MLB 19 Road to the Show - Part 1 - The Beginning

Pubblicato il 26 mar 2019
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Thank you for watching! 😎


  • Trevor: “ima just be humble” Me: YOU JUST PICKED MAVRICK

  • 3:59 you really just said Logan Paul to a goddamn top gun reference you disgust me

  • Probably a stupid question but are you going to stream mlb 20

  • I was pick 1 with Bowie 27-15 rn

  • This guy looks like Aaron Rodgers.

  • I don’t know nothing about baseball I still ended up watching the whole video though lol

  • I don’t understand why he said Logan Paul when he said Maverick

  • How much is this used at gamestop anyone know?

  • Is it just me or was I the only one hearing Greta Van Fleet in the back playing at the beginning when he is making his character? Lol

  • I'm happy they put this mode in the game it's really made a difference

  • For

  • This guy has anger issues

  • You are the best, keep it up, greetings from Uruguay!


  • There is team in team

  • Go cubs

  • I just got a PS4 and got too pick out a game and guess which one it is? I mean this is one of the only reasons I wanted the game, So please guess in the comments.

  • 2020 anybody

  • I was a Pitcher so i would probably pick pitching.

  • What kind of headset do you have when you're gaming?

  • I wish this was for Xbox

  • BTW the speaker option is on your ps4 menu


  • Trever is like the ball “I’m out of here”

  • Hey buddy how do I make my player throw the ball to first well this is the problem my player is a short stop and every time I get a grind ball and I whant to throw it to frost or second it tries it to 3rd instead

  • Don’t say fam your not british

  • Do a pitching season

  • Seems I'm not the only one who wants a PS4 to play this

  • i never watch baseball.. dont know the rules.. but i got this game for free.. what should i do

  • If you hold the ps button on your controller and hover over sounds you can turn off controller speaker volume and wont have to touch controller speaker settings again 👍🏽

  • Go Sox!

  • I love this series

  • 11:42 oooooohhhh wwwooowww.. First shot... Im definitely getting this for my birthday

  • No Way to turn off slow motion

  • Your From Chicago!?

  • Did you get plastic surgery

  • Ok yea I’ve had it!!! I’m getting a PS4!!! I can no longer deal with Xbox 1. No baseball games?? I’m done

  • "Oooh go go go go aahhh! " 😂

  • Game looks awesome but I kno nothing about baseball

  • You can only like this if you play irl (in any league)

  • I think shortstop is the best position to play. You always get action coming your way and you get hit. Im thinking of starting a pitching profile.

  • Why couldn't this game come out on Xbox to?

  • I mean number

  • my umber is 7 too

  • It's a Pc game or playstation game ?

  • I really want aps4 and mlb road to the show but I'm poor

  • BR?

  • It’s fall now,I don’t give a s* I’m still playing

    • Watch out boys he don’t give a s*

  • Greta van fleet in the background nice

  • Редкий долбоёб

  • can u plz respond right now i need help... how did u perform the double play cause it keeps throwing to third base dude

  • when i played this on the double play it made me throw to third base

  • I’ve never played this nor like baseball. But! I’ve always wanted to try this game.

  • Can you start a league with friends in showtime?

  • no se por que no puedo pasar del inicio donde es practicas gane o pierda solo se puede reinciar de nuevo el juego sera por que ahun no esta completamente descargado de ps plus

  • I wish it was on Xbox

  • I’m having some trouble when I press the power button to swing it always pauses the damn game while I’m swinging can somebody tell me what to do

  • How do you get to that menu you have started with? It takes ne straight into a game then the only option is to 'Confirm Restart' then it just keeps restarting the game not taking me to any other options or the screen you have startes on?

  • Anyone what to play against me

  • Knew a little about baseball but will play because it is free on ps plus hahaah

    • Me too man I don’t know a lick of baseball but if it’s free why not play it lmao