Me shopping for ANYTHING online.

Pubblicato il 8 ott 2019
When you finally find a good discount while shopping online
King Kaiyo - melodic
Oddwin - 19


  • Whats Scary about this. Is that this shit actually Happened to a lot of people. Rip Money

  • Whoa, what? That never happened, where do you buy your online stuff from? Sometimes it gets a bit late, but i never get something totally different than that i ordered.

  • So yeah I just ordered some beats off of and I’m worried this crap is going to happen to me apparently they refurbished but will have to see

  • Jajajahahhahaa wtf jajajajjaja never happened to me

  • No lie people like that make me what to hunt them down and gut them bro

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, Dont shop at Wish

  • 0:56, and not even a full water bottle at that

  • Caleb: Getting new phone Also Caleb: Has a 1000 USD phone

  • 'Wish' explained in 3 minutes or less


  • Couldn't even give him a full water bottle.

  • You're not a tech channel but you should do a desk setup tour, always looks good in the background man.

  • Bro this actually happened to me. I bought the Samsung Galaxy watch and they sent me hair ties.

  • Poor Caleb! 😔

  • This is why I always check the ratings of the seller and the reviews before buying.

  • *Steeupid*

  • Still not over how he said get outplayed like a dirty league player

  • How they was with your lightsaber lol

  • You think Caleb is acting or he actually acts like this most of the time?

  • Caleb IRL right now

  • Who is here cause of the lightsaber he got was broken

  • I can’t wait for my lightsaber ..waits 7 months Its broken

  • water bottle isn’t even full

  • What is that wallpaper

  • Calebcity: "Oh boy can't wait to get my brand new Lightsaber I waited seven months for! :D" The Seller:

  • lmao “SUBSCRIPTION, BRO!” Sadly I’ve had something liek this happen before...

  • Broken lightsaber squad.....

    • Picked that lightsaber off the STREETS

    • Yea

  • "My phone,, *just look at his one* oh and imagine walking around in silence doing that

  • Light saber they scammed u bro U GOT SCAMMED

  • Here after the SaberForge incident...

  • This dude funny as hell

  • You do know he could record that and have y’all wanted

  • Who's here after the lightsaber incident

  • Foreshadowing irl

  • "We scammed you STEWPID"

  • This sorta happened to I bought a 4tb hard drive from a website and got an empty box then when I went to the website the website was gone I felt dumb asf 😂 I was able to get my money back tho so all good

  • “We got you paying a subscription bro!!” How lmao 🤣🤣


  • When words like bamboozled and duped are thrown around you know it's over

  • So if I buy a water bottle online I will get an iPhone 11pro?

  • So we're gonna disregard that he left his front door wide open?

  • Ate those akatsuki socks ?

  • Reality

  • 安 装 指 南

  • "YOUR STUPID! stewpid"

  • fortnite "hack" be like:

  • One Piece on his man, Caleb !

  • piece wallpaper

  • *My favorite Video🤣🤣 I feel so sad for him*

  • Stewpid!!!


  • anxiety when he didn't close the door

  • This is why PayPal is so important

  • “There’s other ways to make money man this is ILEGAL!” 😂😂 this andd me DIEING I can rewatch this video so many times and still laugh every single time like it’s my first time watching

  • If you use PayPal you can file a claim

  • 🤣🤣🤣 too funny

  • Calebcity Have another skit from the scammers point of view where the scaer gets a phone call but he scams a villian

  • I loove the way music intensifies

  • I got scammed once.... I felt this

  • Says that as he is calling them using an iPhone X