Milan 1-3 Fiorentina | Fiorentina condemn AC Milan to a third consecutive Serie A defeat | Serie A

Pubblicato il 29 set 2019
Fiorentina continued Milans troubles as Ribery, Castrovilli and a Pulgar penalty saw them fall 3-1.
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  • ribery m impressionnera tjrs un vrai pro

  • Pulgar needed to execute the second penalty as well, trash Chiesa.

  • Ribery... incredible... fiorentina!

  • Ribery

  • again another loss from milan. Now my friends will again tease me . Great and here i am supporting milan from india ...!! Why am i even doing this ..? Bcoz i still think..mighty ac milan can rise again i am not gonna let my hops down .. i will support ac milan no matter what..!😊 Forza milan💪

  • Kevin diks naturalisasi of Indonesia 🇮🇩

  • Calabria looked like a chicken and what a bad performance from romagnoli

  • next transfer thiss ribbery partner arjen robben

  • Ribery, what a baller.

  • Let's go for : Mbappé Ribéry Griezmann Dembélé

  • Fiorentina is the best

  • What a goal by leao!

  • if you have to fall to a deep and dark place then I will fall with you Forza milan


  • How to fix Milan: 1.Get Jose Mourinho 2.Get a 100 mil budget or apply the Juve free transfer system. Get great players on end of their contacts and offer huge wages

  • I remember Milan a bit different....

  • #giompauloout🖕

  • Honesty if Ronaldo did it everyone would call him the goat but nobody cares about ribery Ribery>Ronaldo (imo)

  • Ribery é ainda O Melhor Francês em Atividade 😎😎

  • Fiorentina only buy ribery from munchen, if they buy robben too, that score maybe 7-1..😁😁

  • Out coach milan

  • Ribery has still got it 🔥🔥🔥

  • Leao is magic

  • Anjinkkk

  • Bring bak Gattuso please and give him 5 years

  • Donnaruma deserve to play for a better team

  • Ribéry show 😃👏

  • Milan kandidat kuat juara musim depan. Juara Serie B 😂

  • Milan está em uma decadência,quase no fundo do poço 😬🤦‍♂️

  • AC MILAN and Inter had to purchase mr Ribery

  • What is that team that dresses like ac minlan?

  • Ribery is pure world class. Also Pulgar was a great signing, he rarely misses penalty shots.

  • Maen koyok ngunu kate maen nd Eropa . Wkwkkw

  • How the mighty has fallen

  • Second time penaldo get outscored by 36yo

  • Ribery is wayyyy better than overrated penaldo.

  • Ribery=legend

  • Forza Fiorentina!

  • Musaccio plays dirty. Milan fears Ribery.

  • Italy's most successful European club? What's going on?