Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Survival Skills w/ Gloom

Pubblicato il 13 ago 2019
Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Survival Skills -
7 Second Riddles:
Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Survival Skills w/ Gloom



  • Cassie you already did these riddles

  • The mom

  • 4:21 Tony is my real name

  • I have been doing riddles

  • Azzy: number D Me:yeah “runs away”

  • Beep boop

  • The riddle said George what is found dead Me which George George pig or George in the riddle

  • Lol hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  • 0k

  • In i Play Raft and i go lost at sea for ever

  • Did anyone notice that Azzy said number a in the riddle involving the wizard?😑😑😂😂😑😑😂😂

  • I Hate The Second One! And The First

  • ... Azzy and Gloom I LOVE YA!!! I Subscribed To YOUR Channl Because Your Amazing! GO GIRLS

  • A

  • You you skip two riddles

  • 10:27 “Number A” 😂

  • Number A?

  • It is d

  • Can I get a like😶

  • 13:20 that mom is thicccccccc

  • Both will die because he shoots him then he falls

  • I love you girl’s

  • Hi

  • The mother did it

  • Emma

  • Bichs🌭🍟😐🤔😑😶😗B-) :-$ :-! :-[ :-( :'( :O :O =-O

  • B

  • Azzy is your name really azzy

  • I do

  • giv me a lake if you lake azzy

  • 1: wait until you are deep into the water 2: There is no such thing as 502 because they're are only 3 floors 3: It was Will because all of the words with 'Will' works 4: Go with B because at least you can keep yourself active and keep your energy 5: Harry is wanted and she left 6: Betty was getting fired and she wanted to get revenge 7: B 8: put 1 in each corner and then someone in the middle 9: The mother because she only prepared three plates 10: Sally used the blow-dryer

  • Why would you want to help a robber😂😂😂

  • it is ston

  • The answers to #1 are all wrong. Unless its a crappy up-armored humvee, most vehicles of this type are sealed and pressurized in case they come in contact with any gas (cs, mustard, chlorine, sarin, etc) so they still wouldnt be able to open the door.

  • Realization: Lily and Betty. Riverdale. Lili Reinhart plays Betty Cooper. Lily and Betty. Wrong Lili but I mean... Btw I'm just saying. I know it has nothing to do with Riverdale. Don't hate me.

  • On the show and it said somebody was being murdered in a hotel

  • It says hotel on the building he went in

  • did anyone else catch azzy say number A?


  • ok but azzy literally said number A lol. 10:26

  • I dare kassie to send a video saying how to slam the door

  • The answer is. B.👍👍👍👍👍

  • Hi I'm betty and I'm your fan and I love your IT-tvs videos so much. Bye.

  • Emma the mother bid it

  • Love it 3:08

  • you and 5 other survivors *only shows 5 survivors*

  • Emma

  • the mom

  • 5:56 azzy: you and 5 other survivers Me: (counts the people) Me again: there r only 5 people Azzy: the problem is your stranded on an island Me : I PROBABLY DIED ALREADY!!!!!

  • Azzy: blurs knife. Gloom: f*** it. Let em see

  • The sisters bro

  • I love you Azzy

  • 8:41 azzy said for people instead of three

  • did nobody notice that Azzy said number A also? lmao

  • 10:44 why arent the armors all the same if the guards are in the same group?

  • 7:10 also if they send only some people to call help how are those people going to know how to get back to the island with help?

  • you guys should react to a share your story togather

  • At 13:40 it was the mom because she set up for 3 people and they are a family of 4!

  • 10:58 Azzy it’s called a Mace

  • Plot twist (Who killed George): Leo killed him!