MTV Exposes Tana Mongeau's True Colours in "Tana Turns 21"

Pubblicato il 14 ago 2019
In todays video we are discussing Tana Mongeau's return to vidcon, Jake Paul's surprise appearance and Tanas shocking behaviour while reacting to the sixth episode of "MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21"
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  • I love it. If the show is about showing what a piece of shit she is then it might be actually fun to watch.

  • She's a brat and I would punch her

  • Not that I'm defending her or anything but I've watched so many of Tana's videos and lives in which she explains whatever tf her and Jake are So basically, she and him got together or hooked up or whatever after her ex cheated on her (he was a rebound) Then they started catching feelings They're in an open relationship so they can be together and with other people They got "married" for clout So basically whatever feelings are between them IS real but the marriage itself was for clout because all eyes were on then

  • She looks 31 not 21.... not because of her makeup. Her face looks old...

  • Ill spin ur jaw

  • she looks like she smells bad ngl lol

  • still can't believe she just turned 21 and looks so much older...

  • "omg yes omg they're actually going to show this shetstorm of a wedding" lmfaoo yesssss now where tf is your reaction video why isn't the link pinned like other videos were LUKE

  • The assistant needs to trick Tana into getting up earlier. For example I know I have to be up by let's say 6am and then I'll set my alarm at 5:00 am I getting up at 5? Hell no. But I'll set my alarm at 5, 5:15, 5:20, 5:35, 5:45, 5:50 and then I'll be prepared to get up at 6am cause I've been disturbed by the past hour that I'm finally ready to get up. But there are some days where I don't and sleep through all alarms.

  • 10:37 wow Tana actually replied to a fan who was depressed and suicidal ok she can get respect in that department

  • 8:59 that's a wild group of Tana fans age range from 8-40 that kid in the middle looks about 7 years old and the guy to the right looks about 40 he balding lmaoo unless he's security but judging by the badge lanyards he looks like an audience member

  • Also okay if I did some shit like Tanacon and then was invited to vidcon, I’d be like 3 hours early. Like you seriously are given another shot to make it up to your fans and you’re late?!

  • Man Jake that poem was so romantic Shakespeare who?

  • The way tana speak is like she thinks she sounds smart but she really doesn't. What a brat

  • She looks like she's 30 and acts like she's 13

  • IT-tvs's royal engagement Poopipie?

  • I made better “poetry” during my eighth grade emo phase

  • i made it to minute 6 and lost all my brain cells. i need a nap.

  • whats with the coke shot at 5:57 ???

  • Tana is so ungratful and totally a bitch towards her team ... I'm like so mad right now

  • Just realised how much tana edits her pics... i mean look at her belly...😳😳😳😳

  • "Well that was a wild ride" Luke: no it wasnt it was so boring 😂😂 what a mood.

  • Tanas manager - Jordan - trying to maintain his “moral integrity” while being Tana’a personal handler is a MOOD. Right?

  • Even if JP wasn’t banned from VidCon, having him added as a last minute plus-one is simply an unreasonable ask on Tana’s part. The added security needed to contain him and his fans, last minute, COME ON TANA. Wait. Why the frell do I care about this? What is this.

  • Atleast this meet and greet was better than the dobre brothers *oop...s..*

  • I love how her manager knows she’s retarded and stupid and just keeps going for the money 😂😂

  • Ughh...everything wrong with modern day America...wrapped up in two fake-as-fuck, vacuous little self-absorbed parcels...with 'fans' no less ??!! God save the USA.

  • I hate her so much like I don’t know how Luke even watches this.

  • why is being late cool?

  • I can't w this show omg

  • Tana & Jake need to be banned from everything. Every single thing. Including IT-tvs.

  • 9:25 when I saw Ashly I was like: how can Tana be in two places at once? Trippy stuff

  • i dont think shes really trying to hide anything but idunno

  • Tana is a mouth breather.... need I say more??

  • Why is jordan her manger when she doesn't even listen 😂 🤣 😅 🤣

  • Not only did Tana talk about how they hooked up previously, she also has an ENTIRE video pranking Jake telling him that she’s pregnant.... so we know she’s lying about something it’s just wondering if it’s the mtv show or her IT-tvs channel 😒

  • What a horrible personality ugh

  • Tana is like my mother 😂

  • I lost it at "a book Tana can actually read"

  • I just found you, and I loveeee you! I’m on a binge rn & subscribed :)