Mother Throws Daughter The Cheapest Wedding Ever | Extreme Cheapskates

Pubblicato il 16 ago 2019
Cheapskate mother of the bride, Shelly, throws her daughter a wedding for less than $1,000. Check out her money-saving tips here.
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  • It's supposed to be her day to remember wtf is wrong with her smh cheap to the MAX she would not come to my wedding i would disown my mother after this

  • A great and expensive wedding will not guarantee happiness. It is ok if they wont have debt

  • I-

  • Girl just get your own dress. No disrespect to your mom. The bride is so pretty.

  • Even the baby was like WTF

  • No one is gonna comment on the sim music?

  • This is it being cheap. This is hoarding money

  • I was waiting for the cake like people talking about the fake cake or something

  • Why didn’t they just go to the court house, at least it would look nicer.

  • hi

  • I would have had a courthouse wedding and just have my parents my fiance parents best friends and grandparents. Later throw a party at a hotel. That's what one member my family did

  • Cheap people why don’t you look for cheap countries to live in !!! Good idea

  • This is all fake! The pictures of the real wedding are posted on Facebook & it looked like it was waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy more than $1K. The Baby's face at 5:51 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 I must say that is a pretty nice restroom for a high school

  • How can they register the marriage? Bcoz her mom

  • Shelly bitch is disgusting a selfish asf

  • I bet the girl who got married would tell this to her kids “Back in my day we spent 10 dollars on fake Christmas flowers!”

  • Ashley: Hallelujah now I can get the fuck outta here

  • Anyone else notice the Sims 3 music lol

  • oh,,,my,,,,

  • The Mother just don't respect the people at the wedding. All she cares was how to save her money.

  • Reason why couples elope 😒

  • so ur telling me that's not justin bieber's long lost brother

  • 75 for pee on dress lol I wouldn't buy even if it was 10 dollars. Not even for free.

  • Things that I NEVER seen it before in a wedding. -A used wedding dress that has a rat piss -The wedding takes place in a high school gym -The food for the guests was a ungrilled cheese sandwich -A plastic ass flowers that’s not even a real flower -And the mother was a preist -Also the mother keeps being stubborn, she only cares about the budget and not for her daughter. Moral of the story never let your cheapskate parents know about the wedding or else they’ll just ruined it and makes your day worst 100% things that I wasn’t expected Edit: -They’ve never hired a professional piano player for the wedding. Instead they have a dude playing the song on a macbook pro. Sheesh one of the worst cheapest wedding that I’ve ever Someone should slap the mom for being Ms. Krabs if you ask me

  • 5:42-5:58 That _The Sims 3_ music though.

  • She wanted to see herself & her family in the T.V . (TLC)............Which is an international channel.............

  • OH that's a GOOD thing coz we get a DISCOUNT ... like what is wrong with u

  • Number 1 that mom is the worst and dose not care about her daughter Number 2 idk how the daughter didn't really care I would say screw you

  • I'm sorry but getting a wedding dress where u can get guitars and a toolbox isn't ideal 😂😂

  • Come on mom. My wedding was under $500 and it rivaled my best friend who spent $7000..u can do better than that rat pee dress and cheese samiches now! If i were her(the daughter) i would've just went on down to the courthouse and red lobster afterwards😑

  • Im in the ghetto

  • Poor bride and also poor kids who go to that school!

  • The daughter should of spent her own money on the dress at got married at my sister's house but it was huge house and huge back yard in back had a lake...and it was nicer than that...I'm sorry but this?

  • im done 6:45 ...

  • ok but she didnt even touch $1000 clearly 😂....

  • You should have done court marriage

  • Watch this daughter have a secret special wedding and doesnt invite her mom

  • Courthouse wedding with buffet lunch for people works well instead of showing everyone how cheapest we are

  • The mother of the brides dress looks more expensive than her daughter's dress

  • yo he's like the thicker, brown-haired brother of justin bieber wtf

  • NOT REAL 🙄

  • 6:54 tbh he looks like an overweight Justin Bieber

  • Yooo her mom went so far along to make herself an ordained minister


  • So if the brides mom is the Minister are they legally married 😕

  • Seriously she made her wear a fucking pee dress and have a wedding in a high school

  • Not even my gender reveal and babyshower were this CHEAP. Holy jesus you only get marry once. Even 5k wouldn't be bad lol

  • Theirs nothing more telling then complaining about someone else paying for your wedding. Like??? If the dress is bad, go get a cocktail party dress from the thrift store or something. Her mom is definitely too cheap but paying for anything besides a wedding gift is really generous. Honestly, the only problem with the wedding is the budget is too small for the number of people. But I'm guessing that it's in that nasty part of the us so all my points are void.

  • If she actually knew how to sew and work a sewing machine she could easily remodel a lot of those dresses! Also I don’t understand why the brides family has to pay for a wedding at all. Tradition? I am saving enough to get the wedding I want.

  • If I was them I would have not shown up!!

  • Why? There other ways to have a nice wedding without spending much.

  • That mom pisses me off

  • Poor girl I would’ve rather gone to the courthouse

  • I thought it was fake because can this really be real????... but i searched them and they are real people 🙄

  • What S.& ep??

  • Oh my gosh, she’s the minister wow!! Did not see that coming

  • 5:42 Besides everything else, Ashley looks stunning!! I’m not just saying that, she honestly looks so gorgeous.

  • I’m glad the daughter will never follow her mother foot step

  • It not that bad

  • They could have gotten a better wedding. There are many ways to save money and not have THAT cheap of a wedding