MIRACLES OCCUR! DNFs ARE HAD! & POINTS ARE SCORED! - F1 2019 Road to Glory Career - S2 Part 7

Pubblicato il 14 nov 2019
My F1 Road to Glory 2019 with Williams Racing, Season 2!
This is the F1 2019 Canadian Grand Prix race for Career Mode!
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  • Since 2001 rain france

  • Y u no do department efficiency upgrades?

  • Aarava: gets angry at rain Me: laughs Aarava: why? Me: I’m in England mate

  • When the champagne part you should have said. Oh we are not sponsored by Martini anymore... Fuuuuuuuu


  • my home

  • How can you keep the car from locking up

  • Any predictions for the Brasilian grand prix?

  • Dead jokes.

  • Well, you did take care of the car... Mafia style.

  • There are materials ... blue tak

  • 5:31 No, there were 2 seagulls at the apex.

  • Yaaaaaaasssss

  • Cars these days are made of paper or something

  • Monaco and Canada should swap their weather's.

  • If that was a dnf, I would have laughed so hard

  • That strategy where you start on Hard Tyres and move to Soft Tyres seemed to work pretty well. You should do it more often.

    • The problem with that Strat is that you presume it's dry

  • 1993

  • How do you get so many crashes and safety cars? Is this done with mods

  • 12:57: Asriel Dremmurr intensifies

  • eh?

  • Aarava 'Taking care of it' 51st state style right there

  • Verstappen: *exists* Rain: "I'm gonna end this man's whole career"

  • 5:35 No, the bird will win, because your car is bluetac

  • I am from Poland🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱 Ciekawe ile Polaków Cię ogląda

  • how does he have the customized helmets?

  • What are your camera settings? Very Nice video btw💯💪

  • aarava: I'll get the mop out. Down worry Jeff

  • I'm starting to think Aarava is best mates with thanos

  • What was I getting drugged at the 3 completed upgrades?

  • 12:16 I would've killed myself laughing if that was a dnf

  • I think Claire was walking down the paddock and offered Jeff a whiff of her joint

  • 12:47 IT-tvs: Demonized

  • another good race loving it going to get d net instalment when it comes out

  • You're the best bro keep it up been watching your vids lately and i have to say that you literally make my day way better and thx for that

  • "Could you describe the conditions around the track at the moment, please?" (as streams of water flow down the onboard camera's lens) "Err... f***ing wet? Can't see a thing?"

  • Kubica P8

  • It is a rokit schip

  • 8:58 Aarava.exe has stopped working x2