Melvin Gordon will demand a trade from the Chargers if he doesn't get a new deal | Get Up

Pubblicato il 15 lug 2019
Adam Schefter reports that the Los Angeles Chargers want to keep Melvin Gordon, but Gordon vows that he will not play with his current deal. Bobby Carpenter and Mike Tannenbaum agree that a holdout will not be beneficial for Gordon because running backs are replaceable.
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  • If the chargers think they can win with eckler and justin, they are dreaming big time, pay this man his money, would I pay him more than Gurley, of course not, but he has earned the right to more money for sure.

  • How much money does one man need? Especially if your single.

  • Who will take him reply below👇

  • Be a good fit for the Colts if I The Chargers don't keep him

  • Some shit always goes wrong when where right there knocking on the door.. if we can’t pay the man trade him hope he gets his...

  • I met Melvin’s dad at a job a lego land dude was cool but Melvin lameass!!!lmao

  • I’m a charger fan and am pissed at Melvin trade his ass we got running backs who will do better then him if givin the chance not a Melvin fan no more but Charger fan for sure go bolts and the F for Melvin!!!Trade him get a better player cause he will get hurt again!!!

  • See this why the NBA is winning they don't devalue positions

  • Gordon has broken 1,000 just ONCE. He is delusional if he thinks he deserves to be a top paid running back. *Gordon is a Mazda Miata that thinks he is a Porsche 911 Turbo.*

  • And what Melvin will receive is a boot in his ass on the way out the door.

  • mel is a beast for sure I'd love to have him on my bears but I know bears will never pay lev bells overpaid type salary

  • He going to pull a Bell and cost chargers to miss the playoffs, sure you have extra RBs but it's better to have more bullets then the minimum

  • 4:18 yeah this is why you aren’t in the league

  • Elliot below Dak and Cooper no wonder the Patriots win so many superbowls the league is 90% moron.

  • These guys better come together once the cba ends and get this franchise tag off the table. It really fucks players over who are trying to leave. Sucks for them

  • TRADE HIM sorry dude. would've got the money if you proved it for sure.

  • TODD GURLY MONEY????? trade his ass, we don't need this RN. dude was terrible his 1st yr, we thought he was a bust, did way better 2nd year but got hurt, 3rd yr he gets hurt again plays not at full strength. Last year he did well, now he wants mo money?? this year you got to prove it man to get it smh

    • @Bashar Al-Assad No what that means is you SWEAR your superiorly intelligent but your one of the few who think he deserves to be paid like he's in the elite ALL PRO class. Funny how you TRY and ignore the facts that I've posted because you have no logical response. There just analysing that doesn't mean they are anti Gordon why would the just hate Gordon ? 😂😂😂😂😂😂analyst all over IT-tvs and ESPN are saying the same thing. He's a good back but not a TOP Elite back . Everyone one of those other backs are ALL PRO 1ST TEAM PLAYERS Gordon has never been that and is injury prone WAKE UP. Yes he puts up more production than most backs but he's a good player that doesn't make you in the TOP ELITE ALL PRO CLASS GET IT? He rushes for far less yards than ALL those backs on the CAREER and he's healthy the least. There isn't a charger fan out there that doesn't want him to receive a good FAIR DEAL and get paid. He's just asking for to much plain and simply hes not and ALL PRO BACK PLAIN AND SIMPLE. He needs be MORE productive and healthy like those other guys.

    • Joffy Joffa all these analyst are anti Gordon. Just because they say what you think doesn’t mean it’s right. 😂😂 Don't cry bro. He puts up way more production than most back in the league rn. He's deadly in the passing game aswell. Also an NFL insider has confirmed that there is a team willing to make MG3 the highest payed RB before the season starts if they get the chance

    • @Bashar Al-Assad WAKE UP he's a starting back in the NFL so to CLAIM that he does so much as opposed to any starting back is fabricated as hell. Did anyone ever say he wasn't a hard runner? He does have strengths to his game that's dosent make u ELITE. Fact is he led the league n yards after contact 2018 not his whole career so did Marshawn Lynch would you call him a top ELITE back for the raiders? Hell naw this is not a matter of him getting paid it's a matter of him thinking he's worth TOP ELITE back money. Theres terrible backs that break a bunch of tackles bro that doesn't make you elite. How come all those broke tackles don't lead to any yardage? If the oline is so trash why is it the all the Charger RBs averaged 5 yards per carry as well? Melvin had 9 carries for more than 20 yards he has not been a great rusher EVER he's been average. What oline did Saquan have or weapons around him? Still had a better rookie year than Gordon's best. What type of oline did Gurley have as a rookie? What about the poor oline play Bell had in Pittsburgh until last year? G.T.F.O.H. you SWEAR your educating someone about Gordon yet the analyst in this video are saying the exact same thing I AM GET IT? Read 90% percent of these comments and get a clue. Everyone of those elite backs have better rushing numbers than gordon and Gordon is the least healthy of them all. Gordon does not finish long runs either. 2017 Charger were #1 passing offense and Gordon still didn't have the numbers and eckler average more per carry. He's not an All Pro back but wants all pro money F.O.H. He can't even finish a got damn season let along have to productive ones back to back. Get a clue man he does not carry a team like those other backs PERIOD. He's good has NEVER proven to be great he needs to earn that.

    • Joffy Joffa you definitely don’t know football. MG3 value to the chargers is very high. He does everything for them. Melvin Gordon lead the league in past 2 years combined In yards after contact. He’s a hard runner. You mad he gets to get paid.

  • dude isn't even that great ... trade his ass to the bills for a 1st or 2nd round pick ,, see how he likes that buffalo living lol!!

  • White man says chargers own his rights

  • "“To be eligible for the draft, players must have been out of high school for at least three years and must have used up their college eligibility before the start of the next college football season." Most players who enter the draft are between 21 and 23. By the time they have finished their rookie contact (minimum, 4 years) they are 25-27. If you are franchise tagged once, you are now 26-28, franchised tagged twice, you are now 27-29 years old. No team is going to give even a star running back a 3-4 year , top dollar contract. The NFLPA during next negotiations, should remedy this. You could ban franchise tags for running backs, make their minimum contract 3 years and only one year of franchise tag, keep the four year rookie contract but if they meet certain benchmarks on their 3rd year ,they can become restricted free agents with their current team being able to match best offer. You know their shelf life is shorter. Teams should not be able to hold them hostage for their best years.

  • Wow talking about these players like there animals "well use him to we dont need him and replace him with someone younger" smh...

    • Yeah because animals get paid $5.6 million to play a game. These players are spoiled. Pay me millions ever year and you can talk about me like I'm animal feces.

  • As Le'Veon Bell shows, give Melvin Gordon a fair deal or trade him. Le'Veon Bell guaranteed most of his money over a 4 year contract by sitting out a year. That's a successful holdout even with injuries or anything surfacing after the holdout. People in Silicon Valley know that so we'll see pretty soon folks.

  • Dam they talk down on the rbs (mostly blacks) those dudes get most of the contact and very important. But will pay gorappalo and cousins lol

    • @Young Kel when healthy u saying Melvin can't play ? U sure gorappalo can play ? What about Lamar Jackson ? He took his team to the playoffs

    • @Young Kel we will get duke johnson we already got a top 5 wr.. who's ur team ?

    • Mr 813 because JG when healthy can play . Melvin Gordon isn’t there yet .

    • @Young Kel but u haven't explained how garoppolo can get top money but Melvin Gordon can't ?

    • @Young Kel exactly why didn't Winston get paid more than garoppolo look at the stats !!

  • Dak is terrible not worth any money

  • Austin ekeler is better

  • Facts!!! Well said⚡️⚡️⚡️

  • But the worst quarterbacks I’ve ever seen are worth over 100 million FOH

  • Just PAY him!

  • Chargers could trade the browns Duke Johnson and a 4th round.

    • Scum Bag Scum Bag Duke Johnson is good. He runs pretty well and a good receiver out the backfield. And a 4th on to of that could easily be negotiated to maybe a 3rd. But I said a 4th because the value of a running back is trash and he’s been injured.

    • Scum Bag Duke Johnson is good. He runs pretty well and a good receiver out the backfield. And a 4th on to of that could easily be negotiated to maybe a 3rd. But I said a 4th because the value of a running back is trash and he’s been injured.

    • Scum Bag Duke Johnson is good. He runs pretty well and a good receiver out the backfield. And a 4th on to of that could easily be negotiated to maybe a 3rd. But I said a 4th because the value of a running back is trash and he’s been injured.

    • Romello 20 lol might as well trade him for nothing 😂

  • Just a few days ago Adam was just saying that Chargers need to pay Mel and how good be is, now on this show he changed the narrative. Wow.

  • Love seeing the chargers fall apart lol

  • Hope he goes to the steelers

  • I heard Packers was looking at him?? Can someone confirm or I'm a bears fan so I'm quite worried...

  • We don't need him

  • i hope these college kids are watching this DONT BE A RUNNING BACK . you'll get screwed . i would refuse that rookie contract if i know im 1st rd type RB ill let it be known before the draft if you draft me im only signing a 1 to 2 year deal .dont like it dont draft me cause i wont play . miss a year come back as a free agent next year .if enough of them do it the league will adjust

  • Seahawks will trade for him.

  • Pascal Siakam?

  • Melvin Gordon looks like 2010 Lil Wayne, but without the grillz, in that thumbnail 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • People saying he doesn't deserve Leveon Bell type money, but for what Melvin he was able to do with the league’s 29th ranked o-line, he deserves a new contract.

  • Chargers ain't winning without Melvin Gordon let revisit this conversation when the season starts

    • @Joffy Joffa I know dumb ass but against weak teams they need Melvin for the long stretch people need to get over those 4 games and the only way they won against the Chiefs because the Chiefs had injuries them selfs

    • @Frog 00 They won all 4 games he didn't play last year smart guy lol.

    • C Bleezy foh our window is now, don’t let 12-4 record fool you

    • @Pacific Beatz You aint either

  • Gordon does need to put in one more year ........but y'all ain't s***

  • These athletes is some spoiled ass crybabies. Im out here killin myself tryna touch 1 dollar and these mfs complaining that they want 100 million instead of 50 million when they already got 20 million in the bank smh.

  • Running backs are lucky to get a big contract. He’s in a position as one of the select few who can get that one big contracts. Go get your money young man.

    • Young Kel I’m just saying he should go get his money. If I’m him I’m threatening not to pay. Demanding a trade. Holding out. Anythingtp secure that bag. I don’t really care about the circumstances or whether or not he “deserves” it. Not my decision to make and it’s not my pockets. I’m just saying I agree with him trying to get as big a pay day as he can get

    • AlphaDwg don’t get me wrong he’s good but he has to show that staff he can pound that ball game by game . Plus the NFL sucks now back in the days it was all about the power backs . Running backs doesn’t have that size anymore same with the linebackers . I’ll rather watch hockey 🤣

    • Young Kel thanks for the management point of view but I’m talking about from the player POV specifically running backs. He should try to get the biggest contract he can get. This is his shot and given his injury history and the position he plays he should go after it. He only gets less value from here on out 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • AlphaDwg can’t pay someone big money if they constantly getting injuries doesn’t make sense 💯 . If you cannot play the season what makes you think you’ll get all that money ?? He hasn’t even played a WHOLE SEASON YET

  • Leverage is king. Melvin Gordon has none

  • These guys are literally telling you how not to pay an NFL runningback his worth.

    • If you can get around paying him his "worth" and still be successful, what's wrong with that? That's being a good general manager. They have jobs to do too. It's not like Gordon is gonna be homeless now cause he's only getting $5.6 million instead of some other outrageous amount.

    • Deshaun621 why pay him big money if he stays hurt ?

    • Deshaun621 It’s sad, this is why i despise the NFL. I expect a hold out next year

  • Melvin Gordon ain’t got it like that to sit out a whole year come back and get a big contract lmfao sit down bum

  • How bout don’t be greedy...& don’t complain lol

  • It’s a replaceable position for a couple games not the whole fucking year, people swear they can just put in any running back and they won’t miss a beat


  • Melvin Gordon is a elite back he has to put the work in that’s why he’s not getting the money want he wants

  • The NFL needs to get ride of the franchise tag!!! It would make the NFL a lot interesting by giving players a chance to move teams

  • The way they talk about RBs is like they ain’t worth shit. Y’all are disrespectful how y’all talk about their money. ALL RBs should hold out until they figure how to pay the best players what they should get, especially with being a high collision position

    • hold out?? lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Maynetayn you have to understand he’s always injured!! Their back up is better plus Melvin sometimes cough up the ball and tries doing too much.

    • @Dion R No. As long as you are bound by a contract, you MUST carry out the terms. It may not be fair from the players perspective but its already been agreed upon. Leveon Bell's case was different as he didnt sign the franchise tag and wasnt legally obliged to show up.

  • The nfl treats players like convicts compared to the NBA & MLB

    • @KazeNino They get treated like spoiled kids. Gordon should be on his hands and knees everyday thanking the Chargers for paying him more than 99% of every other working American in the country. Instead, he's complaining about it.

    • Sheikh Ahmed Yassin 88 TREAT not compensate.... Try again

    • convicts make about .30 cents per hour ....... try again

    • Jean Louis fax

  • These guys are so fucking ignorant they treat nfl players like fucking slave laborers smh don’t complain when they start messing up your locker room they deserve it

  • 7 or 8 million a year

  • "I got it, I'll force my way to another team and in 3 years I'll be right back in this situation demanding more $$ or walk again"....Melvin Gordon ladies and gentlemen

  • Pay him.

    • They're trying to pay him he jus thinks he's worth more than what he's produced

  • I have no idea why these owners are so fucking cheap pay 💰 these guys what they deserve smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Get your money Melvin Gordon

    • Get your money just don't try and get more than your production has proved. Pay the man but he is not in that ALL PRO ELITE class but he wants to be paid like it.

  • Trade him