Minecraft but without context! ~ Almost Deleted Clips

Pubblicato il 22 ago 2019
In today's video, I've gathered a bunch of unused clips from past videos and I've compiled them into one big video! And they're all out of context, so that makes it even funnier!
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  • The effort the editor puts in the video is astounishing.Youve been lately my main ytbers that i look forward to posting everyday.Keep up the good work nogla

    • Daithi De Nogla the editor spelled it ‘mineraft’...👍

    • @Lenny Herny yep, butthurt test complete, you are a butthurt idjit.

    • Highlord Ynot nobody care about this guy he just big mouths like potato but no pizza

    • @Lenny Herny y' know ya just pissed off an entire nation right? you best hope the whiskey lasts. all irish are family, punching bags, but family.

    • RIP editor's ears

  • 🤣 Thanks! This was great!

  • bet no one caught the misspelling of Minecraft in the intro clip

  • 0:53

  • Plz music at 00:35

  • ah yes Mineraft. My favorite block based game @0:39

  • are we just not gonna talk about nogla surviving the fall 3:07

  • what is the song please? 0:39

  • “What’s up dudes”

  • Did he say baa baa shop? Because that would be great 😂

  • 3:05 aww, come on- Nooo! :


  • it’s zoomed in half way through

  • Delerios house is long gone xD

  • A creeper is a green terrorist

  • 4:13 panda was in his boat and an enderman appeared in front of him. XD

  • 0:39 MINERAFT, the game we all love

  • 6:20 how the heck did delirious die to a polar bear lol

  • Nogla: at the end this. is how you do a nice prank Me: rememberers the video about the invisibility Potion prank sureeeeee

  • Nogla, I'm not kidding. Make your Potato Song into an mp3 xD I want it for a Ring Tone.

  • BigJiggyPanda's Twitter has been hacked for over a day now, please report it, everyone.

  • Love the Conker's Bad Fur Day music.

  • 1:24 I got the golden carrot, your argument is invalid


  • Why did you spend your diamonds on a hoe it's useless

  • You need the Flans Mod (it adds weapons and vehicles)

  • Nogla's Editor is better than PewDiePie's Editor

  • To Nogla’s editor! We love you 💕💕💖❤️💕

  • Uhhh the editor cut the screen off what an idiot 😤😩😩

  • Luv potato =3=

  • 9:45 HAD ME DYING 💀💀😂😭

  • Pause the video... press >>> 00:40 “MINERAFT”?? How did this get past everyone???

    • It goes by very fast, i was also trying not to spit my coffee all over my screen while watching up to that point.

  • editor why would you ever even think about deleting these clips

  • I feel offended that you used my first name like that Daithi......lol just kidding.

  • Nogla send a minecart of TNT into the vanoss tree house

  • Oh my god I thought it said owes me a new pair of headphones at 4:16

  • What know what else is a wholesome prank blowing up wildcats house

  • An anyone tell me what that voice effect in the intro was?

  • Uhh the editor cut the screen off what an idiot

  • Oh sry its not an episode

  • That clip with vanoss was so 2-3 weeks ago why just now?

  • Why is everyone playing Minecraft all of a sudden ???

  • Isn’t this a normal video. So thaaats how you make them so good, you don’t know what context is:)

  • Isnt the Nintendo thing copyrighted?

  • Anyone else notice the typo at the beginning? Lol

  • Dathi Vanoss is not a true bird if he was he would have corrected you when you said pack because for birds it’s not a pack it’s a flock

  • Hilarious

  • You yes you, you want to know how to get views? Just add vanoss in the title and you’re their

  • 0:45 man I’ve never laughed so hard in my life!!!!!😂😂

  • Nogla and moo are like the sweetest ones but if get them mad oh holy mother of Jesus your gone

  • Golden carrots are better tho

  • XYZ is minecraft cordinates

  • Hey I got an idea for a video everyone on the server can go really far away then do their own like survival then you fight

  • Is weird to hear pedrophile because my name is Pedro

  • jk

  • thats y brocks shitty channel gets no views

  • RIP delirious sheep barber shop..:(

  • 1:41 I nearly choked😂 thought we were gonna have a Pewdiepie part 2 for a second

  • noglo

  • Ugh the editor cut off the screen again (-_-)