Minecraft is scary!!! - Part 3

Pubblicato il 25 giu 2019
minecraft part 3 epicly
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  • “I know more about Minecraft than you do” This is why we love Pewdiepie

  • “I know more about Minecraft than you do” This is why we love Pewdiepie

  • 8:12 I CAN'T BREATHE

  • When he mines gravel with his pick axe 😩😩😂😂

  • Play club penguin

  • 1:00 *beetroot?* Beetroot: "Ah yes, I've been watching you Felix, One day we'll do great things"....

  • 1:24 the first appearance of water sheep

  • Did he say jeb

  • To use /gamerule keep inventory true now chat to use t now chat now itens no perc

  • Felix: i am a veteran on Minecraft 5 seconds later what is this

  • He’s killing the crops That’s gonna give me a stroke

  • Felix: I know more about minecraft then any of you! Also Felix: Puts torch on TNT

  • When the skeleton pop out he said "Ahh! Javla fetan!" Well Du är min bästa subscribe r

  • 0:58 the beginnings of the council of beetroot

  • pewdiepie: "im a minecraft veteran!" pewdiepie: 2 seconds later: "what is this?"

  • Hey smelt coblestone if smelt coblestone it will be stone then smelt the stone then see what happend

  • Youre house looks beatifull I can't even build anything

  • Ghast: makes sound Felix : wth is this?! Mc is terrifiyng! AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!

  • 9:30 Pewdiepie: so far I have 0 deaths on this server ;) Me: *you have f****king 2 deaths*

  • Play minecraft beacos it will get better and its the best game

  • The cutest house

  • 5:20 the start of his anger at water sheep

  • are you Russian?


  • *wätēr šhęêp*

  • 6:32 PewDiePie: you need balls to play Minecraft Me in peaceful mode: Press X to doubt

  • what's that farting noise? :sees ghast: wtf minecraft is terrifying

  • You should make a 3rd floor that will be cool 🇸🇪🏢

  • You need to mine gravel with shovel😂

  • He

  • Whaaaaat? 1:02😂

  • the very first time that watersheep is found

  • ok this is when felix notices jeb! HAHA

  • Your home 100

  • Yay Horses

  • So cool

  • I won a xbox watching this video

  • Felix says he knows more yet he proceeds to jump on crop and ruin the tilled soil

  • Watching him trying to take his horse into the nether knowing full well he couldn’t hurt my soul

  • Skeletons are his ENEMY'S 💀 HOW many has he faced🤔

  • U-U cadê os brasileiros aqui?

  • Who died in episode 3? *cough* Tucker

  • Cute

  • ”There is a minecraft in my houseeee???”

  • Me: *having calm conversation with Slender* Sis: there's a spider on your leg... Me: 8:14

  • Cool video pdp

  • He just does not care about his crops stomping it again and again

  • The horose can't eat the apple. Gaymers

  • 0:20 *In the beginning...*

  • That thing is pillagers that thing in part2

  • The big white thing is GHAST he attack you with fire ball u can also touch fireball to throw it back by anything

  • your house is the coolest and the cuteest😍😜

  • Everyone: Minecraft isn't scary! Felix: *Observe*

  • Cool hause

  • PewDiePie make a Xp farm if you will make Xp farm you can get Xp from Xp farm

  • You are so🤬

  • I know more about Minecraft than you do I actually

  • 6:32 Song name?

  • So cool na fam im just being sarcastic

  • Pewds: I know everything about minecraft Also pewds: what is this!