Minecraft Skyblock #1

Pubblicato il 14 lug 2019
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  • This was so much painfull and triggering to watch actually

  • Yeeeee

  • Omg this is so triggering

  • Why is everyone being so rude to the Minecraft veterans? Clearly they know what they’re doing.

  • how did you get skyblock

  • How to put water in hole. Break ice in hole

  • How do I pay for a realm if I’m from the US

  • 24:44

  • 24:43

  • 19:00


  • plz for the love of god go back to reviewing memes, and leave minecraft to people with at least half a brain

  • Rip crafting table

  • add this snapchat - braydonarmour

  • The worst teamwork lmao

  • 6:05 felix make a Scp serie in minecraft pls

  • how do you download skyblock

  • This is big brain mode

  • That's the most compact cobblestone generator I've ever seen.

  • My head hurts just trying to see pewdiepie try make a cobblestone generator

  • "Ken was like a Father to me I Loved him like a son" :Pewds

  • i remember watching yogscast play this so many years ago

  • 18:40 SCIENCE

  • This series was made to give water sheep human sacrifices

  • Today on Pewdiepie: 2 grown men fight over on how to make cobblestone & trees.

  • “i HaVe To Go EaT dInNeR, hUrRy Up, KeN!”

  • I’m sorry but this just isn’t good content 😂

  • This is supposed to be the most intelligent creature?

  • on the cap "Bиtch Fцck"

  • If jacksepticeye was here it would be TREE idiots instead of 2

  • I'M 19

  • That is the worst cobblestone generation I’ve ever seen

  • this is just cancer

  • actually, I take it back they are the world noobs

  • minecraft noobs

  • I now how to make a Stone generator but I dont now how to show it

  • Okay so pewdiepie took half of the video making a cobblestone thing and baisiclyidowrk took like 5MUNITES TO MAKE THE COBBLESTONE THING

  • It was so satisfing when you finally understand what you have to do in skyblock

  • Breack the ice

  • That was dumb

  • Sorry pew i mean no disrespect but this video has made me cringe soooo hard

  • Kens right break the ice

  • *Sorry I’m older than minecraft* Ya but you are too.

  • Why wrong minecraft

  • the way they built the generator makes me want to die

  • I legit am getting déjàvu from watching this and remembering when iBallistic squid played sky block on his sky-island challenge Man, those were the good old days

  • Making generator: 2+2=4 Pewds making generator: X+Y=Z find Y

  • okay but can we talk about 19:00 and the reference to That One Time in PUBG

  • Sub to TheLichenKing please

  • 2 best friends unite.. to make the shittiest invention of all time. Lol

  • How did he find the original skyblock? I cant find it anywhere.

  • what map is it

  • I've been playing since 2010 :D

    • Wow you must be very advanced in Minecraft if you been playing for 9 years!

  • Ur stupid

  • Please stop playing with ken no cap

  • Video starts at 15:28


  • Pewdiepie: Let's make this video child-friendly Pewd's hat: Suka Blyat

  • I know I'm late, but look at the ice block in Toasts hand.

  • Ou, shit, um so old, um older than Minecraft.

  • Im laughing so hard

  • Suence can never explain mine craft for pewds

  • 14:53 swearing on pewds channel? I think not

  • 1:29 call an exorcist.

  • lol ken is an actual autist


  • Im is sooooo triggered of how long they took to make a stone former and they didn’t even do it right

  • I am 10 days older than minecraft

  • The Most EPIC cobble maker

  • " i Am A mInEcRaFt VeTeRaN"🙏

  • Кепка- модная

  • *PewDiePie: "Your children."* *Me: "I'm in college?"*

    • Which is a school which is for kids point PewDiePie

  • Ken and Pewds struggle to make a cobblestone generator for 20 minutes

  • Это лучшая кепка, которую я видел

  • "We'll just edit that out" That and the rest of the 28 minutes it took you to make a cobble generator

  • All they had to do was dig two holes at the end of each side of the L, put the water and lava, connect them, and then whenever they mined the cobblestone at the intersection it would respawn because of the lava and water flow. Thus an endless supply. I mean, ig they had the same idea but different method😂

  • It took them forever to make a cobblestone gen

  • I just watched some gay ass critisise u for not being proffesional icringed and came here to cure

  • Where

  • The closer you got to making a cobblestone generator, the more annoyed I got when you failed