Minecraft Skyblock #1

Pubblicato il 14 lug 2019
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  • bllblblblblblblblblblblblbllblb goes the cobble stone

  • Pew you noob at that gamee

  • This was so simple to build

  • When it take you million of years to break ice

  • This made me scream

  • break the ice

  • ur so bad

  • The next generation of the cobblestone generator.Beautiful.

  • This was so hard to watch

  • It’s not hard to make cobblestone generator the water has to be flowing and the laver has to be in one block

  • nonononononononononononononononononono

  • But make block on down

  • Break ice

  • He can build an AC-130 Bomber in Minecraft,but he cant build a cobblestone generator

  • Break the ice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pro

  • 19:00 you’re welcome

  • In 24 minute you just make a cobblestone generator,you are noob

  • You guys did it the hardest way possible when you could have gave the lava two blocks of space and the water one block of space. Big brain

  • So ice is like father to you felix

  • team noobs

  • Haganme un pt

  • The half fuckin episode "Reset the server"

  • I’m s the Stone Age all over again

  • Ice was like father to my

  • Are you speck Arabic please

  • When you realize they could've just taken two dirt, placed them both on the edge, destroyed one,placed it behind the second, and repeated until then got to the next island. Bruh Moment xD

  • Indians play minecraft far better than you

  • Felix you should play crazy craft or rl minecraft

  • 19:00

  • Pew:we playing this game before you born Then spending 15 minutes trying to figure out How to make a cobblestone machine

  • pewdiepie and cinnamon has a bad chance of a good start at skyblock survival cause it took almost the whole time in this video just to make a infinite cobblestone generator but on the second thought tehy have a good chance of good start at the overworld.

  • You Gus noob break a ice

  • PEW:DON'T brake tree Ken:that's what I think about your tree Pew:Nunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwww

  • Gg

  • amazing

  • 16+ minutes of cringe

  • i not very big brain :c

  • I can’t belive I did not watch any of skyblock videos this one there just struggling 😂

  • they dont even know how to make a coblestone generater

  • Wait why does ur video has subtittels in spanish? Do u speak spanish?

  • Noob noob noob

  • Lol noob

  • C r i n g e

  • To make water break the damn ice! To make the generator put the fucking water first!

  • Cool

  • Big brain

  • Mienemacht: Himmelwuerfels

  • ÖÖÖ

  • 3:23 people who’ve seen twenty one pilots live get this 😂

  • *idk how complicated a cobble stone generator*

  • You could have gotten the lava flowing break the ice in a separate hole to get water then put the water in the bucket that doesn’t. Have lava in it anymore. Then you make a normal cobblestone generator.

  • I’m rageing so hard right now

  • What that's not a cobblestone generator 2side2down1lava

  • I’m cringing so hard right now

  • This is painful

  • I don't like any buddy but I sport India and you are cool IT-tvsr

  • This is how many times he restarted the server

  • Some good ass shit lol

  • Use slabs