Michael Blackson Knows Why Erica Mena Has Calmed Down & More Deleted Scenes | Hip Hop Squares

Pubblicato il 14 ago 2019
In these deleted scenes, DeRay Davis uses a fancy word when posing a question to Amanda Seales and T.I. calls him out for it; plus, Erica Mena says she's become much more chill since settling down, and Michael Blackson claims he knows why.
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Hip Hop Squares is a lively new take on the classic Hollywood game show where celebrity contestants play tic-tac-toe for dough.
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Michael Blackson Knows Why Erica Mena Has Calmed Down & More Deleted Scenes | Hip Hop Squares


  • Ughhh dream doll is so pretty

  • Deray is hilarious 😂

  • Girl in red dress not dreamdoll

  • Those teeth are too big for Erica's mouth...also why does she look so damn cross eyed lately ?

  • who is thAT fly female in the orange jump suit

  • Why doesErica mena look black?

  • Dream Doll is fine 😍

  • His hairstyle looks really good

  • Them Dumb ass eyelashes smh she looks cross eyed with them dumb things on.

  • Dream doll💎 is my dream woman

  • Who was shorty in the Orange dress tho?

  • Amanda “Lied on Myron Rolle” Seales still getting gigs???

  • On that BREAST MILK .... if those who eat "CAT & SAUSAGE "(cause his daughters in the audience) ........ YOU CAN DRINK SOME BREAST MILK

  • Envy got that !!!

  • Is there even an audience or just production staff?

  • this is a weka show TI special the one who kiss ass fron the Globalist criminals + They are not k they really are fake fake kings

  • If a blk man wanna cornrow his hair at 100 years old that’s awesome at least it’s his real hair🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Forreal

    • Facts,I'm 44 and got a thick head full of hair that i get braided into cornrows, and it's all mine.

  • DAMN! DEM CHOPPAZ AAAARE HA-UGE! Mr. Ed is jealous than a mufuka.

  • TI thinks he’s a literary genius in the black community 🤦🏿‍♂️

    • Maybe you do! Hating ass dickeater! 😆

  • D ray wearing black face, smh

  • I aint know she was crossed eyed

  • Tip one intelligent mofo

  • Show's corny to be honest

  • erica’s husband is dreamdolls ex...

  • dam... US, u.s. black people have to either choose or DEMAND... better "celebrities" 😪 I apologise to future generations that Hollywood devil's control this content...😭

  • “I can not sanction that literature”🤣🤣🤣

    • he sounds completely stupid!

  • Who is the girl standing beside deray in the beginning?? She hot af 🤤

  • Hmm what's this video all abo-one of these twins drank the other one's breast milk- OH SNAP LOOK AT THE TIME I HAVE TO GO. #fuckthat

  • Who is that in the orange ??? 👀

    • Zachary John Gilbert dreamdoll

  • Erica Mena looks a mess....

  • Dreamdoll is eye candy for sure

  • Erica looks boring AF in this clip

  • Who is that I n the orange

  • Micheal all my dreams comes true, uu shouldn't say tht. I get its comedy and funny but thts not funny

  • TIP how u claim Bankhead but taum baht proper grammer doe?

  • this has become the most awkward show ever

  • Deray thinks he’s funny & handsome but bruhhhh..


  • Erica got 3 claps from the audience lol

  • This scene so awkward maybe bec dream doll use to date Safaree n Micheal Blackson mentioned Erica getting married..idk🤔


  • Erica been to the block and back .. Dj Envy was paying that rent , basically what Dream doll scouting for her daily bankroll. Skeet..skeet

  • Who’s the girl in the orange?

  • Where can we watch the full video

  • DERAY the teeth are one thing but those cornrows after all these years screams mid life identity crisis‼️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • *Some deleted scenes should never be seen, smdh **#awkwardAF** **#iwantmytwominutesandfifythreesecondsback*

  • Dray looks old with the braids

  • I think I don’t like TI no more

  • Dray got his teeth done 😂 he got money money

  • WTH did I just watch uhgggg

  • Fun fact: deray was in Chris brown video yo excuse me miss erica mena was Chris leading girl in the video Chris was 17 i believe, man did time fly now everyone all grown up

  • Dream Doll So PRETTY😩😩❤😍😍

  • His teeth big asf

  • What sun Deray and Erica been in?!? I almost didn't recognize them...🤣🤣🤣the Deep tan actually made them more attractive...😉

    • This Ice Cubes project,you know he ain't going to whitewash the makeup of the people that come on the show.

  • So dreamdoll fucked safaree n now sittin next to Erica ? Wow

  • Tia was the only one that was just pregnant again Tamara drank the breast milk, I also seen a video or some source about it on fb few months bck lol By the way I hate Erica Mena voice always did, sounds like she gotta lot of spit in her mouth lol no cap😂

  • That clap 👏🏽 for Erica was light AF 😂😂😂😂

  • Funny, erica let lose frustrations for money in the bank. Ahahhahahaa ahahhahaa hhhhahahhhh

  • Erica looks nice

  • They both fucked safaree so they both would know bout good D 🤷🏽‍♀️