Milwaukee Bucks vs Boston Celtics Full Game Highlights | Game 2 | 2019 ECSF | FreeDawkins

Pubblicato il 1 mag 2019
April 30, 2019 | Milwaukee Bucks vs Boston Celtics Full Game Highlights | Game 2 | 2019 ECSF | FreeDawkins - NBA Video'
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  • brilliant audio edit... Not just a some highlights...

    • Ximo might be fast but I love FD's edit

  • Lopez: hits a deep 3pt Commentator: calls him Mirotić lmao

  • Does the audience have better things to do in Wisconsin?

  • games like this are really exciting in the playoffs. not the west series where you can already predict who is going to win.

  • Giannis, try practicing sky hook

  • hahaha celtics fan as I've said it's only game 1 so how about game 2? I need to talk to paul pierce with this matter. 😀 😀

  • I’m a GS fan and I gotta day these Bucks is solid. If GS play super dysfunctional, Giannis might get a ring & an league MVP. I’m just calling what I’ve been seeing all season.

  • nice shots

  • 7:37 reminds me of ginobili on shaq

  • no star player... balance playing game... every talents contributed

  • Watching bucks game style is the same as rockets overuse the 3 point line

    • Who lead the league in paint points?

  • Giannis it's so big and he stills fail a lot of layups lmao sometimes he gets the offensive rebound and has another opportunity to shoot but goddamn so many lost layups

  • How many times did he confuse Mirotic and Lopez? lol.

  • Paul pierce left the group

  • Thanks, no Spoilers.

  • Choker mode kyrie is so evident in this game

  • its raining 3ssssssssss

  • its raining 3ssssssssss

  • Damn, Bledsoe has some speed with the ball

  • three point contest...

  • Paul pierce: its over. I dont Think the celtics Can come back now 😂

  • Bucks had atleast 10 traveling violations... Watch the feet!!!!

  • какое же дерьмо.....это милуоки и НБА в целом....ДЕРЬМИЩЕ сливное!

  • 10:51 is that oscar martinez?

  • 1:54 this man so good that he’s able to travel and get away with it lmao

  • After the game 1: "They forgot how good Kyrie really is!" I think he forgot it himself..

  • subcribed √

  • tatum got outplayed by khris middleton

  • I’m laughing at how much these guys are not getting travels called aha

  • It's over for the Celtics! :D :D :D Bucks will win this series.

  • best series yet this year!!!

  • Thanks for the Blowout Celtics🤣🤣

  • What a game for both teams but hopefully Bucks for the W

  • referees gave a big help to the Bucks

  • Audio edit made this so much more enjoyable. Now it feels like I didn't miss anything. GOAT

  • Playoffs is a big money!!! I m thinking... Maybe the playoffs is (how do you call it) "setup" from the beginning who's gonna be the champion!

  • westbrook would be getting crucified for the next week by everybody if he put of the numbers kyrie put up this game. Kyrie always seems to get a pass tho, he puts up games like this often as well.

    • Man just in the first game of the series Giannis got crucified for a 22pt game but Kyrie goes 4-18 and scores 9pts and gets a pass, crazy shit. Giannis has made more threes than Kyrie has this series

  • This game Irving : left the chat

  • That travel at 7:25 though...

  • Big Giannis fan, and would like to see the Bucks advance. But some of these travels need to be called. The league is just protecting the mvp like they did Lebron. I want to see Giannis do well, but make him earn it. That’s why Kobe had the best footwork we have ever seen. All his moves were euroleague approved. I still think those rules are the best and the NBA should get back to them. Nothing beautiful about watching freaks of nature run to the basket like they’re in the NFL. Or make a stepback that is impossible to close out on. You see Doncic make sick stepbacks which are actually legit. Then you see Harden just abusing the loose NBA rules. For me Doncic’s game looks 10x better. Harden and Giannis are amazing players, they don’t need more advantage than they can already create with insane talent, and physical gifts. I guess in the end NBA tries to appeal for the more casual fans, so maybe i can’t fault them there.

  • They have a plan on stopping Giannis with hard fouls and double team (we will see if they succeed), fortunately the rest of the team is fantastic so far. And BTW some fans have no idea how good Mirotic is. IMO keep him more at the floor.

  • bucks in 6 babyyyy

  • Tony snell should start for defense and shooting

  • Lopez is clean af

  • Where Paul Pierce lil hatin ass

  • Celtics will split their defense on next game and giannis will destroy them

  • Baynes out there on a mission fouling Giannis as hard as he can, trying to injure him out of the series. Refs should take more action and call some of these as flagrants smh..

  • Greatest play off game of 2019 for me until today...Amazing audio edit as well

  • I love how the ESPN and TNT commentators switching sides results after results.

  • Like I said Celtics in 6 😁

  • Kyrie has a worse game 2 than Giannis had game 1. Celtics fans too excited

    • and kyrie only defended by 1 guy at atime, while giannis always have 3 defenders.

  • it was just not kyrie's day next game he dropping 33

  • 이 경기 나름 보스턴도 준비잘했는데, 미들턴이 모든걸 개박살냄~

  • Game 1: sErIeS Is oVeR Game 2: iTs jUsT oNe gAmE

  • Good adjustments made by the coach.

  • Hey to everyone who didn’t post a comment on game one. We did what we had to do and a dominant fashion on your court. My boys was cruising stats confirm that. Refs allowed them boys to go on a 28 and 2 run giving the deer advantage, momentum and every damn call their is then offsetting the calls in garbage time. STAY WOKE!!!

  • Bucks retaliate in this game

  • Bucks should win this series

  • Where is the comments from 1st game ?😂😂😂 Greek Freak and the other's are here !

  • go go bucks!