Messiah | Season 1 Official Trailer | Netflix

Pubblicato il 3 dic 2019
Who do you think he is? Watch Messiah on Netflix
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Messiah | Season 1 Official Trailer | Netflix
A CIA officer investigates a charismatic figure whose followers believe that he can perform miracles. Is he a divine entity or a dangerous con artist?


  • Hey guys i love forward to watch this series don't give them discouragement they work very hard please don't make any religious thing....

  • Thanks, *HATE IT*

  • I wonder why this series is made by Americans, and in Syria? Mind freezing question to most people!

  • This show is superb! Just watched the whole series. Cant wait for season 2!

  • I like they show all the fake news like CNN and MSNBC and BBC!!!

  • زبالة التمثيل و التحريف الاستخفاف بالعقول

  • Literally one of the best shows I have EVER seen. Wow, there needs to be a Season 2!!!

  • Gw nnton ini positif think az gak ad gw nyangkut paut ke agama. Sama kayak gw maen game konsol yg banyak kultus sampe campur baur 3 agama. Post think az dah ini cuma film

  • We want season 2

  • People saying hes the messiah he's not the messiah, calm down it's a cinema fiction, why don't you just enjoy watching the story and put your beliefs on the side.

  • Lately, many shows are made about Lucifer and the false Messiah! Interesting!!! I am waiting for more. The more you show the Kore we know things that were said centuries ago are kinda coming to light Bit by bit

  • Just change his name and took him to be part of AVENGER TEAM

  • The comment section is insane

  • A ouais chaut 😲😯😮😦😧🤫😟😕🙁☹️😌😔😣😏🙄🧐🤨🤔🤪

  • Dajjal = Digital

  • When I read this commend I laugh at my self Guys human mind or your brain 🧠 the people who read this comment Your brain can be i7 i5 i3 or pentium 3 pentium 2 Or may be i9 i12 i21. May be after 10 years I 36 So all we process is information May be i36 can process 36tb in 1 second Where I 5 1gb in 1 second Same way bible Word is god Information you recieve is the gods knowledge So the more you go higher less people will understand I am not going to tell u this is right or wrong I can only make you think Know body can teach anything to any one Amen

    • Meaning based one what information you revive watching this video every body have different perception truth is always bound to your belief and your understanding Bcz u think you are always right But the real wise man knows he knows nothing he have space to learn what you believe or understand now after 2 years u look back and understand that you are More wiser what u believe today as is wise sometimes there is more advance approach to that belief THOSE WHO KNOW SPEAK DO NOT KNOW THOSE WHO KNOW DO NOT SPEAK The secret cannot be explained in words only can be understood

  • 1. he comes from Iraq Iran Syria area 2. first he says he is from god 3. then he says I'm g()d 4.he traveling like time is nothing (he is fast) 5.fooling people that he is good and he can do everything ( he can't but he pretend that he can) hmmmm...... as a Muslim i think I've read about this long time ago and also yes he is the same person that Christians call it anti Christ but we call it something else but in the end this is just a movie and we all know where did they got the story line and they went too far......

  • The best thing about this series that it's completely neutral. It's not biased against the Arabs for Israel like in World War Z for example or against Israel for the Arabs. They have humanized both races. That shows that people are becoming more intellectual. They're not as naive as they used to be. I love this series from all of my heart.

  • This is a mind bending very thrilling , at every moment exiting series

  • His name is Payam Golshiri .

  • Jesucristo nunca vendrá de esa forma. El único que vendrá de esa forma se llama el anticristo, haciendose pasar por un mesías para tomar control del mundo entero. Y por que Dios permitiría eso? Por que se negaron a creer en Jesucristo el verdadero. Y Dios permitirá que crean en la mentira, ya que se negaron creer en la verdad.

  • Is it about Mehdi?

  • Realising this kind of movie!! 🤔 something is definitely fishy!

  • I watched the show and I loved it! Can't wait for a new season! However, I was in limbo with regards to the hate this show received and I just realised the other day. I come from a very mixed religious background: I was born a Muslim, got baptised at the age of 5 in Our Lady of Saidnaya Monastery in Syria through my Greek Orthodox Christian neighbours and my grandmother (G.R.H.S.) from my father's side was Jewish. With that said, I'm astounded by the reaction from Muslims and Christians posting hate videos on IT-tvs and even boycotting Netflix by cancelling subscriptions! I'm a firm believer in holy scripture, and with my background, I should be the most offended! Most are describing the series as a mockery of holy scriptures, God/Jesus... Seriously guys?! I feel like we're still in the stone age! If you guys don't like it, simply don't watch! Freaking out and waging a war on Netflix for being bold and trying something new in our age of false political correctness is just a theatrical overreaction, shame! Seriously guys, grow up! We'rte in the 21st century for God's sake!

  • 😐He's Dajjal

  • يعني الدجال اغلب من يتبعه هم من المسلمين تبا لزمن تكثر فيه الفتن لا إله إلله محمد روسول الله There are no god but Allah and Mohammed is the messager of allah.

  • can someone explain why muslims are getting brainwashed ? I dont get it

  • Oh man!!!! Make series 2 RIGHT NOW!!!!

  • This looks good, I wonder why there's so many dislikes!

  • Al Dajjal appears first in Asfahan in Iran 😁 Al Mahdi appears in Al_Madina in Saudi Jesus appears for the second coming in Syria in Damascus.

  • Looks good! I love movies based on FICTION. If Jesus was real why did he only stay in one place and not travel the world to deliver his word? Oh he works in mysterious ways like a schizophrenic right, I forgot. Oh, it's the followers' job to carry the message, right. It's a load of hogwash....still entertaining.

  • Dajjal be lookin fine tho 👁👄👁

  • أطفال فلسطين سوف يبصقون على الأعور.

  • Then He said to the disciples, “The time is coming when you will long to see one of the days of the Son of Man, but you will not see it. People will tell you, ‘Look, there He is,’ or ‘Here He is.’ Do not go out or chase after them. For as the lightning flashes and lights up the sky from one end to the other, so will be the Son of Man in His day.

  • Birde bir hz.muhammed (s.a.v.) dizisi yapsaniz

  • Deception is he called. no shit sherlock look in the comments Deception ( dajjal)

  • Why so many dislikes?? 😮😮

    • @Sana Rajpoot They actually portray him as a potential con man who's doing magician type illusion tricks, and has links to a known terrorist.... You obviously haven't watched the show

    • Because they portrait him as messiah But he is the false messiah. He is Dajjal.

  • Seth rollins ..!!

  • Showing dajjal as messiah so they can proof that dajjal as Jesus.... Dajjal will come first than Jesus will come

  • Who else is feeling like people are taking religion way too seriously?

  • Film tolol jan di tonton

  • You know people who make movies like this are unenlightened people for they literally take Self-Enlightened metaphors LITERALLY.

  • Are all the dislikes from religious people or do people find serious criticisms to it?

  • Season 2..

  • dajjal anti critiast and muslim

  • You know you’ve watched good shit when it ends and you go to IT-tvs to watch the trailers again 😂

  • Plot twist: He's just a supernatural being pretending to be son of god

  • This shows depicts the anti christ will be from the Semitic faith and he will be a ruler in this region,it’s not hard to work out who they are portraying imam Mahdi as!

  • that aint me babe

  • First lucifer and the lord of lucifer (anti christ) next will be reall jesus after it the big bang lol ... was nice show btw Dont forget the day when humans face there god

  • I need Season 2.

  • i invite you to atheism ))no god no obeying no king no devil no heavon no fear no punishment no war no blood no sacrifice ,just your mind and brain ,everything is logical ,all religions are anti democratic movements ,guys we live in 2020 ,just kick off all monarchial stereotypies,we dont need any king

  • Columbo wouldnt even crack this case , regardless its good mind boggling cant even think of the out come if there is more too it .

  • Jesus is the one who will spread goodness and peace. We Muslims and Christians believe in this






  • so netflix really made a whole movie/show abput dajjal/anti-christ? Lmao shaytaan jealous😭