Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack - Official Roster Reveal Trailer

Pubblicato il 21 ago 2019
The full Kombat Pack Roster has finally been revealed! Earthrealm just got a whole lot more dangerous.
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  • Wait didn't joker die in injustice I'm so lost right now

  • Joker looks GAY AF

  • Ideas for next Kombat Pack: Shadow from Shadow Fight Kratos from God Of War Yuri Boyka from Undisputed Film Series Lee Sin from League Of Legends Batman,Superman from DC Series/Injustice 2 Also DLC from Mortal Kombat Games: Rain,Smoke,Cyrax,Sektor,Ermac,Reptile,Takeda,Kenshi.

  • Heath Ledger's Joker Petition? Anyone???

  • @neatherealm. Did u guys ever think how well RIDDICK will fit into MK?

  • why they keep making everyone in the game muscular oof joker is supposed to be skinny

  • I think this joker is based on the GOTHAM tv show because he is looking janky

  • SPAWN! 😆

  • Now series 2 sindel Joker and Spawn coming soon

  • Shang tsung nightwolf Terminator t 800 series 1

  • #evreyone is here

  • Coloquem o Blade o Caçador de vampiros 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • 0:30 el bromas

  • Fuck the joker

  • Who did jokers laugh in this?! I gotta know! 0:30

  • Ok but where's Michael Myers

  • TERMINATOR!!!!!!


  • Me desperate for content makes me come back to this trailer

  • spawn:i handle chains better Scorpion:hold my beer Hanzo:YES!

  • Next Can We Get This For Kombat Pack 2 Kronika Shinnok Quan Chi Fujin Rain Carnage (Marvel) Keanu Reaves Floyd Mayweather

  • Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa! Yes! Just found out from the MK steam poster Nightwolf looks great too. but why did they make Arnie old. It is a game. Make him young again XD

  • This might actually push me to buy the game but I'll wait until all the fighters are released before I decide

  • Spawns going be awesome

  • people go to school to be assholes makin' kharacters with asshole moves!

  • KOMBAT PASS 1 Reveal!! There be more characters coming 2020/2021 until 2022/2023 MK12 launches for Ps5

  • Joker looks like Cartoon Robin that got turned into Joker's son

  • I actually like this Joker

  • O coringa crakudo

  • Give us this next Freddy Krueger Rain Predator Alien Michael Myers Leather face?

  • Did anyone else come to see when Sindel comes out or just me?

  • I think spawn will be the best dlc character!

  • I'd love to see blacksuperman in mk from Hobbs and Shaw


  • Que bien tráiler

  • am I the only one actually excited for Joker?

  • Cmon Mk11 how u gon let injustice make a better Joker than u?!? Smh

  • Muchos no les gusta el lok de joker. Yo lo encuentro que esta vacan esque hay gente que esta acostumbrada a ver al joker de otra forma. Y otra gente no. Yo por otro lado lo encuentro que esta super. Es solo mi opinion.

  • Fuaaaaaaaa el mejor kombat pack =,)

  • Espero que o coringa tenha uma skin baseada no filme do Joaquim Phoenix.

  • I want Al Bundy to be in this game.

  • Sí crear un mortal Kombat 12 agreguen también a los animatronics de five nights at Freddy's

  • Cool I like everything in here good job

  • They should give the joker a skin that's is ( the Batman who laughs) if would look awesome on him 💯💯

  • Pleeease give us MICHAEL MYERS in the Kombat pack 2

  • Joker may not look like the joker but he still looks like a badass.

  • I want that when you do a fatality to joker he laughs

  • Nooonoonono no this was suppose to redeem joker from injustice, not bury

  • Kombat Pack II Predictions: -Fujin -Sheeva -Ash Williams -Havik -Doomguy -Pyramid Head

  • Nobody: Not even a single soul Joker: Why you bully me

  • Bitch

  • Bitch

  • Bitch

  • Bitch

  • Yea when are we fighting as 21 savage

  • I'd rather have injustice Superman

  • Anyone else thinks Joker should have the Bat that Laughs as a skin?

    • I hope they have that skin honestly. We wanted the Batman who laughs rather than Joker at one point.

  • Worst joker i ve ever seen

  • I think it will be great if kevin wendell crumb from split in mortal kombat😆

  • Just one question 0:43 what happened to that terminator skin because i dind't see it in the game