Meanwhile... Navy Confirms Existence Of UFOs

Pubblicato il 20 set 2019
Meanwhile... the U.S. Navy has confirmed the presence of UFOs in footage shot by their pilots, vindicating the work of former Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge and members of his To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science. #Meanwhile #Colbert #UFO
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  • Tom has built something this fool will never live up to

  • You've never worked on a pick up truck ya half a sissy

  • This is how the u.a.p. subject stays buried... Haha snicker.

  • I feel like I'm alone in taking this issue seriously. When I tell people about this it seems like they barely care. What's going on?

  • The thing with the UFO´s is i guess the indoctrination that you must be a crazy person if you believe in it is still in those old people. Check it! Go to any area and talk about ufo´s, if you feel uncomfortable, like these ppl think ur an idiot/conspiracy theorist/freak then you are also indoctrinated. Because there never was or is someone or something that can tell us a 100% that it doesnt exist. Aliens can exist! But there was alot false reporting back then and still is. And now they mixed claims from crazy people with the probability of aliens and ufo´s existing together and it ended up in the same box which is labeled "Conspiracy Theorie Attention seeking lying Abduction victim Mental ill people".

  • Really? Comparing the eye witness testimony of our service men to bull semen. You should be proud Colbert...

  • Drones, or alien probes from another country,,,possibly planet who the hell knows anymore lol

  • This is a liberal crowd. Proof and facts are so mew. Just impeach Trump to keep them happy. That and a couple of shiny objects and they'll do whatever you say.

  • People who say shoot it down... are u stupid do you wanna be a slave to an alien 😂

  • Conan o'brien is funnier.

  • "UFO's are confirmed" - a shattering revelation that changes the whole game for humanity and the whole future of planet earth. "Yea but.. what about those bulls and that semen tho?" That's how we know now humanity is doomed.

  • 20

  • iddiot , i will laugh my nuts off if they take you but i dont suppose we will even notice your not there

  • i guess Steven Greer was right ,there are celebrities paid to dumb down the ufo conundrum at every possibility , what should have been a momentous admission by one one of our leading forces , turned out to be ridiculed by this prick :(

  • Never seen a douche look so nerdy

  • Don't get your news from comedy shows, my little NPCS

  • UFO 2020

  • The people in the UFO:s are lauging at us having fun showing funny things in projections I was teleported in my car =true

  • The smart ones will gather this information and be interested , no jokes , no laugh, just excitement

  • There were pilots dying because of UFOs who were flying in Soviet and Yugoslavian airspace, flying above 3 km, stopping immediatelly, then immediatelly speeding above 25 000 km/h, endangering civil aircrafts... One of the pilots died on a duty in 1979 in Yugoslavia because of UFOs, that probably shot his aircraft down, and it was all over the news in Europe. The incident was called "Adria incident". Tito ordered to shoot one of them down since 1975. But it was all hushed up, they have released the files in 2012. This is NOT a joke and some idiotic clown "Stephen Colbert" wants to make a shot out of that, mocking pilots?

  • They laugh but it will be not funny where they arrive american are so smart to make something wrill in show they are not here to fly they want something preparing

  • Wow. People are gonna get a rude awakening. Or will they even care?! Lol

  • Meanwhile.....Our governments are all liers!.

  • Lol, I feel like maybe this is the government’s way of testing if the public is ready for this kind of information.....clearly we don’t give af 😂

  • Finally, we can call you out as a shill. Exactly the video we needed. Thank you!! Thanks heaps! If you had any idea what you just did you'd be kicking yourself.

  • Lmwonat the spin doctors chupacsbrs task force but let me.just say ridiculing ufos is plsyed the fuck out at this point. Cslling folks crazy for looking into something that about a third of the population has seen with their own eyes.

  • That was their plan all along, to slowly incorporate the idea of UFO & Aliens as if they are no big deal in the movies and media over the past decade. If this news came out a decade ago, would of been BAD but it worked perfectly well the way they had this executed.

  • We have just had a major sighting in NE Oklahoma, My gf and I and my neighbor and three other homes all witnessed a line of star like lights in single file line from horizon to horizon, there had to be no less than 100 of them and it lasted for over 15 minutes just one after the other back to back with some joining from the side....We were blown away and I can't believe nobody has reported this!!

  • I only came, because I wanted to hear and know about, Tom Delonge.


  • Meanwhile every other nation tells their citizens. Stupid America!

  • Somebody please take this complete idiot off the air! He's not funny and he's just sickening. this is a serious subject and needs to be taken seriously.

  • I know this is going to sound like a bold claim but I know exactly what this phenomenon that the Navy Pilots keep seeing is, and I assure you it is 100% natural. Anyone in the scientific Community who would like to join me and conduct a few cheap experiments, then we can show the world exactly what this is.

    • @swig life The post was supposed to include a second-half. I've since edited it. Sorry I'm not just going to put this information out on the internet so someone else can get famous off of my idea. This is already happened to me twice before with other information that I posted and it won't happen a third time. That seems to be the nature of all IT-tvsr's... They steal everybody else's ideas so they can get views and make money off of it. If no one ever contacts me, then I'm okay with that as well. As it stands, the world seems to be okay with being ignorant to the truth, because it doesn't make them money. However if you would truly like to know the answer to this then how about liking my comment so it gets pushed to the top. Then maybe enough people will see it and someone will actually take it seriously. ... but I already know that won't happen because everybody's scared of knowing the truth.

    • So... what is it then?

  • Lol its people like you still acting like UFOs are a joke and don't exist but I didnt believe either and yesterday I freaking saw one with my own eyes ! Just wait we are screwed if they came to fight .

  • You guys are expecting people to take that newscaster seriously? Don't make me laugh. Lol.

  • It's funny, till you realize that the pilots have come forward, the radar operators on the ships, and around ten high level CIA DOD DIA managers who verify the story and they're all part of DeLonge's company. But Stephen is in the comedy business, if he doesn't make it a joke then it would be out of character and be the news instead of his comedy show. But the pilots around that video clip said they intercepted the ufos daily off the east coast from the carrier Roosevelt, for over six months, then the ufos followed them to their combat duty station in the Mideast. It's really credible based on the radars and the people involved.

  • Don't mock what you no nothing about you prick!,

  • Im a normal person. I stay in Denver. I didnt believe in UFO till tonight.. i thought i was tripping. I hurry up and pull my phone and hit record.. check out this link...

  • Here’s something everyone should try, go on Google and search “UFO sightings on the decline 2019“ and watch how many articles come up in relation to that search. Then read some of them to get a feel for what’s being reported, then after doing that try searching this, “UFO sightings on the rise 2019”, then read some of those articles. I kid you not you’ll hopefully find it as baffling as I have given the articles and opinions you’ll find when searching these two opposite views. Also try it with other things that mention Rise and Decline for a specific time frame, it’s amazing how misleading the Internet can be and truly makes it really hard to believe the information being provided. I did the same kind of searches recently for Great White Sharks, and once again I found mixed reports, so what is it actually, is there a RISE or DECLINE, lol sometimes I feel that whatever you want to hear can be found here on the Internet depending on your perspective, it’s no wonder the world is so split down the middle.

  • Is it me but has anyone who actually follows the UFO phenomena realize that since the government/military has somewhat spoken/addressed this phenomena it has all but vanished, and I’m not just talking about these particular reports, I’m talking about the phenomena as a whole. All I use to get was UFO related videos in my recommendations on my IT-tvs account, and all over the Internet and web news media was about UFO sightings, and now all you hear are crickets, something is very odd about all of this, but maybe it’s just me.

  • I find it funny dems are all about science and call republicans dumb for not believing science, yet when a ufo story comes out and is confirmed by US Navy they laugh it off and call it “not important “ lol maybe trump and republicans are the smarter ones after all they created the space force

  • It should be USO for the navy. "Unidentified Swimming Objects"


  • What a geek!


  • Its a shame these vids were used for comedy (he is funny). They are pretty intriguing if u know anything about aeronautics. The point was that someone crafted a vessel with some truly badass maneuvering capabilities.

  • propaganda

  • I came here for Tom Delonge and I was reminded why all late night shows are terrible with an even worse audience

  • Weird shit

  • NASA needs to Differentiate Christ Armies Around the sun AND demonic UFO garbage confined here on the earth along with their own deception illusions and holograms. NASA and governments have been working and protecting the identity of Satan and his demons calling them user friendly names such as “Aliens” “UFO” “Extraterrestrial” “Ghost” RATHER than Just plainly acknowledge the difference between the two. Their cover up useless science ego and pride cannot allow them to speak truth.. see link NASA Accepts and Confirms the existence of UFOs throughout history - Alien News

  • Colbert is a moron & not funny

  • It is disgusting that people don't take this subject seriously. There is a more advanced intelligence operating on our planet, and we just laugh? Shame on humanity!

    • We're screwed anyway! So why not have a little fun....

  • I see everyone complaining about ufo news not being hyped in the media. You fix that by using social media to spread the word and make it so big that the media follows the story.

  • Nothing is real.

  • I usually love you man. But you leave my Tom alone.

  • Bring Back Jon Stewart

  • This is so later on down the road they can look back and say oh well we told you

  • But UFOs can't start war against us; are afraid of our Guns and Nukes

    • If they can travel million of kms to come to us they probably have better weaponry than us

  • senator's opinion on ETs:

  • Is this guy on drugs? Why are the audience laughing at this? The USA is full of morons,