Meet the RICHEST Kid in America... (13 YEARS OLD)

Pubblicato il 7 ago 2019
Today I met one of the wealthiest kids in America.. And he showed me a tour of his insane mansion... WOW
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If you read this far down the description I love you


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    • FaZe Rug i subscribed It’s been five years And what u said was wrong.. SIKE I GOT A BEAUTIFUL HOUSE NO LIE

    • I wanna be just like you

    • Huh

    • @Tfue what you doing here

  • This kid flexed everything

  • This how many people want to see the "Lazy River" 👇

  • Donald is a young flexa

  • When he said those tiles in in house were walked on by Jesus Christ I went 😮😮

  • My grandma is better at you at basketball 10:40

  • I really wanna know what that dads job is

  • This kid is a fukin piece of shit like god learn how to be humble fast forward 15 years he’s gonna be living on the streets facts

  • Spoiled

  • There poor

  • New subscribed here🙂

  • Riches.

  • Isreal is real.

  • They should have played hide and seek 👇 like if u agree

  • Who cleans this house

  • 8:55, looks like it belongs in Need For Speed.

  • Man said CUTE car

  • there just bragging I'm sorry but thats the truth

  • 100/100 like there attitude

  • Rich guy steals the tiles from Jerusalem where Christ walked. He puts the stolen tiles in a room for getting intoxicated 🥴 😵 🤢🤮

  • I saw a Lamborghini in Seattle

  • I feel poor.🙁☹️🙁☹️

  • This is amazing

  • Richest kid in America has a double bed I’m not even that rich and I have a king sized bed

  • Did anyone even notice when Brian texted Tanner? Lol just saying

  • love i showed it

  • You guys should do a hide and seek challenge in there like for rug to see

  • He has a water slide in his back yard Bunch of good cars Tiles from Jerusalem A good view A secret room Gym Elevator 2 game rooms A water fountain And $30000 table An aquarium Man this kid is living the life

  • lllllllokokokokokokokoplolololo

  • You will be rich like Donald

  • Dame I don't even deserve to watch this video 😅😵😭

  • How do they get all this money

  • That is lit!!!!!!

  • Send money my account I will buy 200 sq ft house in my country Just ,$2500

  • I love your vids sooo much

  • This video made me feel insecure and poor af for 18 mins straight

  • Donald is such a nice kid I like him

  • What a spoiled brat

  • Spoiled kid

  • Damn what do they do for a living ?

  • BOI I live in a card bored box😂

  • Don't you just love it. The tiles that Christ walked on goes to the highest bidder, not to the most generous.


  • U guys should go back and play hide and seek

  • Man I wish I had a life like that at that age....

  • I thought it was lil Tay ;-; lmao

  • Mr Beast: buying Donald’s house and giving it away to the first person to breathe F*** this kid doe like ion baton but his name how he talks how he looks damnnn Bruhhh exactly what you call someone who pays their friends to be well their friends😂

  • James Charles just kiss you Like to undo

  • I love your vids❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  • The spot when you enter cost more than my house

  • Wow life is unfair

  • He is a spoiled brat fuck him

  • He is so. Coool

  • Nobody: Literally nobody: Me: I have a Burberry purse😁😐

  • Really? No negative comments? Sigh. A life of complete worthlessness

  • It looks like bugha

  • Cute little car 8:33

  • Instead of rich I’m imkind of poor 😢😢

  • And his moms

  • I wonder what his dad job is