Motorola made the foldable Razr we've wanted

Pubblicato il 14 nov 2019
The Motorola Razr flip phone is back, but now it’s an Android smartphone with a foldable display. The 2019 Razr keeps the same general form factor, but replaces the T-9 keypad and small LCD with a 6.2-inch, foldable plastic OLED panel and Android 9 Pie. It’ll cost $1,499 when it arrives in January of next year.
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  • What was your first cell phone?

  • There are gears in the hinge

  • Him in the first 6 minutes: "Wow!! That's super cool!" Him in the last 5 seconds: "I don't think it's there yet"

  • Thank you for the review Mr. Zuckerberg

  • If Motorola is an American brand, I would consider buying.

  • 1500?!

  • You seem disappointed that the screen is plastic; did you expect a foldable GLASS screen?

  • 0:31 wtf is that on your head

  • I was a big fan of moto razer V3 but I didn't get a chance to buy this , hope I could buy the new gen 2020 Moto razer

  • I'll buy when they *Fold* the price in Half.

  • Flipping phone was my favorite

  • Nokia 3210

  • Okey keyow

  • هاي أقدم شركه للجوالات 😂😂🙏❤️🇮🇶

  • За Новороссию! За Моторолу!

  • One phone that's worth selling kidney for 🤣🤣😂😂

  • SNAPDRAGON 710?!?! that’s so last century, and then it comes out next year? WHAT A JOKE !! Oh wait it’s 1500$ that’s the joke.

  • they bottom bezel thing does not work. that flex is just gone

  • Good video and your absolutely right, it’s not worth $1,500.

  • the only problem with razr is the thick bottom bar.

  • These are the things that make me wanna have money...

  • Gonna sell my kidney for this lol

  • Kinda a joke for over 1000 dollars

  • The retro skin made me smile too.

  • Razr first debut changed the cellular world. It will do it again 12 years later.

  • I NEED ONE NOW!!!🤧😫😫😂🥰

  • When did Ari Shaffir start doing reviews?

  • Man,motorola should make this cost for about 700 dollars

  • I'M literally buying it!!!

  • It seems amazing. It's smaller, less distracting and keeps the screen safe. The only downside here is only one, mid-tier camera, and high price. Great innovation from motorola

  • how was the razr the first phone?

  • Wait and see this phone in the next Star Trek series/movies 👀

  • I kept waiting for you to close the phone with ONE hand! With your index finger! That was even more awesome! Razr too big for that? 6:00

  • The call app should have the same button layout as the old razr on the bottom half of the screen.

    • I wasnt finished watching 🥺🥺. My heart is happy.

  • Good

  • The second version of this is gonna be great, and hopefully at a more reasonable price point.

  • I actually want this and get rid of my iPhone...

  • Not worth the price

  • Yo nice kippah

  • meh