Molly Makes a Grilled Chicken Sandwich | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

Pubblicato il 28 set 2018
This grilled chicken sandwich recipe (thighs only!) gets the BA treatment from senior associate food editor Molly Baz. The goal was to dispel any associations you might have with the sandwich: the sort of floppy, slightly rubbery fast food versions with a single, soggy leaf of lettuce. It's inspired by Caesar salad, inspired by mayonnaise, inspired by the idea of special sauce, inspired by grill marks, and the words “charred buns.”

Check out the recipe here:

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Molly Makes a Grilled Chicken Sandwich | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit


  • Grilled Chicken thighs, a Cae Sal inspired sauce, a coupla beautiful buns, and were in BIZNASS. Just watch out for those fingies!!

    • You're so cute! 🙈

    • Molly Baz just want to say I just made this with fried tofu (I’m vegetarian) and it’s amazing. Thank you!

    • salt and pepper and rosemary is all you need. no marinading for chicken, it's already tender. then grill/fry. done.

    • @molly I think you're my favorite producer here. You're so scatterbrained and hysterical. I love it :)

    • Great recipe! Ur so beautiful and funny! Love ur videos!

  • "Watch out for your fingies!"

  • the fingies


  • This sandwich is so delicious & satisfying to look at

  • working for an industrial kitchen i can confirm that taking breaks in the walk-in cooler/freezer was the best thing about a hot day.

  • You say things the same as a Scottish or English person would say...

  • 2:10 yes i have. Drew's buns

  • Omg I cool myself down in a walk-in at my lab too!

  • The way Molly sparkles when talking about food preparation is adorable and sorta humorous

  • No anchovies? 😩


  • I’m at the store now and I can’t find the fennel, what’s an alternative?

  • Cool.. Now fry it

  • How long does the chicken take to cook? I can never tell through just looking.

  • Customer: Worst sauce in the restaurant please! Server: Worst? Err, Sure?

  • the chicken sedan joke is amazing, arguably better than the sandwich

  • You had to go in the C. Walken after a few minutes of grill time? olawdy. Imma tellin Brad.

  • Brad being like "I wegher fuwckwerhe werererghhteheded you know what I mean werereher well I would not get carried away"

  • 5:08 touching them buns with the same thingy as you've flipped the chicken with? Nopw

  • Yum!! Great job.

  • Molly makes the best food

  • Go girl!

  • wheres the cheese


  • The kind of "Molly" i needed.

  • Molly you really love your salt.

  • Molly base, any men would be close to your face

  • You can say "Wooster" sauce. There are a few acceptable ways to say it. Ramsey says "Wooster" (I do too, just without the cooking skill), Oliver says "woostershire" sauce. I've written them phonetically because you can't hear me say them :) Love your videos BA, you have a fantastic team.

  • wife material

  • is a buger an sandwich?

  • Molly is like the Aubrey Plaza of Ba

  • I have no idea what a cornichon is because it literally means pickle in French so as far as I’m aware it’s just a pickle. Colour me confused.

  • Doesn't look like a sandwich to me. More like a burger.

  • If you're ever in the UK and need to buy some sauce, we pronounce Worcestershire /Woostuh/ i.e. we simplify the first but and drop the 'shire' at the end... except for Gordon Ramsay who, for some reason, feels obliged to say the whole darn word in his videos!

  • Ugh I have such a crush on her. All the good ones are married.

  • "Have you ever seen more beutifull buns?" Is this girl fishing for compliments?


  • Molly and I are on the same salt level.

  • People use way too much salt.

  • Who doesn’t love Brad?

  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't she die in season 2 of peaky blinders?

  • I think brad and molly are having an affair....

  • Molly is attractive

  • Molly: "Have you ever seen more beautiful buns?!" Me: the one on your head is nice

  • Am I the only one that thought it was going to be some cheese in it?

  • Lol. I love Brad.

  • I'd be willing to bet that Andy and Alex's buns have those ones beat.

  • Why toast the buns and then proceed to prep salad and then transfer it onto cold toasted buns ? Why???

  • was the chicken marinated in the source with the mayo?

    • No, that's why she separated the sauce in different containers Before adding the extra ingredients to the other half

  • She reminds me of Dakota Johnson mostly when she laughs. 3:56

    • Claudia leal she reminds me of my first girlfriend. She was 31 years old too. I was 12, but whatever.

    • I swear I thought the exact same thing

  • how come claire is making oreos? molly's busy making food that you don't anticipate SHOULD come from robots in a factory. oh, well

  • Yo... Molly has the cutest and coolest personality LOL Drinking with her and Carla would be a HOOT! LOL!

  • Leave chicken on grill unsupervised....BA test kitchen burns down!

  • Molly Yaaaaaaz

  • Wait wouldn’t combining grilled chicken and Caesar salad just be a chicken Caesar salad..?

  • Nomnomnom - say, if you guys work hard, you should be able to reduce every word with culinary signficance to one syllable. 'Cept, of course, nomnomnom!

  • 05:22 my father refused to use a cut proof glove and had to go to the hospital after he sliced a "chip" off his thumb. Because they couldn't stitch it, they had to use an coagulant impregnated bandage and a week later he hurts like you can't believe. BE SAFE with v-skicers.

  • Just say Wuss-ster. That's enough. And OMG these look amazing. (but definitely going cabbage in preference to fennel) And kudos for using 'shite'.

  • Her personality reminds me of Borat