mom crushes PS4 with CAR over fortnite.. (MUST WATCH!)

Pubblicato il 15 ott 2019
mom crushes ps4 with car over fortnite.. (BIG MISTAKE) parents destroys xbox, ps3, and tv from fortnite season 11! Enjoy! ^^
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  • Sell: Yes Destroy: No

  • they does"nt know how to play fortnite

  • Looks like William needs to be tazed in the pupils

  • William needs slot of help I've seen in other videos his a syko

  • K

  • The first and third video had me rolling😂😂😂😂

  • These kids don’t have a piece of respect to their parents!

  • 4:00 he should have said ill get a job just dont destroy it!

  • Hahahahahahaha...ancient psychos :D

  • Crazy families. They seems miserable life.

  • I hate people playing games at the age of 24/23 instead of looking for girls or going to party's

  • Ooowww Jizas Krezi😯

  • Stupid dads IPhones are industractable

  • Is the kid from 4 the same at 1?

  • I dont get why these kids treats these games as if it is their life... I mean it is addicting.... Im also a gamer and addicted to a game... But not this worse.. I control myself... I mean i guess its the parents fault for spoiling their kids and just ending it with something so brutal..

  • Just beat the kids, especially the first one

  • Like and no spiders will eat you!

  • its ok if is that fortnite

  • I feel really sorry for the guy in no. 4😢😢😭😭😭

  • All parents in this video is fucking shitttttt

  • I think both, parents and kids in this vid are morons. Extra Darwin award points goes to one who drills iphone hole.. If You manage to drill into lipo/liion battery... it will end realy well usualy, lol. Also these "parents" should get nice asskicking... for producing dangerous waste/littering.

  • I have 67 tarantulas . Having them on my face at night isn’t scary at all . Every single one of em sleeps with me . Still i liked and subscribed . Lol

  • What do you know a good thing happened

  • Jiggle jiggle botty jk

  • That system the dad restored in clip 2 looks like a ps3

  • TA Tech abuse like if so

  • Omg what a waste

  • 1st kid: burns dad's phone DAD: *LET ME USE MY ULTIMATE MOVE,KARMA!*

  • Okay but do they not have a phone to download these apps😂😂😂😂😂

  • I'm telling you Will or his dad are gonna murder one or the other 🔪

  • They still play Fortnite wow what a bunch of no life’s

  • Fortnight SUCKS!! Minecraft is better! Also, I remember the times before we all had internet. These kids nower days will never understand.

  • Hej

  • this is how many assholes beg for likes too lazy to ask for likes

  • Not William again😂😂this kid is a freaking maniac

  • That one little kids dad got that belt you see that guys give me a like if you saw it guys

  • I want to punch those William in the first clip!

  • Violette1st is a crazy family

  • No at is just bad 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Get a life