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  • #LSGANG The official house tour is coming VERY SOON! We can't wait to move into the next chapter of our lives🙏

    • I love you guys I can't wait until you have the baby

    • What's that sound I hear. ? a stampede of long-time white people moving out because you're moving in - you cuz nothing but problems and drive property values down

    • Gross

    • So happy for you guys! 🥰❤

    • Are they renting or did they buy?

  • Shyla :Peep the back Landon: ooohhhhh

  • One small person did all the work

  • My favorite couple ever 💛

  • We Loveee phora’s merch🤩

  • I cant she shyla without her belly:( lol she looks amazing being pregnant,

  • I never commented but I’ll feel bad if I don’t and I love you guys so ❣️❣️

  • Been with u guys since day one love you guys

  • Love u guys. Shyla ur freakin beautiful!!!!!!! $StylesbyGG

  • $Ninaethomas

  • You guys have grown so much it’s insane 😭❤️

  • $Ninaethomas

  • So excited for ur new journey in life💜it’s going to be great ❕

  • The way he said Bogle! 😭

  • Please a dollar will help I got few days left !!! Please , my mom is my eveything and the only thing I got ....

  • Shyla. You shouldn’t care what ppl think. Ppl are always gonna hate. Like obviously you’re pregnant and if ppl don’t understand that they’re obviously haters.

  • Shylas actually very annoying. She bothers Landon to much

  • Shyla stomach so big y’all having twins

  • Subscribed 💯

  • Congratulations you two! So happy for you.

  • Love the pregnancy glow 😍😍

  • What do their Greek tattoos mean ?

  • When you like your own comment so you can get the likes started/going 😫😆😂

  • They be rockin that phora merch tho. I love it❤🌹

  • What does their tattoo and shylas shirt mean?

  • Their new house is literally a dream house

  • Can anybody pls tel did they bought this house..??

  • congratulations so excited 😇😇

  • Hey, what does the tattoo you guys all have mean

  • Am I the only person whos gonna keep saying to myself and other people, that they're intro is fire. (Hope you like my comment! Im a fan of you and Shyla, and I bet that baby is gonna be cute! xo)

  • Joe be thiiiiick lol 😂🤪

  • Jajajajajaja i like that córner over there and shhh stfu 🤭🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • It's like they've been moving every now and then...I hope this will be there house for many years to come and for their baby to grow in 💝

  • love you guys

  • Anyone know where I can get the white hoodie Landon is wearing

  • Yeyyy can't wait house tour and babyyyyy

  • My goodness you guys move ALOT! It's like they get wealthier over time and move every time they want to upgrade....smh!

  • Aww cnt wait🥰it looks nice

  • The way he was pronouncing the wines had me DYINGGGG!!

  • i am so overly happy for you guys finding a house and loving the house youre in! I cant wait for the house tour but take your time I know it can be stressful. Shyla you look beautiful as always!

  • Get Mr Kate to decorate your new house please

  • L&S Merch is more universal than ACE family’s merch. They usually make the L&S logo small, then put something like “sleigh all day” on it. More likely to buy L&S merch cause of it’s universality. ✌🏻

  • I would definitely get her shirt. Love y’all! 💗

  • That sweater you’re wearing, United faith has it as well

  • Landon you’re kinda lazy bro... you showed it so much in this video... “modern men” 😂😂😂

  • Well u have been living in a good house ever since if u see the house I live it's so small small small

  • Moving is such a chore! We just moved in may and I am ready to move again! Do any smaller channels want to support each other? I do a lot of diy home decor on a budget videos!

  • Who are these ppl? This is what I get for checking out what's trending.. 😂😂

  • Complete garbage.

  • I love your video always watch them

  • Can't wait for the baby to come🙌🙌🙌


  • Sometimes it’s nice to see IT-tvsrs do “normal people” things like packing up their old house and moving into a new one. You take pride and feel accomplished when you do things alone or with friends/family and not pay someone to do things most people have to do anyway. Glad to see you do this and the process of you guys moving it in. I would much rather see this than someone pay for a move and not be able to vlog it.

  • Did you rent or buy this house

  • Landon is just like Austin 😂😂

  • #40 TRENDING ❤️

  • Did you guys buy this house?

  • Everyone go sub to my channel and I’ll do the same for you💯

  • she is beautiful. Blessings.

  • Put “my nipples are hard” on a T-shirt