Mortal Kombat X - All Fatalities on Leatherface

Pubblicato il 1 mar 2016
Mortal Kombat X Fatalities on Leatherface (Chainsaw Massacre) in 1080p 60FPS.
All Stage Fatalities Included, Alien's Baby Fatality Included, Predator's Trophy Fatality included.
the top and most brutal fatalities are included, full character roster of fatality finishing moves are all performed on Leatherface in this video.
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  • Survivors in end game chat against an insidous leatherface

  • Leather face should be chef for a cannable

  • Leather face should get a new face of a fatality 🤫

  • I play on ps3 🥺

  • It's satisfying watching a psychopath, who brutally murdered people, getting brutally murdered. Lol! If only someone could've done this to him in his movie.

  • Tasty finishers man

  • Amazing Lightning God Animation

  • As a born Texan, this is what Leatherface gets for being such a retarded pig fuck

  • Putamadre no se ingles

  • Que chidoris

  • as los fatalities de mortal kombat 11

  • Aron black is my favorite character

  • Ở đây có ai người vn ko

  • 8:21 , best one out there

  • This Game is so brutal😂

  • Wow it's too bloody

  • 7:57 the best....................... wow

  • I agree with Silent lol

  • 4:20 look at Leatherface's apron LOL

  • Leatherface be like, ''I should of stayed in Texas, and you know, like, kill some teens? Is that normal??"

  • Geez, this is a brutel vid bois

  • Popo

  • What tris Jason voorhees if it game the don will

  • 0:00 - 23:25 when you dont pay your credit card debt

  • Who's under 12 not scared watching this? I do! I'm twelve

    • How tf is that scary? Lmfao

  • Gross but awesome

  • 12:43


  • Я чё единственый русский


  • I like how Cassies first is just like “HAHA! Your close range chainsaw is no match for my powerful weapon! A gun.”

  • 6:25 he fell head over heals

  • Todos esos fatalitys se los haria a los que ven badabun y a los de badabun

  • 20:00 Jason vs leatherface Jason: wait.. who'zz the fuoook is leatherface

  • 豆腐過ぎだろ

  • 😱

  • I’m 10 and I play this shit

  • Yo doy like porque como el cara de cuero mata el mure

  • It's funny watching Leatherface die lol...

  • I feel so bad for bubba! :( 13:58

  • Mileena😍💓

  • Her: go deeper Me:8:21

  • Leather faces scream Tho 😂

  • why tf do I feel bad for him

  • 2:40 Когда мама дала компотик

  • 映画でトラウマになった人向け

  • Brooooooooooo

  • Ermac es mejor el que los sepa usar esta savado,tremor es más fácil de usar por eso los uso

  • No ser porque Kojima hace un trabaja también que no se nota las cantidades bits todo los juegos que no son de el se nota

  • Lo hicieron cagar a Leatherface


  • Killer Queen has already touched the chainsaw

  • It was very therapeutic to this chainsaw man get executed over n over again.

  • 3:31 was awesome selfie idea. But cant tell if the winner is male or female. Looks gay to be honest

  • Slaughtering people isn’t so easy when they actually know how to fight back, huh?

  • I just wanted a hug 1:00

  • Leather Face Is Probably Sayin Oooo Shit What Did I Walk Into lol

  • Truly My Favaorite Out Of All Mortal Combats 🐱🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🌴🌙

  • Now I can look how my body looks inside

  • Really though Kano was raping him at 8:51 lol