Pubblicato il 16 lug 2019
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  • The "pregnant" male seahorse was a male carrying its mates eggs in a pouch you cant see.

  • 3:52 if you see a fairy ring like anywhere DO NOT STEP INSIDE IT

  • 10:00 Ed Sheeran?!

  • TFis a ice lolly

  • in the philipines there is also pandan

  • 3:49 we have these dice at our school for a game we call multiplication squares, where you roll one of those dices and you have to × the outside number with the inside number you would fing the number in the board and put a line on one of the edges and whoever finished a squaure won a point and you would do that until we had to move activities


  • finger hands for finger hands

  • 8:10 give me back my quarter (yes I'm Canadian)

  • 4:06 i've got it. i've got the moon.

  • 0:21 that squirrel looks like somethings going inside not out

  • 1:39 : Nothing personal kid

  • That's a THICCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC eggplant

  • 4:58 I've seen that many times in Mexico lol

  • I'm sorry to say but green amethyst doesn't exist

  • 4:07 real life gru

  • 0:20 no, it looks like two bears having it and the one on top is taking huge ass shart


  • Farting squirrel (skunk)

  • 01:32 I found that in my sandwich not so long ago

  • I got gloves for my glove action figure 1:49

  • 3:40 baby humming bird anatomy: Fluff Fluff Fluff Fluff Beak

  • 5:17 ooooooooooh so THAT'S his purpose.

  • Pregnant Male Seahorse

  • 5:28 No that's called a chode.

  • 🤔🤔

  • 6:35 i love those trees. Where I live they're are some near this arts and crafts store and they're so pretty

  • Ice Loli

  • Who calls it a ice lolly


  • #DDM

  • 0:19 SKUNK

  • Why

  • Lol 1:04

  • Legend says the italian put the hail in pizza

  • 1:43 does anyone also remember that one Spongebob scene when Patrick got out his glove action figure from glove world and it also has gloves for his glove action figure?

  • Hes going to die that’s uranium 😱

  • #FH4


  • Meoow

  • 5:25 if that Boluda was in Colombia, the wildlife is the least of their worries

  • All those people that disliked were drunk and missed the like button

  • I have been to the butcher and brewer

  • #DDM 2:44 Villager I'll sell ya two wheat for that

  • I wonder if clumsy will feature this if I do #ddm at the end

  • My aunt found letters from 18 something something it was on the news

  • Natural henna is the best henna not black chemical henna

  • 0:33 I am Malaysian and I have never seen such toast

  • #DDM British people: Ice Lolly American people: Icecream Chinese people: WANG WANG FAM COOM Gibberish people: werdhhefrbrebthinlopbhrtijcewcreamlollycoom

  • Farting squirrel? That's a skunk

  • Sub for memes

  • Sauren?! SAUREN?! YOU MEAN SATIN?!

  • the dice in a dice is not intresting

  • I C E L O L L Y

  • 2:16 Male pride

  • #DDM 1:22 ohh so that’s what they use for hentai

  • #DDM 0:33 aren’t those for washing dishes?

  • 9:57 you have to be crazy to give my friends that

  • Video: the way it perfectly engulfed my hand burger patty Me: that’s so beautiful I need to share this in comments 2:23

  • I've been to the hotel at 6:08 ; it's called the Renaissance hotel and it's a pretty nice. The butt wall is my favorite part because of how strange it is.