Mountain Bike vs Football

Pubblicato il 4 ott 2015
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#mountainbike #football #sport


  • Fuck you

  • You chosse the worse soccer vids

  • It is fun to watch footballers tattle and whine like 3rd graders

  • the intro is dope

  • Football? Haha maybe like Actlikeyougothitbyaball

  • Les crash comment les vtt sont extrêmement dangereux et les footballeurs sont que des vulgaires victime de la vie qui ne les a pas fais aussi intelligent que la population de notre monde

  • It’s not even funny comparing these two things you could compare mountain biking against any sport and they would get sh~ted on

  • Intro very cool

  • 0.57 Mdrr

  • You are good at comparing those who kill themselves with their bikes and then show the simulators in football ... Go see the most painful faults and those who fall with the helmet ... Football is not just a sport, it's sport ...

  • Mountain bike vs shet

  • Biker*flalls on head * meh Footballer*otder Player touch his nose* Aaaaa Im dying

  • Mountain Bikes most better !!!!!!! 👍👍👍👌👌✌️

  • Los futbolistas son bien exagerados 😂

  • So true

  • to the wheel at 2:26 ... Goodnight sweet prince

  • Football players are such fakers it's so annoying like , Jesus christ

    • But you can easely break your Hand by getting shot with the ball in football how i got. But you are right they are babys.

  • Its strategy to win games, they fake it so they could get the ball

  • Ist sehr schlecht zusammengefügt. Es gibt im Fußball sehr viel brutale Szenen.

  • Not all of the football players are simulating but many soccer players are fake(im not)

  • Rly why all think the all football players is faking

  • Soccer is for wussies MTB is a real man/woman sport!

  • You just picked the worst moments in mountain biking

  • Now i know why i don't have like footbal

  • Football (Soccer) is such a pussy sport

  • They need to find $$$ footballers for acting like baby's.

  • 1:04 When you Mistake the concrete for snow.

  • 1:56 omg LAG

  • My eleven year old soccer team gets hurt and their fine professional soccer on the other hand

  • Yes, i play football/soccer but im a bike rider too and i totally agree with these comments.

  • I am surprised that their leg doesn’t hurt when it comes in contact with the ball 😅

  • Mtb doesn't give you a free kick if you mess up, it's your fault if you fuck up. Football, gets a literal lead in the game to win. Is it scummy yes, but you can't compare these sports.

  • What do you have against soccer?

  • So, basically. Soccer is for pussy's and mountain biking for cool people

  • FB: haha Bike: oh shit!

  • Does anyone here know what it means to be bias? They use the dumbest soccer clips ever created. Soccer does not mean rolling on the floor and crying.

  • Fotball i faking that They Get hurt.😭(((⚽️

  • Hockey vs Football please

  • Dois esportes totalmente diferentes

  • Woah this is false Bikers wear helmet 😩 and soccer players aren't

  • And why are these sports compared to each other

  • Soccer action in this video Is simulataion but, in reality are too doloroso

  • Do some people not understand that the soccer hits are fake?

  • Mtb wins

  • I dont understand why these grown men kicking around a ball have to act like babies when they get touched

  • I love mtb, but you can't fake it. soccer you get poked in the forehead and rolling around on the ground in "pain".

  • Soccer players are just pussies who get paid way too much

  • Soccer players are bitches if they get taped they pretend to die

  • Son vs. André Gomes...

  • Just notice how they put on the most tackles faked by football players. 👍 if you agree

  • Geiles intro

  • Its just professionals who do dive honestly i do both football and dirt jumping i use a santa cruz jackal just also try go to like a u16s and reserves match people do get knocked out without throwing i fit its not always resorted to diving

  • 0:55 too late on trying to faked being hurt

  • So this is how American view at Football? Lmao dumbases

  • If mtb riders would have gotten benefits if they faked that they where hurt, they would probably do it to

    • Mustang Ynwa why don’t you try a black diamond mountain bike trail and try faking a fall, you’ll deserve your consequences.

  • That football is fake

  • Football people are so pathetic

  • Ok but thats not football tho

  • Futbol is gay

  • sick