Mike Trout mashes 40th HR in 2019

Pubblicato il 16 ago 2019
Mike Trout's remarkable 2019 season continued with his 40th HR against the Chicago White Sox.
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  • the last few games..Trout has been floundering a bit.... .......but he is the best....he is no fluke..🐟🐟🐟🐟 he has justa gotta tuna up his a swinga a bit.... he is a shark...no doubt he is no beached whale... .......Perch-chance he goes into a hitting slump.....he must dig deep and salmon up all his strength to return to his good form... ....he needs to get to a better team like the Florida Marlins or Saint Louis Carp-nals.....he is at the pike of his career....he needs a new team...not to be caught in the net of the LAAs.....nobody can catch Trout...not even the Gortons fisherman.... love your friend at the Coney Island Aquarium Octavius O'Octopus...🐬🐬🐬🦀🦀🦀🐚🐡🐡🐡🐠🐠🐋🐋🐬

  • But no chance of even getting to the playoffs, waste of talent in LA

  • MVP👏👏

  • We are lucky enough to be witness to the GOAT as it happens. Please MLB fans appreciate it while it is here, his remarkable career will be over as quickly as it came around in 10-15 years. He makes Babe Ruth look like a scrub.

  • トラウトはやっぱすごい

  • What waste of talent

  • Damn how many MVP seasons are the Angels gonna waste on this man

  • MVP!!!.... MVP!!!.... MVP!!!.... not even close LeMahieu and Devers!

    • Con Pop Well he won’t be in the top three more soon after his 3 game slump. Also his batting average went down quite a bit and Yankees fans were already excited and pumped to see a yankee battion champion but sorry that Brantley has to take over. Well See if it’s a bad fluke or not..... oh btw good luck vs Ryu

    • @Baseball Nerd also explain to me why just because DJ did bad against Oakland means he doesn't deserve to be in the top 3

    • @Baseball Nerd someone's angry

    • Con Pop Well how about you take a look at the MVP top 3 guys so far. I don’t see LeMahieu. Oh and maybe you can check out DJ’s stats against Oakland last series

    • At least DJ is helping is team go somewhere. Who is Trout helping? Nobody cause the angels stink

  • His 280th career home run.

  • Omg get new commentators these guys are boring and trash

  • Best in the world!💯🔥

  • Feel free to hate this comment but trout better not win MVP. If he does it's rigged.

  • Trout's the best player in the world and I know it's a team sport but this guy can't leave his team to the playoffs to save his life would like to see him in the playoffs but angels are trash

  • I wish he could change teams but no ones gonna pay his salary 😂

    • Swarit Pakala oh yeah every team could afford it but I feel like most teams wouldn’t because it’s so much money lol

    • FeaR Gemz literally every single team in the mlb would pay his salary. He would have been offered more if he became a free agent

  • and so did rookie pete alonso

    • @The Berg trout is the best baseball player in recent history, just saying there is a rookie with as many hrs as him. that's pretty dope.

    • Is Pete Alonso hitting .290? Those Pete Alonso have as much stolen bases as trout. I don’t think so

  • trout is the best

  • You drafted Trout the best player of this generation and your in L.A. and you cant attract free agents. Might as well relocate if your the Angels. This might be the worst sports franchise in america

  • El nene cabron🐐🦁

  • Amazing 🤯🤯🤯👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • man trout and harper are the lebron and kobe of this generation. i wonder who will win out

    • @ExAL Illusions 100%

    • @B4 freedomfighter for real. Baseball isnt even comparable to basketball but if it was, why are people comparing to greats like Kobe instead of the goat mj

    • @ExAL Illusions exactly. He's a face. That's it. Also, people need to stop comparing lebron to trout. Trout is better at baseball than leflop is at basketball and he's a better person off the field too.

    • Never compare Harper to being the Kobe of baseball. Harper isnt even top 50 best ever. Gtfo. He is an all or nothing hitter who bats under 250 most of the time. He just brings attention from hitting a homer here and there

  • The next 40- 40 MAN

  • Sad, this guy isn't going to be in the playoffs anytime soon

  • Dodgers need trout

  • Mike Trout plays very well, he plays all the time before one or two week his 28th birthday

  • The Natural

  • He’s gonna win MVP,DJ,second place, third place Rafael devers

    • @ChrisKing 2K it's based off of stats and who had the better year. DJ is better in basically every category besides Homers. Trout is great. Not MVP this year over DJ

    • Only reason the angels are even sup par 500 is because of trout. Open your eyes people. Mike is the MVP

    • ExAL Illusions we’ll we made the playoffs in 17 and 18 without DJ so

    • ExAL Illusions I’m not blind. Without DJ the Yankees are still winning. Without trout, the angels are dead in the water. Mike is the MVP

    • @ChrisKing 2K Also you cant possibly know how the yanks would be without him. I love the yankees but without DJ this season would be different. Every pitcher knows he will get a hit or even 4 in the game. He is the real deal this year

  • A future hall of famer with no WS rings to show for it

  • Literally everyone: Stop wasting money on garbage hitters and get some pitching and get Trout to the postseason!!! Angels: no, I don’t think I will

  • Trout is roided out.

  • I think the Angels have the potential to be legit contenders within the next couple years. If Otani can hit and pitch on a high level next year it'll make a huge difference because it essentially opens up a spot on the roster. Also if la Stella comes back healthy and still plays at an all star level, and if Fletcher and Simmons can continue hitting well, the Angels might start winning some games. Also, I hate to say that Albert is dragging the team down. They need to replace him with a real first baseman that can actually hit and isn't the slowest person in the universe.

    • Luke Carney He has been hitting well since the all star break tho upton really needs to step up. He's not nearly as old as pujols but I feel like Upton never gives it his all.

  • 🐐

  • I'm so happy hes havnt the year he is having after signing a contract like that

  • I was there for that !

  • A career year for Belkingwr and Yelich is an average year for Trout. Let that sink in. Greatness.

    • @DNC2007 u obviously just started paying attention to MLB, Yelich has been in the league since like 2013

    • @SaiDaLiChaeng TwicePink the bad ones

    • DNC2007 What drugs are you on???

    • @DNC2007 what are you talking about? This is Yelich's 7th year and he is like 4 months younger than trout. This is his best year and trout has done this consistently for 8 years already.

    • Trout is the best now, but in a few years, 40 home runs at this point in the season will be average for bellinger and yelich. Each of them are in their third MLB season

  • The Yeli vs Beli thing completely made me forget Mile Trout hits homeruns lol😂

    • @TraGicLife I think the Angels will get their chance to contend soon enough.

    • @Luke Carney I wish he could get a deal with a good time or something, he deserves a better team.

    • yeah it's just casual for Trout

    • Yeah trout has actually been more productive than both those guys this year. It's just business as usual for trout, so it doesn't get as much attention. Also, he plays for the Angels. RIP.

    • Mike trout is miles better than them.

  • майки харош!

  • Trade him to the orioles and he will make it in the WS

  • He the greatest baseball player ever.

  • go trout but he needs a better team

    • The Train the entire Yankees lineup would hav to get traded

    • @The Train he has no trade

    • @Frisky _ Dart honestly if I was the angels front office I would trade him because you could get a plethoria of high quality prospects and would save hundreds of millions of dollars. Do you realize the angels wont be competetive as long as they have trout? He earns half of the teams money.

    • The Train Trade him for who? There literally is not a single way you could trade Trout & get a fair bargain. Why? Because he is literally the best player of his generation. You would have to be pretty freakin stupid to actually trade Trout. The only possible way the Angels are trading Trout, is by the kindness of their hearts, knowing he deserves a WS, but he may never get one with them. And even in decisions like these, it usually does not come until much later in a players career, as was the case with Verlander.

    • @Frisky _ Dart have you ever heard of a trade?

  • I hope I’m wrong, but I fear Trout is going to regret signing that long term contract with the Angles. He is unquestionably the best player of his generation, but the Angles fail year after year to build a competitive team around him. I fear they are going to waste Trouts best years while mired in mediocrity.

    • @Baseball Nerd We still don't have a legitimate 2nd ace, that is why cashman u should get Cole. Also Garcia just got moved to the bullpen in triple A. Plus who knows if German can be good again next year

    • Con Pop That would make no sense when they have prospect Devei Garcia, German, Tanaka, Severino, and when Montgomery comes back?

    • Con Pop I hope your wrong

    • Gerrit Cole is coming to Yanks, grew up a yanks fan. They also drafted him in 2009, but he didnt sign, they tried to trade for him 2 years ago, so u known what they say: 3rd times the Charm😀

    • Frisky _ Dart because the Angels know that they will be a true threat team once they master the rotation and some bullpen pieces

  • hes ok.

    • C Y K A B L Y A T Ok? He’s a frickin beast of a player!

  • Get this guy some help

  • Wasting Trout MVP Season

  • Angels not making playoffs again smh

  • GOAT

  • 8th consecutive season the Angels have wasted Hall of Fame production by Trout. 0 WS Titles 0 WS Appearances 0 Playoff Series Wins 0 Playoff Wins 7 of 8 years missed playoffs with Trout

    • Random Videos they could give him the team and he’s still underpaid

    • Random Videos he actually doesn’t. Their Tv deal is worth 3 billion to they have plenty of money to stretch the payroll

    • @Random Videos he can take up all the payroll but he actually deserves all the payroll

    • @Random Videos not really. They still have plenty of money to spare. Plus he's actually worth the money, while most guys aren't.

    • Because he takes up all the payroll

  • This dude is wack

  • MLB love the videos

  • first