Minecraft UHC but it's blursed

Pubblicato il 15 nov 2019
i swapped the ip and twitter @ 14:01 oops
Thanks for Watching! :D I appreciate all feedback and support :L!
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Rough Cut Edit → it-tvs.com/ch/UCND7mrevsojmBo8ZJZp6a4g
[IP: tapple.world]
In-Game Name: TapL
Mods Used → sites.google.com/view/taplsmodlist
My 1.8 Texture Pack Download → bit.ly/2bcyyib
Screen Recorder → OBS Studio
Editing Software → VEGAS Pro 14


  • This video has been brought to you by the phrase "Oh my god"

  • Holy smokes using enchant tables is so big brain. Every time they try to build up they get stuck in the table.

  • Does he realize he missed diamonds 3:03

  • You forgot some diamonds :p 3:03 3:08

  • My computer would turn inside out and summon a boa constrictor to wrap around my neck as payment for asking it to run this UHC

  • 0:31 Hiiii stream 😹

  • *J A P A N E S E S Y M B O L F O R B E G I N N E R*

  • Tapl: can I get a dragon? Egg: say no more

  • This entire video was ear rape

  • What does UHC mean?

  • Elder scrolls 6 Dragons f*cking everywhere 6:17


  • UHC but everyone can dig gigantic hole with only one clic

  • All I can hear is “all my god”.....jeez

  • Can't connect to your server 'invalid session' why? No idea

  • No, this is just cursed

  • no one: TapL: OH GODDDDD!!!

  • Fruitberries and tabl crossover

  • You dident use the eggs. Dissapointed

  • Uhc but theres moon gravity.

  • He missed the the DIAMOND IN THE WATER!

  • The guy u were following almost all the vid got a little annoying :v

  • You cheat tp the last guy

  • 9:10 n word 😃

  • 3:03 missed diamonds 3:07 X2

  • 1:00 can we get a dragon *gets dragon* OH GOD PLEASE NO

  • You should do, just dragons

  • did u miss diamond i -

  • This is what acid feels like I believe

  • The entire world descended into ruin in a couple minutes

  • Won by tping last person, nice

  • Japanese symbol for begginers

  • TapL: "onLy foUrtEeN pErcEnT aRE sUbScRibED" Dream: "Bruh"

  • Basicly pokemon

  • What’s the resource pack your using

  • Can you do UHC but all mobs are charged?

  • 3:03 the part that kinda triggered me was when the donation thing was there, THERE WAS diamond AND HE DIDNT TAKE IT

  • Guys i just thought of a new update If you put eggs in a furnace the product is scrambled eggs.

  • the battels are just like pokemon

  • No one is talking about how 0 0 turned into doomsday

  • Uhc but where in every other uhc you have done at the same time

  • Japanese symbol for beginner

  • I’m subbed :)

  • How 2b2t's Been Made

  • UHC but in the end Islands

  • 5:58 not sure if he missed an emerald or a diamond

  • 12:01 So now we read with our ears.

  • Do a uhc where everyone can use hacks

  • TapL I Think All The Scrubs You Deleted From Exzistences Thinks Your Hacking.

  • if a wither spawns everyone dies

  • I joined your server! So much fun,

  • 10:53 FORTNITE!!!!!

  • Not gonna lie the Thumbnail looks really scary

  • "So the eggs spawn random mobs. What could go wrong?" Later: *Epic final battle that creates a sinkhole to bedrock.

  • 6:30 wither skeleton with a bow

  • 1:23 oh no he mentioned too bee too tee! 69th incursion when?

  • 3:08 is anyone going to point that out or just me

  • 3:08 skip diamonds. I don't know why but it angrys me.

  • 6:30 wither skelly..? with a bow?

  • When you see the dragon before a chicken. I am four parallel universes ahead of you