Minecraft is scary!!! - Part 3

Pubblicato il 25 giu 2019
minecraft part 3 epicly
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  • 8:14 when you take the autistic kids Pokemon cards

  • 0:20 The beginning of Water Sheep

  • This is my favorite episode because it has the first sighting of water sheep ever

  • Ahhh... memories... 😢😢

  • Please stop swearing in swedish, i understand it, and thats not good

  • You will keeo building and make the mooooooooooooosssssstttttt best house but you are no better then me

  • This the time when the legend is born!! Respect

  • Epic Gamer out of 10 on the house

  • 5:38 youll never stop getting scared lmao.

  • Boy

  • Wow

  • Media: video games cause violence!!! PewDiePie: I'm the fastest planter in the world!!

  • You are beast in the Minecraft

  • Amazing

  • We miss you jorgen


  • At 8:15 he sounds like spongebob when he first heard the hash slinging slasher story lol

  • Horeses eat apples

  • Ahh, Wötr sheep. It's good to see you again.


  • ... good old times

  • your house is better then it was before

  • Kool

  • If you want that minecraft series will be for the last so like

  • let’s all leave an f in the chat for joergen pewds didn’t put the fence on the pen 😨

  • Felix: was in the nether for 1:47s Also Felix: MINECRAFT IS SCARY!

  • Gaming week

  • 2020 v

  • Como hay subtitulos ebreos pero no españoles, estoy sad xd

  • Asome

  • Cute and adorable

  • When he did the random minecraft IT-tvsr I related so much

  • I can have Xbox. W0Ť

  • Ola

  • 8:53 no felix they arent we all know you dont have legs

  • Did anyone win that xbox?

  • Dam water sheep was the first one of the pack it’s a shame he never appreciated how much water sheep did

  • Miracle house. I'm speakless how wonderful your house is. Man a master piece

  • why is this the best content ever

  • pewds: joergen you're still here!! me: well, not for very long

  • Overall he is a good player, but he is also absolutely awful in some respects

  • Epicc

  • Horses like golden apples!

  • Your house is awesome I like the flowers. It’s one of the best houses I seen.

  • Me- don’t punch the pigmen don’t punch the pigmen don’t punch the pigmen don’t punch the pigmen Also me - put the gate on the heccing FEnCE

  • u just did a illegal thing in minecraft "Rule no. 5" DO NOT JUMP ON YOUR CROPS OR THEY WILL FRIKIN BREAK U BIG PP

  • Здесь есть русские ?

  • your house is gosh dang amaesing

  • wear it wear it wear it wEAR IT

  • Water sheep warns pewds of skeleton Pewds shut up After pewds you distracted me and see what happened

  • Baby sheep is water sheep

  • 8:13 The Felix mating call

  • 10:12 adhd be like

  • House is nice

  • 집 너무 멋져요


  • IM A MINECRAFT VETERAN Jumps on every crop Insert mike wazowski meme

    • Well he did play minecraft back then so..

  • great place ..

  • water sheep rememberings also, brave warrior, look, i got from a comment elder a shield and sword. Im starting to get old. Here they are 🗺🗺 wrong emoji

  • When he made the flint and steel I wanted him to tnt the villagers lol