Minecraft Part 1

Pubblicato il 21 giu 2019
we go back to our minecraft gameplay roots
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  • *rides horse* OOOOOOO OOOOOOOOO

  • Hows here after watching the giant flying meatball

  • PewDiePie screams like Flamingo

  • When PewDiePie says he is a pro in Minecraft and he crafts a wooden sword terribly wrong and doesn't even know how to craft

  • Jag talar svenska

  • Pewdiepie sä god är Minecraft

  • Felix: *breaks the TNT* "How do i make it BooM?" 9 yo: *(Internal Screaming)*

  • Wow, 4 months. Felt like a lifetime. I miss it. RIP minecraft series

  • Watching the series for the third time

  • Ime gunna get mi revong creeper! AWWWWW MAN

  • I was amazed when I saw your name

  • today I played paperio with you.

  • COOL

  • Pewdiepie is piediewie haha

  • I came here cuz the last episode ;(

  • I waNt tO gEt the fiGurinE bUt iM pOor

  • he. he got a diamond pick on the first day. how

  • 11:52

  • Whos watching wen chapter2 killed minekraft

  • 3:52 “he just disappeared!” At least the game does it for you ;)

  • Minecraft my life! Minecraaaaaaft!! xD

  • Hey im a kid and I know what does damn means and im gonna report you

  • Who else is re-watching the series after the last episode?

  • Pewdiepie: “I’m a minecraft veteran” 5 seconds later... Pewdiepie: "How do you make it boom?"

  • Kan du göra en video på svenska

    • It's nighttime uhhh this is random but hi

  • I sub to you pewdiepie

  • Hahah so funny

  • 4:43 who knew that brich tree would turnout to be so sacred ☺☺ Nd me at 4:56 damn I miss water sheep🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Pewdiepie: I'm a veteran AlsoPewds: how do you make charcoal?

  • R.I.P the Minecraft Series It will never be forgotten Like to pay respects

  • So this is where it all started...

  • meatball

  • Adoro ver o Lub... Ops Pewdiepie jogando

  • Fala em português em um video

  • Who is here after the last episode;(

  • Now I can tell my kids this is where it all started

  • Felix : ‘this is the last episode’ Everyone : *comes back to episode 1*

  • damn I have no socks

  • Here after the last episode Gonna rewatch this whole thing again

  • ES ENSERIO? Hay subtitulos hasta en vientamita y NO HAY EN ESPAÑOL?! >:0

  • You couldn't live with your own failure after 74 episodes. Where did that bring you? Back to me.

  • He basically broke all the rules in 20 minutes

  • im just starting watching him play minecraft lol love ya poods

    • Raichulium The Bagel Boi all i know is at some point he builds a giant meatball ..

    • Raichulium The Bagel Boi i know😂🥺 i really missed the bus on this one


  • I’m rewatching the series Like if you like Minecraft ⬇️

  • A legend began here

  • la cosa más epica q vi

  • Tip: get a wooden pickaxe then get stone then make a stone pickaxe then get iron then make all toolds out of iron

  • You best gamer

  • Remember people dig straight down to find diamond

  • Pewdiepie: builds crafting table Me : cool Pewdiepie : leaves crafting table placed and build new one Me : hmmm...

  • Joke😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Spoilor

  • Do a rdr2 serie🥺

  • I looked up who is the best IT-tvsr and you are


  • ow i laughed when he died to the iron golem while i was drinking lemonade. RIP nostrils.

  • 100 M subscribe?! Well done, PewDiePie!!!

  • Csá pwedi

  • I ron it’s iern

  • this is where the journey begun