a thing with a car on all rims? ... *MYTHBUSTERS GTA5!* do the things they do in mythbusters but in GTA5. ITS FREE REAL ESTATE. and if fits GTA so well.

  • Anyone know whats making the mugger AI leap down the hole? Do they draw some point A to point B that doesn't account for the hole they just climbed out of? GTA AI is so weird and fascinating...

  • 36:38 Trevor:Geoff go stand in that corner Geoff:Oh shit Trevor:No you're good Geoff:No I'm not. *dead*

  • Watching you guys attempt to complete this felt different and fresh , great vid nice one

  • Try the windmills, some you can get on top of and it's only one ladder. Who doesn't want to be mugged into spinning blades of death?

  • Man those drones they added in the terobyte would’ve been perfect for camming this.

  • Jack and Lil J in the low rider made me spit my beer out laughing.

  • I think Matt was hitting on the mugger

  • this reminds me the movie it follows

  • They shpuld go to the same whwn thwy did "Things to do in GTA V - Cop Flop" and see if that would work.

  • Somebody has to animate this

  • 1 - Some wind turbines in the wind farm have ladders to the top, should be able to get mugged up one of those 2 - Wait just outside the military base gate (best if the person getting mugged has a hanger there), just as you see the mugger approaching, go in to base. Does the mugger follow you? Does the military shoot the mugger?

    • Yeah! Mugger traps! :D

  • Michael I was just watching ridiculousness and u were on one of the videos for making a sandwich stacked with with meat I immediately knew it was u but why did u need so much meat on one sandwich

  • You're missing gavin

  • One idea for a video... have someone jump from a high point and see if you can save them from below with an "up ad atom"

  • If you wanted to fall off something you could have used the plank at the top of chilliad,

  • Ryan is actually such a fucking buzzkill. The funniest thing that has happened in this video gets ruined by Ryan when he kicks him out of the helicopter.

  • Geoff is a bitch

  • That roller coaster is now haunted by the ghost of rim my tim

  • jump to 3:29 to skip to game-video

  • Do a race with mugger stealing the cars your team is in.

  • Okay but why haven’t you guys done this by a bridge yet?

  • If you go to the Playboy mansion and call a mugger, then there is a chance that you will get mugged by a topless lady. The same goes for the cult up in the mountains.

  • Ryan: 24:00 where's my ultimate goal here? Me: To go all the way up

  • 1) Deluxo just behind the ramp on the top level of the construction site 2) Make sure the Deluxo is in hover mode 3) Mug the person in the deluxo 4) flying mugger 5)???? 6)Profit?

  • Having Jeremy (since he has the hat) ride the nuke (a jet ski) down. Maybe try to crush someone.

  • You could try to get a mugger to climb the ladder onto one of the turbines at the windfarm

  • Have you guys get in a plane or helicopter and have whoever is a pilot get mugged and see where the mugger takes the passengers.

  • 34:23 Was that the mugger just standing down there as if he wasn't dropping to his death moments ago?

  • Can you stop the rollercoaster with a tank?

  • I kinda wanna see a mugger olympics, kinda like the minecraft wipeout courses but instead the crew takes turns "escorting" the mugger from point A to point B but w/o being mugged enroute but being mugged at destination. mugger has to survive in transit but if he dies or mugs you at any point in the journey that would be how far that person got. Another point would be the whole thing has to be on foot to be fair for the mugger and you have can only begin when you spot the mugger at the point a. Lastly, the scoring system would kinda be "how fast you finished the race (like wipeout)" "how far the path you went to get to destination" and "how difficult the route you took to get to destination (difficult especially for the mugger)"

  • How you know I watch a lot of AH: I started singing “tear my life into pieces” right before they did

    • I have those moments too, I even do it when hanging out with my friends. It's just become natural. I've been watching them for nearly 4 years. Not as long as others, but long enough to pick up their habits 😂.

  • this is one of the best GTAs i’ve seen in a while

  • Jeremy and Jack - The Wheel-less Boys Yeah that actually works :D

  • Turn off radars go to the maze and set muggers on each other one at a time and time yourselves

  • Please do this again with Gavin

  • The editing is bothering me. :-)

  • Nudist camp mugger?

  • 22:20 🎶they see me rollin, they hatin

  • How about mugger roulette? 6 of them stand in a circle everyone calls a mugger to mug the person on their right and see who gets mugged first, they could do one standing up one in cars and one in choppers

  • Be on the yacht and get mugged into the ocean.

  • Have someone stand on a silo at the farms and send the mugger after them so they fall off the silo

  • What if y’all get a mugger to follow you onto train tracks and get the train to hit the mugger by luring it towards the train and moving outta the way at the last second?

  • Send the mugger after someone driving a box truck, then try to lift it into the air with the deluxos

  • Here is a good idea. Give it a try. Mug this guy called Gavinfree. That is all.

  • A Rimmy Tim race! All the cars racing have no tires!!