Mother Throws Daughter The Cheapest Wedding Ever | Extreme Cheapskates

Pubblicato il 16 ago 2019
Cheapskate mother of the bride, Shelly, throws her daughter a wedding for less than $1,000. Check out her money-saving tips here.
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  • Where did they make the honeymoon? In the classroom! 😕

  • Bruh 😂 this show was using like Sims 3 music for a sec

  • Really smell the rat pee!! Smell it!

  • Ridiculous 😂😂😂

  • These comments are insane talking shit about the mom what is wrong with people? It was nice of her mom to pay for ANYTHING it's not her responsibility to pay for anything for her daughter shes a grown adult. If the daughter or the mother in law have so much shit to say and wanna be ungrateful maybe they should pay for it there damn selves. And the grooms complaining makes me wanna smack him in the face. IF YOURE SO UNHAPPY WITH IT PAY FOR IT YOURSELF INSTEAD OF MOOCHING AND THEN BEING UNGRTEFUL CONSIDERING THE MOM DIDNT HAVE TO PAY FOR ANYTHING AT ALL. It was extremely nice of her to do this for her daughter I feel bad she has suck snobby ungrateful friends and family

  • nobody: shelley: pee on your wedding dress is a good thing

  • Is the mother angling for her own comedy show or something? She's kind of vile. I bet she paid more for her own outfit than she did the bridal dress.

  • As I speak I’m completing my senior year at the school they rented out for this wedding, I just now discovered this through another student, and I couldn’t be laughing harder

  • What is wrong with this mother??? And why are they using the music from sims 3 for this video?????

  • My gaming setup costs more than this whole wedding

  • Her mom is a cheap homeless bitch

  • This cant be real 😬

  • How can someone be so fucking cheap Like come on man this is your daughters wedding

  • If I get married my wedding is not going to be like that. My wedding is going to be a expensive Christmas wedding with a beautiful red Christmas wedding dress.

  • Does anyone else think the groom looks like Justin Bieber

  • Nobody : Mom: smell it !

  • Cheese and mayo sandwiches at a wedding LOL

  • They could’ve cut off the pee part and re designed part of the dress to make it prettier as well

  • You could get a much better dress for 75 dollars.

  • Why can't the daughter afford her own wedding?

  • The groom is budget Justin Bieber 🤔🤔🤔

  • Cheese sandwich with mayo for a reception...Jesus Christ. I would’ve broken up with the bride

  • Her daughter looked 18 why get married so young ? This wedding looked staged

  • Lmaooo also her Mom’s friend group is full of karens 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Im just surprised her mom’s name isn’t Karen?

  • My dress was £22. It was full lace circle gown with boning in the bodice and satin lining. I totally dismantled it. I redesigned it as a tea length dropped waist vintage style dress. I'm not a tailor but I did loads of research and tutorial watching and it looked great. Loads of people loved it.

  • There is no way on this earth I'd wear that dress or eat that food

  • Lol that sims 3 music tho

  • I'm sure her mother didn't just start being cheap. So, she should have expected her mother to get everything cheap and used and the daughter and her Fiance should have paid for their own wedding, to have what they wanted.

  • Whys there sims build mode music 😂😂

  • Lol when its showed Denise at 1:55 it said Colby’s mom and I instantly thought about Colby Brock

  • I wish she looses all her savings and drop dead. Cheap scum

  • 😭😭😭😭😭

  • This is so scripted and fake that it's humorous and yet people think that it's real.

  • Wtf is wrong with mom

  • Second daughter better start saving for her wedding 😂

  • Just buy your own damn dress . Fuck this

  • Why couldn’t anyone else like pitch in on the wedding

  • That Sims music at 5:45

  • They sure look happy though❤️

  • advice to the couple: move far, far away.

  • My mom would never do this. She is too nice. This is unecaptable. Your wedding is one of the most best moments of your life

  • I genuinely feel disgust towards that lady.who makes their daughter wear a dress from the damn pawn shop and won't even dry clean it for her

  • My Arab ass could never....

  • Omg I went to that school freshman year 5 years ago, I'm shook

  • Ahh yes the Beautiful bride and her rat piss smelling dress lol. Looks like they had a great weddings at least, doesn't matter how much money tbe wedding costs all that matters is the bride and groom and the love they share. (Okay that was so cringy saying that LoL)

  • I would be so embarrass

  • the part that made it seem weird for ME was the food that just made me sad :(

  • It's a great depression themed wedding.

  • Actually she looks pretty in those gowns

  • Sjonge wat een vreselijke moeder

  • 5:50 I swear that’s sims music?

  • Oh my gosh, here in Utah there are wedding dresses sold for like $16 in thrift stores🤦‍♀️

  • If they don’t have the money then I guess its fine.

  • Omg cheese sandwiches

  • They could just skip the reception and go only to city hall.

  • Why isn’t the daughter paying for it

  • Y'all hear the sims 3 music used in this

  • The couple looked very young and probably not self-supporting for their young aged marriage. They should've gone to court and get the marriage certificate. However the young couple is respectful enough following their parents' offer. I admire their courage and humbling attitude. They will be a jolly couple with that kind of mind. Blessings to you..

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