Minecraft UHC But All Loot Drops Are Random

Pubblicato il 13 nov 2019
Today we face off against some pro PVP'ers in a randomized UHC
Randomized UHC Playlist: it-tvs.com/plid-PLSUHnOQiYNg1KPk_GPpvs9kWs6aBdSdiZ
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  • Third? What.. wheres the video to the second?

  • 0:08 He knows the real name of this game! (by the way, it's called The World)

  • how do poeple go to 1.14.4

  • The mods gave him the wrong apple thats so unfair lol

  • when you got ender pearls, it was a stronghold chest

  • Place the string and break it for an extra drop

  • what is the server IP

  • Joey ate a notch apple lol

  • I now your playing on the flux pvp server

  • 'I'm so screwed, I can't regen' *throws away gold that he could use for a gapple, not to mention player heads*

  • He just runs from anybody, got real boring to watch.

  • Think he was cheating low key and he ate a god apple ? 🤨

  • There called god apples for a reason. I once did an experiment where I had diamond armor with prot 4 and all the other good stuff as well as a sharp 5 sword and steak. I fought one of my friends who had normal diamond armor and sword buy a stack of god apples. We were on a similar skill lvl in terms of PvP. I had to break almost all his armor to kill him cause of how op the god apples where.


  • Do you know what scenario in UhcCore the randomizer is?

  • how do i play this?


  • Coal

  • Please IP adress

  • 2 Bamboo can be turned into a stick

  • Captain:how did he had full health? Us:how did u not see it’s a enchanted apple

  • Server IP:???

  • Drop those 6 fucking horse armors maaaan

  • Sorry guys, I'm dumb. What minecraft server is random uhc on? I can't find it

  • What server is this?

  • he had a notch apple

  • That joey asshole was definitely cheating.

  • I got a Aww man ad on this vid from a custom ringtone app.


  • uhc

  • Can someone tell me how to do this

  • he has a God apple, not a normal golden apple :3

  • ip?


  • He used a Notched Apple to Kill Jordan

  • Dude Joey ate a notch apple

  • That was a notch apple...


  • do more of this please I want to see more!!! If you agree like this!!

  • when he threw out those player heads 😔😔

  • i don't know you knew it or not, but you can make a hoe, with it you can make farmland you can brake it or plant in it a seeds and brake them and unlock more items, because you never can know when useless things can be a ender village chest :)

  • sparkelz he had a god apple noob

  • uh golden apples??? or heads

  • They aren't pro PvPers if they need to use a plugin removing the attack speeds.


  • UHC and captainsparklez? best crossover ever

  • Jardon he had a god apple and gave him insane regen and absorbtion

  • He started out with super slow stone tools

  • 7:50 we aren’t gonna talk about the cool rhyme he just made?

  • you should play uhc with wisp

  • "Good thing skeppy is not here" Ended in me dying of laughter. I know too many of these youtubers "This has got to be a shipwreck chest" Me a minecrafter: That's a stronghold chest

  • Those were notch apples, that's why he won

  • 6:04 blacksmith...

  • That was an enchanted golden apple. Not a normal gapple that Joey used

  • Minecraft but lucky blocks are disguised

  • Ew. Why are you playing with those people? Em is a ho. The rest are shit and annoying.

  • oh yeah tall grass is the new meta


  • Is there an ip for it?

  • the person jordan fought used a notch apple not a normal golden apple