Pubblicato il 23 set 2019
My first time in Moscow, Russia so I thought id do it with no money and see how I manage it! We started off in Kremlin at the red square in Moscow and went from there!
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  • What he do with all money from IT-tvs

  • Are you flagged anywhere now? Like hotel staff recognize you?


  • Bro he walked through the metal detector with a phone in his hand.

  • I have gone to Russia they were nice but most of them didn’t speak English

    • Is it easier to get a visa if you have family from Russia?

  • Just ploughing through a shed load of your vids si . . Really loved the £40 car challenge to Milan . . Come on you reds . . Stay safe . . Big love from boston Lincolnshire England

  • Suprise no one gave him some vodka

  • Is that normal for street signs to hang down? - Actually yes 😂😂

  • 13:42 How are you?-нормальна... хахахахахаха lol

  • CJIABA YKRAINE!!!🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

  • Что за пидарас

  • Cska team of gondons

  • song at 2.58?

  • Попробуй так же только в Челябинске

  • Bro how about philippines with no money

  • Definitely have to admire the hustle! Cheers!

  • yea

  • Its not a trick its called theft

  • Ебать, а что за акцент у него такой яркий... 🤔

  • How cute is that Alexander guy??😍

  • Ur Fucking cool dude ! best man ever ! One new subscriber keep the Good Work 🤩✌🏼😎

  • Yes! It was business... Somewhere in the late 90's-as if deceiving girls that I am a foreigner ....but far not has peaked( /// Да! Было дело... Где-то в конце 90-х -как бы обмановал девушек , что я иностранец ....но далеко не дошло(

  • I worked at the Dallas stadium for the Hockey and basketball - concerts. And the best place to get to is the private boxes. The boxes have catered spreads Bottles of liquor and wine in the private Boxes. . And one can get in with the workers entrance. As there is always a High turnover at these menial Jobs.

  • The nfirst time I drank good vodka I was blown away. As I had drank cheap McCormick so long the very thought of the first shot of the day made me gag. But 10 x distilled voka is like water

  • Да да да да иди на хуй

  • He's just a scammer ffs

  • >be happy, smile, confidence, be loud Haha, no man, it's not that. If it's something forbidden and they have security all over the place, they just look at your mature face and assume you're sensible enough to not risk it with SECURITY ALL OVER THE PLACE, lol. People in Russia - especially working in security - don't really trust your confident face and they don't just let you in because you're happy. They trust you're informed enough to be scared of the consequences. I've seen many times how the Buddhist faces of security guards who seem to not even know you are here change into expressions saying you're deeply fucked. They don't even change much, because they totally don't give a shit about what will happen to you, so they can really put you in serious trouble with the same faces. So, yeah. This was like a video from a typical Russian teen giving confident advises on how to sneak everywhere and not realizing he was this close from being seriously fucked, because it was not his face that did it, but his unbelievable recklessness.

    • /watches a few minutes more/ You know, I take it back. You really behave like a spoiled unreasonable teenager. You've broken into, er, some place you clearly shouldn't be in without a ticket, you haven't paid for it, you've created problems for security guards checking you (clearly not fooled them, and, moreover, I suspect, the mob behind the doors you passed was so upset because of how you tried to sneak without a ticket, whilst they had to buy one), you've eaten someone else's food, and you sit there, at the table, joyful and satisfied, as if the way you've stolen from others is you biggest accomplishment of the day. Glory to the tourist of the year. So much for not being a pig while visiting another country.

  • Wow, you are doing a challenge, that the half of Russia's population does

  • Сделать видео про Россию и не зделать русские субтитры? Это неправильно! Осуждаю!

  • I'm from Russia . I have an interesting channel.

  • Girl : *invites Simon upstairs* Simon : HAPPY DAYS, MATE! ... IS IT FREE THO?

  • Ты похож на русского

  • "It was 16 century"*

  • Охуевший англичанин. Мы-то добрые, но если узнают, что просто пользуются этой добротой в своих корыстных целях, можно и по морде получить. You're dumb, go work and don't use russian hospitality. They just don't know yet how sly are you. You can have problems. Thanks for video for others people

  • охуеть наглый

  • This guy is literally a spy

  • U got a subscriber for walking through that shit, oh shiiiit maaan

  • Blyat' u mad

  • ебаный лабиринт

  • I love russia ❤️ I’ll be there