Melanie Martinez - K-12 (The Film)

Pubblicato il 6 set 2019
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  • I wish I was here when it was free😭

  • I warched it free with youtube premium

  • Me

  • Since when does she make it premium

  • I wanted to rewatch it but - ...

  • To be honest i actually like Her gap it makes her mire unique

  • I paid for this movie on iTunes and it says not available in your country which is bummer and now i have to pay for IT-tvs premium to watch it?

  • Im late and i shoud get music premium if i would want to watch

  • Nooo I can’t watch it

  • Only for music premium members now 😭 I was going to watch it a third time 😫😩

  • Please Melanie Martinez come to Panama City Florida on a small Street 3 2 1 0I have bad luck I got caught by hula hoop and cut by a knife and cut by a door info on metal it's really bad in October for me Melanie


  • What the hell it was supposed to be free. Now IT-tvs being cash hungry.

    • Carrie fisher she spent millions on this movie and still made it free for us so stop complaining lmao

  • me wanted to watch it again

  • Kelly: did u see what she was wearing? like, it was embarrassing for everyone! Everyone: *wearing the same uniform*

  • This movie never gets old i watched it so many times


  • Breh. I WOULD watch it if it was freaking free. Jeezuz

  • When it came out everyone could watch it now only music premium members dude this fucking sucks 😡😡😡

  • Fuck you melane martenez

    • Hi Bye she made this free. she spent MILLIONS of dollars on this movie and still made it free for us to watch. shut your disrespectful, ungrateful ass up and be thankful that we got to watch it for a whole month.

  • Detention 56:10

  • ya'll drowned out the time-stamps with your bs. stahp.

  • Omg its backk

  • If you watch Lunchbox Friends they kept having to fix her bangs

  • Yeyyyy la alcanze a ver antes de q estuviera en premium :'3

  • GUYS! If you have Amazon prime, it's on Amazon video. Really sucks that it's no longer free but I think more people have Amazon prime (?). Love and support to Melanie! 🖤❤️

  • I just now got the free time to watch this and now we can’t watch it? Some people can’t afford premium :( I just wish I would’ve known I had a limited time to watch it. I’m so bummed. 😞

  • It's only for premium members now

  • Why it no free no more I wanna watch it😭 I didn’t get to😭

  • She took it off for only music premium members 😢

  • i downloaded the movie uwu

  • I legit can’t stop smiling I love her 🥰

  • the only bad part about this is that it ends

  • Me- *Clicks on video Video- *Loads Me- “This is going to be great!” Video- This video is only available to Music Premium Members Me- *Cry Baby starts playing in my head*

  • I only got halfway through when it was free (im a very busy person thats why my youtube channels kinda dead) and now I CANT WATCH WAAAAAH IF ID HAVE KNOWN THIS WOULD HAPPEN I WOULD HAVE WATCHED INSTEAD OF GETTING MY NIGHTLY HOUR OF SLEEP

  • and i'm prefect and human are we show and tell i'm on display for all you fuckers to see show and tell harsh words if don't get pic with me

  • Why is it for members only I got to watch it last time!


  • I wanted to show this to my mom so I could convince her to take me to the k-12 consort but I can’t cuz I got to pay 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Who else was here when it was free !! 👇🏽😭❤️

  • WAIT, DID SHE GO!?!?!?!?!🤯🤬 loved the movie though❤️💯

  • иσσσρ ι ωαииα ωαт¢н ιт αgαιи


  • Me: *goes onto video to see movie that I always wanted to see since it came out* IT-tvs: "This video is only available to premium members Me: ... WhAt ThE fUdGe ;0;

  • Who watched it when it was free!(like btw)

  • Yay it's back

  • why you put the song in premium :( i fell so sad

  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I WAS GOING TO WATCH IT!!!!!!!!! I wan't to cry. :c

  • I know some people are mad that it’s no longer free on IT-tvs, but it’s available to watch if you have amazon prime video :))

  • Why can free why😫

  • DAMN

  • 9:15

  • Eu fui assistir pela 3 vez e quando fui ver agora tem que ser assinante do music premium Cara serio isso? (Sim sou brasileira e gosto dessa maravilhosa ingual muitos outros)

  • well, how do i go premium then?!!!!

  • I can’t watch it :( cuz I am poor(I clicked on someone’s playlist with this

  • Everyone- I wish this wasn't youtube premium Me- HEHEHE

  • So now we need premium to watch this bruh moment

  • Everyone: *i WiSH k-12 wAs sTiLL fReE* Me: *laughs in apple pay*

  • I screen recorded the video when I watched it for free heheheh so I can watch it as many times as I want

  • she should sell those dresses and boy clothes to it would be so adorable 💗💙