Merkules - ''Old Town Road Remix'' (Lil Nas X & Billy Ray Cyrus)

Pubblicato il 13 apr 2019
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Shot and Edited by: Sam Donkor
Reproduced by: Nigel Childs
Mixed & Mastered by: Nato Down


  • Thats some hard ass bardass savage ass mf kfn badass hard core shit

  • I goto give credit to merkules for doing that shit hard at the end of his video haha damn thats fkn right damn aye thats right

  • found this gem after seeing his song with Tech and Hopsin. No regrets

  • Wow A HIDDEN GEM!!!!

  • Expensive lights? nah, set up the mic by the patio door. still kills it.

  • 1:07 sounds like a minecraft zombie

  • Go find a better hobby, one that you can actually do you moron...

  • GEIL

  • Your version is the best keep it up

  • Maybe someday I get lucky and open up for Merk 🖕😎🖕

  • Listening on my birhday😊😊😊😀😀

  • welp you wrecked the lil nas x / country beat game. great job man. great song!

  • Да блять ты просто охуенен!!! Продолжай братка, может как нибудь будем за одним столом попьем и покурим. Привет из России!

  • That’s awesome hellyeah

  • Tf are you not signed

  • Just got merked again

  • A Canadian talking about living in the south and moonshine. Wtf

  • This is how many words he said from rapping 👇

  • carhartt on my jacket, believe that

  • I wanna know where you find a moose in the south lmao

  • like wer vor der mille hier ist!!!!!

  • Showed this to my iPhone X, it’s now a Nokia.

  • #MMA fighter Brett Dumas recently discussed his MMA walk-out song "Old Town Road (Remix)" by Merkules

  • Rappers even Eminem was afraid to diss

  • He ain't fat he full of lyrics

  • Hank Williams is rollin...

  • Vauu

  • Merk. Wft fuck mydude. I love it! Keep it straight up! You got this game mydude!!🔭🔭🔭 you see what it takes! And bringing that much more like fuck off stage. I got this type of confidence and attitude!! Cause you got the skills and ........ To back it up!!!!!✌✌✌

  • ****real ......🙄

  • He said sold my ford and put a hemi in my new mustang😂

  • I was raised in the south eating Moose meat & Cabbage... Fuck Yea Boy!

  • I think this guy jacked your video.

  • Dead

  • This song gets me through the long hauls out west xx

  • #fail

  • Not in the country long enough i don't do rap

  • Damn can this shit hit itunes yet!!!!

  • Please put this on Spotify

    • Pleeeaaas!

    • Yesssss!!!!

  • The song your putting out that's stilling from other people

  • This Is Better Than The Original #NoCap

  • "Somebody pass it and lets get lifted like my truck" 😂you killed it merk

  • Lil nas x

  • Fucking awesome

  • This better than the real one

  • I love this song man

  • Love merkules been listening since 2017

  • Will somebody sign this mf'er!!!

  • *bites off a twist top* looool

  • I can’t find the song on Spotify 😞 Edit: Send me the link to the song

    • It's not on Spotify obviously just use youmagictube....

  • He’s not fat he’s full of lyrics

    • Mystic that's what you think about this but I don't still other people song's just to make a dollar

    • @Dewey Chastain jealous of his talent

    • @Dewey Chastain your just a bitch

    • Mystic he's fat and ugly

  • Lol this is awesome!

  • This is bothering me; what brand is that jacket?

    • Huh weird lol

    • I know it’s weird I spent so long looking at the tag, finding it’s Levi but couldn’t find the exact one

    • Levi 502

  • Beautiful.

  • Boom boom❤️

  • Merkules u legend

  • Wish this was on Spotify


  • Me to 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏


  • my mom is your frinds her name is brinee