MORBIUS - Teaser Trailer REACTION!!

Pubblicato il 13 gen 2020
Eric Shane Rick Calvin and Aaron react to and discuss MORBIUS - Teaser Trailer
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  • Titans and Superman are in the same universe what is blue shirt on about ?

  • Morbius Has to drink blood Right But he is a good guy Thats why he thinks that it is bad to drink blood of innocent But it is good to drink blood of bad May be that's why he met vulture in the prison he went there to drink blood And we also can a Asian dude wearing the same prison clothes as Vulture running from something

  • When I clicked on this video, the last thing I expected was to see a live ass eating as punishment for losing a bet involving singer song writer Tyrese Gibson.

  • Disney and Sony shares custody of spiderman. So character can appear in both Disney and Sony movies

  • Lol they have nothing from morbius on the table so sad

  • Sooooo...We have a Joker becoming a batman (kind of) and a "former Joker" meeting a "former Batman". Weird.


  • so just a better version of Batman

  • Dr. Strange multiverse will probably introduce X-men and Fantastic 4. Sony had talks about a live action spider verse during the contract drops, and now we have MCU Spider-Man going to be in Venom 2, we have vulture in Morbius, with a Sam Rami spiderman poster in the back ground. Next five years we will get. Spider-Man 3, Venom 2, Spider-Man Sinister Six, Spider-Man spider-verse.

  • Yeah! Morbius and Venom are not in the MCU but Tom Holland Spider-man is in the Sony Universe with Venom and Morbius...u can see Jared leto in Prison uniform, i imagine The Vulture somehow saw him there before he escaped...Disney did a deal recently in order to bring Spider-man back to MCU they had to agree to Sony's new this is in the same world as Tom Hollands Spidey and Venom.....eventually im sure they will have some kind of Sinister Six facing Spider-man....Cant wait and yes it is Tyrese, he is playing a cop chasing down Morbius...i imagine the reason for old Spider-man costume instead of Tom Hollands was because they cant use MCU Spidey untill he is finished his last MCU movie but its obviously him...the general public wont no the difference

  • Sinister six in the hood!


  • It amazes me how Spider-Man is one of the most popular heroes, yet people are so ignorant about his canon or universe.

  • That’s definitely tyrees

  • Leto gonna fck it up. No matter how well the trailer looks. This is gonna be so shit.

  • Dammit Matt xD Literally talking in December with a group of us about the possibility of being in DC and Marvel and we were like yes you can be in both but you like Tennant need to go for Marvel as they are doing the better. Little did we know he already had. He mustve been sitting there so smug but also god that mustve been difficult to not say, then again he kept the fact that he was the doctor secret so he used to it xD

  • Why would you literally kiss his ass? Lmao 😂😂😂

  • batman in 1990 vs joker?

  • What if the whole disagreement between disney and sony was a ruse to get people confused about the movie connections.

  • 2:53 is Raimi Spider-man Murderer could refer to him Goblin, Octopus (and the next two most of all), New Goblin and venom

  • Hahaha that ending though.

  • I hope it's in the cinematic universe.

  • Hopefully he can pull this off

  • Batman Doesn’t Own The Rights To Actual Bats U Bunch Of Clown Pieces

  • The real batman!!

  • They got the hideous Morbius right.

  • That was definitely Tyress guy' need more black friends LMAO just kidding

  • Lol that is tyrese

  • “I Didn’t see that” That is why they are called BLIND wave hahahah

  • if they will continue the sinister six and spiderman movie that will be a good movie like the infinity war.

  • Tobey Maguire comeback?

  • Venom was bad this looks terrible. Ugh.

  • I would venture a guess that Marvel setting up a vampire storyline has something to do with the resent announcement of Blade.

  • Leave Joaquin Phoenix out of this

  • I want Toby maguire to cameo in a Spider-Man movie. Is that too much to ask?

  • Spiderman is a murderer because every one think he killed mysterio

  • I'm sorry, but I also need joaquin phoenix for morbius, now hell take me hahaha

  • Reactors with more than 2 ppl are usually annoying (no offense intended)

  • Sony spoiled it, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will eventually have the Raimi suit.

  • These guys are clueless

  • Niiiice, looking forward to this.

  • Spiderman was made from sony and mcu worked on a little bit so

  • In the clip where Morbius gets the sudden urge to drink blood and begins taking down the soldiers or agents (2:47 into video), the black agent walking towards the camera in the dark looks like it could be Mahershala Ali. If so, maybe this film will be the introduction to his role as Blade.

  • That’s absolutely Tyrese 🤣

  • No dude, Sony made the spider man movies, everyone of em

  • I just realized this is a perfect Segway for Daredevil to make an appearance helping Peter out of his falsely accuse “murder” charge. The punisher could also make an appearance finding Peter beaten half to death like in the comics. I always dreamed of a darker Spider-Man that wasn’t cheesy like spidey 3 and they could easily make the next Spider-Man the best if they adopt a darker tone.

  • Also this really makes you think will blade show up? I know blade hunts vampires so who knows these two may clash in a further movie

  • That actually is vulture from spider man he is wearing the same clothes as before when he ended up in prison in the end of the spider man homecoming and the murderer spray painted on the spider man on the wall connects to how spider was framed for the murdering mysterio.

  • And yet the Spider Man shown in the poster is actually Sam Raimi's Spider Man. I'm so confused 😵

  • It was Tobby spiderman

  • Yes it's Adrian... Yes it's Tyrese... Yes it's (apparently) connected... Yes JK Simmons is in it as J Jonah Jameson, remember that his son died in Venom... And....HOW CAN YOU NOT TELL THAT WAS TYRESE?!?!!

  • What I understood from the agreement between Sony and Marvel was that, Spider-Man will be in both Sony and Marvel universes. That is, the events with Spider-Man at MCU are canon in the Spyder-Sony-verse, which will use Spider-related MCU plots and characters. However, Spider-Sony-verse events will not be canon at MCU. In short, Spyder-Sony-verse is like another Earth in the Multiverse, where all events with Spider-Man happened just like Earth MCU, however, the reverse is not valid.

  • This was hard to watch🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Meh

  • I was waiting just for this trailer reaction lmao 😂💯

  • Volunteer to kiss Shane’s ass 🙋😂

  • Wait till you see Mahershala Ali's Blade get teased in this movie too. They're going full Multiverse

  • The guy literally said to him “Got tired of doing the whole bird guy thing” so it’s 100% is vulture...

  • They're building up the sinister six in the "sony verse" with Marvel

  • Yay. The Mediocre Universe.